Concert Review : Givers & Takers, Good Deeds, and Roman Blum.

The Three bands mentioned in the title are a few local bands that have just recently performed at the Canyon Club here in Agoura Hills Ca. I initially wanted to see these bands earlier in the year but the club had double booked them and I was pretty much out of luck till tonight. All three bands did not disappoint at all. All had their own little twist and after one performed the crowd got bigger it seemed.

Roman Blum: This band was the first band to perform, the arrived on stage at 8 I believe. I of course was late; sadly I only got to catch the last 3 songs of theirs. But I am a sucker for female singers, especially if they are good. They had a nice style and great vocals to go with their music; as well the drummer was killing it on the drums. I really need to look more into their stuff, hopefully and I’m sure some of its on Soundcloud. I hope to see them live again so I can catch their full set!

Good Deeds: This is a band I have been actually curious to see. I know the lead singer from high school; I am always working so I always have missed his shows with this new band he is in. I finally got to see him perform again, and it is a great step in the right direction for him. As a singer and an artist I love to see him doing different things and not straying away from his old style. The instrumentals on the songs were pretty good, the guitarist was shredding quite nicely. I was really digging what they had to offer tonight.

Givers & Takers: Second time seeing these guys live, and I absolutely love their vibe on stage as well as the good vibe feeling I get with their music. Its funky it’s groovy, it’s great! At first though the mic was too low but they boosted it up. That can really make or break a live set the mic and the speakers have to be at the right volume. Anyhow I enjoyed their whole set, they had my head moving the whole time, however they did play some new songs though. Usually I don’t like when a band plays a lot of new stuff, mainly because I came to hear songs they recorded previously. But it was nice to hear some of their new stuff they haven’t released yet. It is very easy to loose your self in this music and just chill there and let your mind drift. That’s what I love about music and bands that can create that feel. In the end they all killed it, each member from the drummer to lead singer they all shredded on their stuff.

The concert was great, good music and a good crowd too. Everyone seemed to really enjoy what they heard; a lot of people were grooving and dancing to the bands that performed. I really enjoyed all three bands that I saw at the Canyon Club. I hope to hear more new music from each of these bands and hope to seem them on Spotify so I can share their music with a lot more people. Canyon Club is a nice little venue too. It has some good performers play there with great seating and I believe some decent food. Hope to see more good music there as well.

Good Deeds Facebook page!

Roman Blum Facebook page!

[Givers & Takers now on Spotify!Their first Ep!]


B4.Da.$$- Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ released his debut album B4. Da. $$.  and it finally turned me fully into a fan. It is reminiscent of 90s rap, his style and flow are on point on this album. The biggie reference’s are great and are always nice to hear. Joey being from Brooklyn it makes sense with the biggie references. The 90s flow will get him far and hope other do take note that this is what hip-hop is and what it should be. My favorite songs off the album are “On and on feat Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis.”   “Curry chicken”, and “N0.99.”

“On and on” is a good song with a great a nice beat. Its lyrics are great; the first lyric even draws in you in when he says ” So gullible just like my first love”. It has the 90s references that I mentioned above, its a song that lets you just sit back and vibe to. It offers the relatable to lyrics to people, about fake people about being hungry, about being hungry for money. It offers the advice to celebrate ones success and not to mourn but to celebrate their life.

“Curry Chicken.” This track on its self proved to the critics that Joey does substance, and the soul feel on this track is real. I love that he just goes on the track and snaps on it and shows us that he can rap over different beats. It’s a song about his success and his music, and his come up. This track shows joey can be versatile something the critics said he couldn’t be.

“N0.99.” This track is Joey bearing his teeth; he just rips the track in half. He goes off on the beat and shines on this track. Its great track, I can see how people could compare him to Nas on this track. But he isn’t even close to Nas yet so lets not get ahead of us, still a long way to go. But this a 90s fire track for all the 90s minded fans.

Joey over exceeds expectations on his debut album; he shows he can be versatile and diverse with his lyrics. He is more introspective than he has been that I have heard on his albums, I love to see growth like this from an artist. That summer knights Ep or mixtape and 1999 were great but this is just as good maybe even better.  It is a great album, It is looking like so far Joey Bada$$ is holding down the east coast as of now. Lets see how A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg do this year.