Dark Sky Paradise – Big Sean

Big Sean released his third studio album last Tuesday titled Dark Sky Paradise. This album is really good and a lot better than his last album Hall of Fame. This album is my favorite out his discography so far. This album has one or two tracks that I did not like at all, and that’s a lot less than his previous album. The two tracks that I did not like are ” I Know”, and “Deep”, They just didn’t feel as good as the rest of the tracks on the album or the bonus tracks. That being said my favorite tracks are ” All Your Fault”, ” One Man Can Change The World”, and ” Deserve It”

” All Your Fault Feat. Kanye West “: This track as soon as I heard it I had a big smile on my face. That’s how I know for me that I love a track; the sample on this is so good. Then Kanye came on the track with that verse that was crazy! With lyrics like ” Young Walt Disney, I’m tell you truthfully If you leave Mickey you gon’ end up with a Goofy.” Kanye came in full force on this track, if that was enough Big Sean delivered a fire verse as well. Favorite quote from Big Sean was ” Headed home to the D where you know I keep a Gina (GINA!)”. A little reference to one of my favorite TV shows “Martin”. This song is far too short in my opinion, its that good that I have had it on repeat for a while.

“One Man Can Change The World Feat Kanye West, John Legend”: This track gave me Goosebumps right when I heard it, the track shocked and awed me. It’s an inspirational track that you can put on a gym playlist. The chorus reminded me of something my brother might say to me, if he felt like being serious I can see my brother saying this to me. The piano in the back is my favorite part of the track; it fits nicely with Big Sean rapping along side it. The last verse of Big Sean’s where he talks about his Grandma who just recently just passed was very sweet. The last part where he has a phone call between his Grandma and him is very sweet too.

“Deserve it Feat PARTYNEXTDOOR” What caught my ear from this track was sample and the beat of this one. It sounds like a track that Drake might jump on, but he didn’t. Instead another OVO crewmember did. One quote that I like from this track was “Don’t play no games with hoes, I play Nintendo DS, “. The track is full of good quotes, and good word play its one of many tracks that I love on this album. I choose this one because it just sounds so good, nice and slow with some great lyrics.

This album is truly different from what I am used to hear from Big Sean. Despite the two weak songs on the album, this is definetly a good approach and the right direction Big Sean should follow. His last album was slacking to make an impact last summer, I can tell you there isn’t many songs on that last album that I cared to even to listen to now. This album though has many more tracks than the ones that are listed above; the intro is one that made it close to my top three. The production and the energy he brings to most of this album is crazy good. For any hip/hop fan they would like this album, as long as they don’t compare to the greats of the rap game.



If You’re Reading This Its Too Late- Drake

Drake set the Internet a flame last Friday. Drake released a surprise album titled “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” that was supposed to be free, but instead threw it up on iTunes and Spotify. The album serves as an introduction album to his next album “Views From the 6″. This album has great production and great beats; the lyrics are what you expect from Drake. Lets be real we all go into a Drake album expecting Singing mixed with some rap. He capitalized on this and has run with it, I admire it and enjoy it. It is a nice switch up from what other rappers are putting out right now. The best tracks on here are ” Know Yourself”, “Star67” and Company Feat Travi$ Scott. There are so many tracks that are incredible on here but I am going to stick with these.

“Know Yourself” I first heard this song in Drakes 15min short titled JUNGLE, which also really interesting and artistic. I heard it for maybe a few seconds just hearing the beat in the short film and instantly loved it. The beat is really good and smooth and intrinsic, not to mention the lyrics are straight on point. At 1:42 is where I fell in love with the beat; it’s just so nice. I’ve been shouting “Running through the 6 with my woes” Out loud for days. In the car, at work, it’s absolutely my favorite track on here.

“You and the 6” the perfect ode to the Jewish mom as one article clearly stated. I thought that was pretty clever and funny, cause Drake looks like he would be a momma’s boy. Nothing wrong with that at all by the way! Drake took this track to address topics him and his mom talk about and to speak on his mom. The beat was nothing to write home about but it was a nice sweet song by Drake in my opinion.

“Company Feat Travi$ Scott” Is a track that resembles a track that could easily be put on Drakes So Far gone. The beat is nice and slow and lyrics are of course of a girl he doesn’t deserve and more. Drake croons on the track that he needs some company. He goes soft Drake on this track, which I expected at some point in the album. Travi$ Scott adds nicely to the track too when he comes in at 2:30. At the same time the beat switches and Travi$ takes over the track.

This unexpected album is actually really good; I am impressed with this production and beats of this album a lot. Drake though needs to switch up his lyrics a little bit, I can see where the album may get repetitive. But I personally think this is a great album and better than any album that was put out in 2014. This month of February already has more good music than all of 2014. Go ahead and buy this album, or stream it on Spotify it is worth the listen. Though if you are a 90s minded rap fan than you will not like this album at all.


Smoke + Mirrors – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have released their sophomore album “Smoke + Mirrors”. Without any break out hits from the album it seems that this album crept up on me. I personally think Imagine Dragons is a great band but they aren’t super amazing in my opinion. It’s not like the first time I heard someone like Alt- J for the first time in the past 2 years. I will say this though, they are one of the few bands that have come out for in recent years that are actually talented and that have staying power. I find that I like this album a lot better than their debut album “Night Visions”. The best tracks in my opinion are “Dream”, “The Fall”, “I Bet My Life”.

“Dream” has one my favorite things added to tracks, and that is a nice piano. I love the introduction and build up in the song, the lyrics are great and add perfectly to the title of the track. It gives you that feel of a dream, something could fill your dreams at night. The chorus like many of their tracks is very catchy and very sing out loud worthy. I love how the build up to the chorus adds the violin along side the drum that come in as well. This is a beautiful and almost ominous track.

“The Fall” has disney-esq introduction that you might find in the end of a Disney movie. It is perfectly positioned towards the end. Ending the album with what sounds like a breakup song, or even a song about fall. But sounds like he’s ready for failure, I don’t know but it all sounds good to me. The sound on it sounds really nice as well. It all ends perfectly with a nice build up to a slow fade out.

“I Bet My Life” The only single by them that actually caught my ear. Its full of fist pumping angst, and guitar riffs. It’s got a strong emotional feel to it; it makes you like I said before want to sing out loud. Its got a good feel to it, it almost sounds like a Mumford and Sons song as well.

Imagine Dragons caught fire last year and have simmered down a bit here, but they are sparking more and more with the release of their latest album. It is a nicely put together album and I like it 10x more than their debut album. I found it hard to pick three songs to write about because they have a lot of interesting tracks on here that are worthy of picking about and talking about. It’s also an emotionally charged album full of bursts and downs. Anyway it’s on Spotify but if you are interested in supporting the band please go buy it on iTunes as well!


Sorry 4 The Wait 2 – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been saying he was going to release the Carter V forever, but due to a ton of drama going on with his fellow mentor/father Birdman we haven’t got it. Instead while Wayne deals with all that stuff he released Sorry 4 The Wait 2 to hold us down while we wait for his new album. This is a mixtape where Wayne goes over the hottest tracks that have been out and destroys them lyrically. This Mixtape is a step up from what I have heard from Lil Wayne in awhile. It’s not a great album but its pretty good. There are 17 tracks. Some of the tracks are just straight fire and sound like the Lil Wayne the world is dying to hear, but then there are also some tracks that are just not good at all. My favorite tracks are “Coco”, “Dreams and Nightmares”, and “HollyWeezy”.

Coco is a straight diss track to Birdman and Cash Money records. Wayne just kills it on every bar it had me shocked. Wayne is angry and that angry made him spit like the Wayne I want to hear on a track. Full of himself he went straight Birdman’s neck on this track and he ripped the hell out of it too! The remix of this track by Wayne is extremely well done, and I am very impressed.

Dreams and Nightmares is one of my favorite tracks by Meek Mill. When Wayne hopped on it I was so unbelievably excited. It is full of what you would expect from Lil Wayne full of puns and skateboarding references. It is Wayne at his best on this track; he is ready to drop the Carter V on us.

HollyWeezy is a great beat and bumps like crazy. It’s a good track and again Lil Wayne surprised me on this one, because I didn’t like this track at first. This track grew on me after a few listens to it. This track is purely a banger track and that’s what Lil Wayne seems to do best.

This mixtape isn’t amazing but its pretty good and has a lot of great tracks on it. But it still has a lot of tracks on it that shouldn’t be on there, the tracks that shouldn’t be on there is what we don’t want to hear from Lil Wayne. He needs people around him that aren’t yes men who can be like ” That is not a good track. ” but it seems like no one is honest with him. Anyway its a good mixtape worth a listen and pick through the songs you like.