Sorry 4 The Wait 2 – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been saying he was going to release the Carter V forever, but due to a ton of drama going on with his fellow mentor/father Birdman we haven’t got it. Instead while Wayne deals with all that stuff he released Sorry 4 The Wait 2 to hold us down while we wait for his new album. This is a mixtape where Wayne goes over the hottest tracks that have been out and destroys them lyrically. This Mixtape is a step up from what I have heard from Lil Wayne in awhile. It’s not a great album but its pretty good. There are 17 tracks. Some of the tracks are just straight fire and sound like the Lil Wayne the world is dying to hear, but then there are also some tracks that are just not good at all. My favorite tracks are “Coco”, “Dreams and Nightmares”, and “HollyWeezy”.

Coco is a straight diss track to Birdman and Cash Money records. Wayne just kills it on every bar it had me shocked. Wayne is angry and that angry made him spit like the Wayne I want to hear on a track. Full of himself he went straight Birdman’s neck on this track and he ripped the hell out of it too! The remix of this track by Wayne is extremely well done, and I am very impressed.

Dreams and Nightmares is one of my favorite tracks by Meek Mill. When Wayne hopped on it I was so unbelievably excited. It is full of what you would expect from Lil Wayne full of puns and skateboarding references. It is Wayne at his best on this track; he is ready to drop the Carter V on us.

HollyWeezy is a great beat and bumps like crazy. It’s a good track and again Lil Wayne surprised me on this one, because I didn’t like this track at first. This track grew on me after a few listens to it. This track is purely a banger track and that’s what Lil Wayne seems to do best.

This mixtape isn’t amazing but its pretty good and has a lot of great tracks on it. But it still has a lot of tracks on it that shouldn’t be on there, the tracks that shouldn’t be on there is what we don’t want to hear from Lil Wayne. He needs people around him that aren’t yes men who can be like ” That is not a good track. ” but it seems like no one is honest with him. Anyway its a good mixtape worth a listen and pick through the songs you like.



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