If You’re Reading This Its Too Late- Drake

Drake set the Internet a flame last Friday. Drake released a surprise album titled “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” that was supposed to be free, but instead threw it up on iTunes and Spotify. The album serves as an introduction album to his next album “Views From the 6″. This album has great production and great beats; the lyrics are what you expect from Drake. Lets be real we all go into a Drake album expecting Singing mixed with some rap. He capitalized on this and has run with it, I admire it and enjoy it. It is a nice switch up from what other rappers are putting out right now. The best tracks on here are ” Know Yourself”, “Star67” and Company Feat Travi$ Scott. There are so many tracks that are incredible on here but I am going to stick with these.

“Know Yourself” I first heard this song in Drakes 15min short titled JUNGLE, which also really interesting and artistic. I heard it for maybe a few seconds just hearing the beat in the short film and instantly loved it. The beat is really good and smooth and intrinsic, not to mention the lyrics are straight on point. At 1:42 is where I fell in love with the beat; it’s just so nice. I’ve been shouting “Running through the 6 with my woes” Out loud for days. In the car, at work, it’s absolutely my favorite track on here.

“You and the 6” the perfect ode to the Jewish mom as one article clearly stated. I thought that was pretty clever and funny, cause Drake looks like he would be a momma’s boy. Nothing wrong with that at all by the way! Drake took this track to address topics him and his mom talk about and to speak on his mom. The beat was nothing to write home about but it was a nice sweet song by Drake in my opinion.

“Company Feat Travi$ Scott” Is a track that resembles a track that could easily be put on Drakes So Far gone. The beat is nice and slow and lyrics are of course of a girl he doesn’t deserve and more. Drake croons on the track that he needs some company. He goes soft Drake on this track, which I expected at some point in the album. Travi$ Scott adds nicely to the track too when he comes in at 2:30. At the same time the beat switches and Travi$ takes over the track.

This unexpected album is actually really good; I am impressed with this production and beats of this album a lot. Drake though needs to switch up his lyrics a little bit, I can see where the album may get repetitive. But I personally think this is a great album and better than any album that was put out in 2014. This month of February already has more good music than all of 2014. Go ahead and buy this album, or stream it on Spotify it is worth the listen. Though if you are a 90s minded rap fan than you will not like this album at all.



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