Smoke + Mirrors – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have released their sophomore album “Smoke + Mirrors”. Without any break out hits from the album it seems that this album crept up on me. I personally think Imagine Dragons is a great band but they aren’t super amazing in my opinion. It’s not like the first time I heard someone like Alt- J for the first time in the past 2 years. I will say this though, they are one of the few bands that have come out for in recent years that are actually talented and that have staying power. I find that I like this album a lot better than their debut album “Night Visions”. The best tracks in my opinion are “Dream”, “The Fall”, “I Bet My Life”.

“Dream” has one my favorite things added to tracks, and that is a nice piano. I love the introduction and build up in the song, the lyrics are great and add perfectly to the title of the track. It gives you that feel of a dream, something could fill your dreams at night. The chorus like many of their tracks is very catchy and very sing out loud worthy. I love how the build up to the chorus adds the violin along side the drum that come in as well. This is a beautiful and almost ominous track.

“The Fall” has disney-esq introduction that you might find in the end of a Disney movie. It is perfectly positioned towards the end. Ending the album with what sounds like a breakup song, or even a song about fall. But sounds like he’s ready for failure, I don’t know but it all sounds good to me. The sound on it sounds really nice as well. It all ends perfectly with a nice build up to a slow fade out.

“I Bet My Life” The only single by them that actually caught my ear. Its full of fist pumping angst, and guitar riffs. It’s got a strong emotional feel to it; it makes you like I said before want to sing out loud. Its got a good feel to it, it almost sounds like a Mumford and Sons song as well.

Imagine Dragons caught fire last year and have simmered down a bit here, but they are sparking more and more with the release of their latest album. It is a nicely put together album and I like it 10x more than their debut album. I found it hard to pick three songs to write about because they have a lot of interesting tracks on here that are worthy of picking about and talking about. It’s also an emotionally charged album full of bursts and downs. Anyway it’s on Spotify but if you are interested in supporting the band please go buy it on iTunes as well!



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