Love Story- Yelawolf

Yelawolf finally released his sophomore album Love Story. It been a long time he released a studio album, he has released many mixtape in between and they were all great. You could slowly see the evolution of his style from his first album to this album. This album is different because its got some country rock, folkish feel to it. Yelawolf really comes into his own and finds his own lane here. As well I am really enjoying this blend of country rock rap thing he has going on. My favorite songs from this album are “Best Friend Feat: Eminem”, “Love Story”, and “American You”.

“Best Friend” is slow, and almost ominous when it first starts out. It’s got a nice piano in the background, and Yelawolf raps slow along side the beat very well. The lyrics are great talking about his “best friend” whom I am only assuming is God. It’s all great and then Eminem comes in with am amazing tangent. Eminem spits a great verse; Eminem always delivers a good verse. He comes into the verse with vengeance, and kills the track.

“Love Story” has Yela singing to start the track off, and then an electric beat can be heard in the background. It almost sounds like a pump up track, and then as he ends singing he comes in rapping, as he is ready to prove something. The beat is cool with the piano and the electric sound, the both sound nice together. Easily this song caught my ear, because it’s so easy to nod your head along to it and to the beat.

“American You” sounds like a straight country rock song, and it is awesome. I just need a truck and an American flag painted on the back to fit in driving down the freeway blasting this song. Its a great song, its got a good vibe and its really catchy. Its a nice switch up from rap and it shows Yelawolf’s versatility very well, I didn’t know he could sing that good! Also Travis barker on those drums sound pretty nice to me!

This album is great it’s pretty underrated in my opinion. Yelawolf though has always been highly underrated to me in my honest opinion. He has many great tracks on here that are easy to vibe to; he has both folk/country rock and rap songs on here. He has both of these songs to appease fans that want to hear his “hood” songs and he has songs that will attract new fans. This album is worth the listen that is for sure.



Cherry Bomb- Tyler The Creator.

I know spring is here when Tyler The Creator releases an album! Tyler The Creator released his fourth album Cherry Bomb just after I left Coachella. This album is a bit different than most of his albums, usually there is a storyline that goes along with album like Bastard all the way through Wolf. It seems on this one there isn’t one yet that I have caught onto. The album is great though; there is no mistaking that. My favorite songs off the album are “DEATHCAMP”, “FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT”, and 2SEATER. I found it hard to narrow it down to just three songs; all the songs on here are good and have a unique vibe to them.

“DEATHCAMP” is pretty different for Tyler to do, with the rock feeling and Tyler’s flow goes real nice. It sounds pretty good live; It appears here that Tyler continues to pave his own lane and is excelling in doing so. I like this song because it just sounds so rowdy and can get you going, also it sounds pretty good live.

“FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT” I like this song because it reminds me of “IFHY” off of Wolf. It seems like Tyler knows that there has to be a song for the ladies on albums. Not only is the song clever and funny but also the beat is really nice. No lie when I heard this the first thing that came to my mind was Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Besides that its a good song to sing out loud too, I am glad that I got to see this live because it was great. The second half of the song sounds great as well, it sounds like something from the 1950’s. It has a nice soft melodic feel to and a girl singing softly on it. I like when artist do this and I don’t because sometimes I just want to hear the second half of the song.

“2SEATER”I like this because the beat is simple and has this jazzy feel to it. It has the saxophone on it too. As well as Tyler rapping kind of low so you can barely hear what he is saying, which gives me more of a reason to bump it louder. As the song goes on he sings then switches to rapping a little only to be interrupted by a girl telling him to roll the window up. He complains then switches to in a high-pitched voice to finish off the song. Even though its high pitched it still sounds good, and enjoyable to listen to.

This album is great, not everyone loves Tyler so it’s easy for people to criticize him and not appreciate his flow and style. It’s not about money and girls and clothes and acting flashy, Tyler just raps about stuff he likes and thrives off the shock factor that made Eminem popular. He has a sense of humor that he exhibits through his music. So yes I think this album is great and fits well with all the other great hip-hop albums that have been released this year. This album fits well with my Oddfuture binge’s that go into quite often. This album is worth a purchase and definitely worth a listen.


Ludaversal – Ludacris

Ludacris released his new album “Ludaversal” after a long break from rap; it is what you expect to hear from Ludacris. It’s nice to hear him do some music, but to be honest Ludacris just fell off. The album its self is just average nothing special, basically it’s nothing new. The three that are my favorites are “Beast Mode”, Call Ya Bluff, and “Burning Bridges feat: Jason Aldean”.

“Beast Mode” is exactly what it says it is. It’s Ludacris at his best going in on the beat giving all he has on the track. The beat is nice and crisp; it easily could be a song that you want to throw on at the gym. Even you can bump this driving down the freeway; it is full of puns and Martin references like all hip-hop today.

“Call Ya Bluff” another track were Luda goes off on the beat which is so nice. I love this beat I would love to see some remix from this track. It nice and Luda flows nicely and gives some great lyrics too. Its track that is a must for the gym playlist, it gets you pumped and amped up pretty quick.

“Burning Bridges feat: Jason Aldean” is nice slow reflective track that is something I could see Eminem on and most likely doing a lot better job on. But Luda does a decent job with help from Jason Aldean. Jason Aldean is actually the only reason I listened to this song. The song is pretty introspective for Luda and is a nice change of pace.

This album is nothing to write home about. It’s a typical Ludacris album; there is no growth and no surprises on this album. To be honest I didn’t even feel like writing this review, I wasn’t blown away by anything but those three mentioned songs above. Not worth the buy, just sample it on iTunes.