Ludaversal – Ludacris

Ludacris released his new album “Ludaversal” after a long break from rap; it is what you expect to hear from Ludacris. It’s nice to hear him do some music, but to be honest Ludacris just fell off. The album its self is just average nothing special, basically it’s nothing new. The three that are my favorites are “Beast Mode”, Call Ya Bluff, and “Burning Bridges feat: Jason Aldean”.

“Beast Mode” is exactly what it says it is. It’s Ludacris at his best going in on the beat giving all he has on the track. The beat is nice and crisp; it easily could be a song that you want to throw on at the gym. Even you can bump this driving down the freeway; it is full of puns and Martin references like all hip-hop today.

“Call Ya Bluff” another track were Luda goes off on the beat which is so nice. I love this beat I would love to see some remix from this track. It nice and Luda flows nicely and gives some great lyrics too. Its track that is a must for the gym playlist, it gets you pumped and amped up pretty quick.

“Burning Bridges feat: Jason Aldean” is nice slow reflective track that is something I could see Eminem on and most likely doing a lot better job on. But Luda does a decent job with help from Jason Aldean. Jason Aldean is actually the only reason I listened to this song. The song is pretty introspective for Luda and is a nice change of pace.

This album is nothing to write home about. It’s a typical Ludacris album; there is no growth and no surprises on this album. To be honest I didn’t even feel like writing this review, I wasn’t blown away by anything but those three mentioned songs above. Not worth the buy, just sample it on iTunes.



One comment on “Ludaversal – Ludacris

  1. I remember loving the hell out of Release Therapy. “Runaway Love” was especially brlliiant. It does some like a one-off. Everything else from him after that looks generic from the outside. Maybe I’d check it out, but I’ve been listening to the Hip-Hop canon and it’s far more interesting.

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