A$AP! The head honcho of the A$AP crew finally released his sophomore album AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP a week early! To be honest I was a little worried about this album, I was worried because his first album was a disaster. It wasn’t even close to being as good as his mixtape before he blew up. This album is really different than anything I have heard A$AP Rocky do before, and I love it. It gives me that Kid CuDi feel to it, it seems like he is switching into that same lane as Kid CuDi and I am okay with this! My favorite songs off the album are “Canal St”, “L$D”, and “M’$”. It was hard to pick just three songs because I loved a lot more songs off this album.

“Canal St.”- I love the part in the song where he brings in the lyric HUSTLE into the song. This song makes me want to wear gold fronts and drive around cruising with the windows down bumping this. It’s a great song to call out all those fake gangsters and fake people who think they sell drugs. All these fake rappers claiming they do all these things like gang bang or sell drugs. Its beat as well is pretty good, A$AP Rocky goes nicely on the beat too.

“L$D” – This is by far my favorite song off the album. It’s super mellow and chill, and I love that vibe you get when you are listening to music. The beat on the song is really great as well too. It reminds me of something Kid CuDi would sing about or have on his album, and I kind of wish he did. L$D stands for in this song for Love, Sex, Dreams. It is an extremely different type of song to hear A$AP Rocky on and that’s what caught me by surprise.

“M’$”- This is the best club banger on this album by far. The beat goes off and the song bumps in the car, I love this track because you can easily go off to this album. As well when Lil Wayne comes on the track he actually does a great job and spits a nice verse with on the track. Which lately with all the drama Lil Wayne has been slacking on some of his verses, it was nice to see him put out a great verse.

This album was great; it was a nice little surprise to find on spotify a week early. They’re a few songs that deserve an honorable mention though. “Electric Body”, “Excuse me”, and “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2.” Those are three songs that just got cut off my top three favorite songs off the album. This album is different as I mentioned before, and that’s always okay. It’s always okay because you got to keep your fans wanting something fresh and new. I thought for sure that his album was going to be a huge sophomore slump for A$AP Rocky, but he proved me wrong and delivered a great album.



Trust Fall ( Side A) – Incubus

Finally! FINALLY! Incubus released their new Ep Trust Fall (Side A)! Incubus is by far one of my favorite bands ever. When I got the e-mail Monday night that my pre-order for the album was ready, I couldn’t have been more excited! I didn’t have any money to download it though, but luckily a friend reminded it me that it was on spotify! I listened to this album for most of the day yesterday. It’s only four songs but every one of them is great! As well since its only four songs I actually get to review each one! But I will say that my absolute favorite song off this Ep is ” Make Out Party”. I will go in order of which songs I like the most.

“Make Out Party”. This is my absolute favorite song; I love the heavy bass on this song as well. As well Brandon does his high-pitched singing on here, which sounds perfect alongside the drums and the bass. The lyrics on the song are pretty good as well, this song reminds me of “Here In My Room” off of A Crow Left Of The Murder. I listened to this song more than any other song off this Ep. It has those explicit lyrics that aren’t as hidden in “Here In My Room”.

“Trust Fall”. The self-title track off this Ep is really neat. I like how in the beginning its all quite and then Brandon sings quietly “Its only a trust fall”, and then comes in the sound. The drums leading up to the choruses are pretty great to. I like the ending of this song as well, where Brandon starts saying this poem.It’s a perfect ending to the song in my opinion.

“Dancing Like You’re Dumb” I like the guitar riffs and upbeat tempo on this song a lot. I like it because its like right in the middle of new incubus and old incubus sounds. The beginning of the song is pretty cool with the 1950’s little snippet about doing drugs. I just like this one because it’s different and is just it has a lot more of that rock feel to it.

“Absolution Calling” When I first heard the intro to this song I didn’t like it at all, but then I heard the rest of the whole song all together and I was impressed. I really like the chorus of the song because when you hear him say “are you there?” It reminds me of “are you in” chorus. Yes I know similar first two words. Regardless this song is still really good and I was glad this was one of the singles off the album because it did draw me into this new Ep.

This Ep is absolutely great; if you are a big Incubus fan like I am then you will love this album. Each song is great and I am glad I didn’t just have to pick only three songs off this Ep. It has you wanting more songs after hearing the four songs. There really isn’t any Incubus album or Ep that has been released that I did not like. I love that they continue to grow as a band and grow musically too; it really does keep things interesting. I just can’t wait till the second half of the album to be released! Anyway great album go buy it, it’s pretty cheap.


Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons released their third studio album Wilder Mind early this week, and it’s pretty great. I know many people have had their concerns with them ditching the banjo and going completely to electronic stuff and such. But that’s okay in my opinion, every band and artist has to evolve and experiment. Its good to see growth and the potential that a band might have, my best example of this is Taylor swift. She went from country to pop country to straight pop, excelling in every way. Anyway back to Mumford. This album is great it’s just different. Once you really listen to it and digest it, the lyrics and the sounds created from each song are great. My favorite songs are Believe, The Wolf, and Only Love.

“Believe” is a great song and I believe their first single off the album. When I hear this song I just think of it as a night song and I see LA at night and traffic speeding on the freeway. It’s a calming song almost in a way to me. It’s easy on the ears at first then picks up a bit, but still remains easy on the ears. The lyrics are great to me because they actually make me want to sing out loud. As well the absent of the banjo here to me is forgotten because I enjoy this song with an electric guitar and not a banjo. I honestly can’t even picture a banjo here in this song.

The Wolf is more of an upbeat song that stood out to me on this album. It stood out to me because it was so louder and not soft like most of the songs on the album. I really like the bass and drums on the track as well because the sound perfect together.

Only Love is my last favorite song. What I love about this song is how for half the track it starts slow and the picks up at 2:50 to more of the upbeat sound you hear in the track “The Wolf”. As well I do enjoy the lyrics “Didn’t they say that only love will win in the end”. It’s also pretty neat that the song is four minutes long and there are only two verses.

This album is great; it’s great IF you give it a chance. You can’t come into this album with the notion it’s going to suck without the twang and folk and banjo. If you come into this album with an open mind and a willingness to experience a different sound they you just might like this album. Everybody so far that has listened to this album that I know including myself love this album. So people hate change so they criticize it to the extreme. I read an article about how bad this album two months before it came out. The article was all wrong, yes it’s different but it’s a good different and I hope you enjoy the album as much as I did.


Jekyll + Hyde – Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band released a new album last week titled Jekyll + Hyde . Listening to it, and it is all pretty good. It’s the first Zac Brown Band album I listened all the way through actually. It has that summer feeling to it to me. There are a lot of upbeat songs and a few songs that more heavy set songs as well, it has a nice balance in my opinion. My favorite songs are “Loving You Is Easy”, “Homegrown”, and “Heavy Is the Head”

“Loving You Is Easy” this song made me smile a little bit, it is a sweet song to play on a sunny day. It gives off good vibes all through the song, and makes you want to sing it out loud. It’s a cute little love song that is short and easy to sing out loud when you are driving down the road with the windows rolled down.

“Homegrown” kind of reminds me of “Sweet Home Alabama” it just has the feel to it where you sing it out loud when the chorus comes on. Another good vibes song that you just can’t help singing along to. The beat is nice and very country, and I love the way it sounds.

“Heavy Is The Head.” this song is more rock orientated then what I personally have heard from them. To me it almost has that Black Sabbath feel to it. After listening to this I went and listened to Iron man, but it has those nice guitar riffs that made me think of Iron man. It’s a song that’s perfect for a gym playlist, it gets you motivated that’s for sure.

Zac Brown Band’s new album is really good, I enjoyed every song all the way through. Even though there was like one or two songs that were too country for me, though the majority of the album is great. It’s a good album for any returning fan of them, and it’s a good album for new listeners of Zac Brown Band.