Jekyll + Hyde – Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band released a new album last week titled Jekyll + Hyde . Listening to it, and it is all pretty good. It’s the first Zac Brown Band album I listened all the way through actually. It has that summer feeling to it to me. There are a lot of upbeat songs and a few songs that more heavy set songs as well, it has a nice balance in my opinion. My favorite songs are “Loving You Is Easy”, “Homegrown”, and “Heavy Is the Head”

“Loving You Is Easy” this song made me smile a little bit, it is a sweet song to play on a sunny day. It gives off good vibes all through the song, and makes you want to sing it out loud. It’s a cute little love song that is short and easy to sing out loud when you are driving down the road with the windows rolled down.

“Homegrown” kind of reminds me of “Sweet Home Alabama” it just has the feel to it where you sing it out loud when the chorus comes on. Another good vibes song that you just can’t help singing along to. The beat is nice and very country, and I love the way it sounds.

“Heavy Is The Head.” this song is more rock orientated then what I personally have heard from them. To me it almost has that Black Sabbath feel to it. After listening to this I went and listened to Iron man, but it has those nice guitar riffs that made me think of Iron man. It’s a song that’s perfect for a gym playlist, it gets you motivated that’s for sure.

Zac Brown Band’s new album is really good, I enjoyed every song all the way through. Even though there was like one or two songs that were too country for me, though the majority of the album is great. It’s a good album for any returning fan of them, and it’s a good album for new listeners of Zac Brown Band.



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