The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty – Tyga

Tyga released his third album this past week The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. The album had a ton of delays because of the feud with his Birdman and the Cash Money Label. It appears that he partnered with Spotify for a surprise release though. The album is a good album it didn’t blow me away at first, but then Tyga surprised me a bit. One thing is for sure on this album though; Tyga sounds hungry and sounds like he wants to show people his rapping chops. He goes hard on some these tracks; the production is great as well on this album too. My favorite songs on this album are “Shaka Zulu”, “God Talk”, and “Muh Fucka”.

“Shaka Zulu” is a great track with a great beat. I love Tyga’s flow on this song; it goes perfect with the beat. The sound affects on this track are on point as well; Tyga’s lyrics on this are on point as well too. This song goes hard too; it’s a banger for sure. It is perfect song to bump with friends; I don’t really see this going on in a club or anything though.

“God Talk” this song sounds like a pump jam to me. It has Tyga from beginning to end go off, he puts his all on this track. I can see this song being on someone’s gym playlist for sure, it gets you motivated and gets you going. When the beat starts it automatically lets you know that this song is about to be pump up jam it just has that feel to it.

“Muh Fucka” is a song that sounds like Tyga would be on. This song Tyga changed his flow on this track and it really caught me by surprise. He sounds great when he isn’t doing the same thing over and over again. Tyga sounds angry on this track especially when he says ” Feel like Pac on hit em up”. Whoever has him angry, he should thank him because he sounds pretty dope when he is angry on a track.

This album is pretty good; I was pretty impressed with Tyga on this album. It didn’t sound like the same Tyga that I have been hearing since his first studio album. The album has a lot of good songs but some I couldn’t really get into, and that’s okay. But as was writing this album review it looks like spotify pulled Tyga’s album off. At the moment I am not sure why they pulled it off, maybe Cash Money got a hold of them and forced them to take it down. As well he didn’t release for iTunes, he wanted to give it away for free and let people stream the album. Whenever the album gets back on spotify I suggest giving it a listen.



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