Free Weezy Album – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne released another project this year titled Free Weezy Album (FWA) amidst his feud with Birdman and Cash Money Records. This album is really, really, REALLY, disappointing. At this point I think Lil Wayne is just trying to put out records to get out of his contract with Cash Money records. The singles leading up to Tha Carter V were great and it looked like the old Lil Wayne was back. Then all that trouble happened with Cash Money and Birdman. This album isn’t what I was expecting to hear from Lil Wayne and I am a really big Lil Wayne fan don’t get me wrong. This isn’t the Lil Wayne people want to hear though. My favorite three songs off this album though are ” Glory” “Murda” “Living Right”

” Glory” This song made me think that this album would be amazing. Lil Wayne went off on this beat and was killing this beat. This beat is amazing I love it, its sounds great and sounds great bumping real loud in my car. I haven’t heard Lil Wayne go this hard since his No Ceilings Mixtape. This my absolute favorite number one track off the album.

“Murda” The title of this track says it all. Lil Wayne murders this track, he sounds hungry on this track. He sounds like he has something to prove on this track and he shouldn’t have to but after hearing the rest of the tracks on this album I understand why he sounds like this. Capo, Cory Gunz, and Junior Red all accompany Wayne on the track and add great verses on the track but Lil Wayne dominates the track. The chorus on the track is catchy too as well.

“Living Right” A mellower track off the album and a feature from Wiz Khalifa. Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne both add great verses. Wiz Khalifa sounds better on this album than his last album, hopefully this is a good sign of good things to come from him. I really like Wiz’s verse on this track a lot more than Lil Wayne’s verse on this song. This is a chilling and kick back song that you can put on a nice day and just put your feet up.

This album wasn’t great, and I really hope Tha Carter V is amazing. This is just in my opinion to get out of his contract with Birdman. This isn’t much better than that rock album that he tried to do a few years back, and that isn’t saying much. Honestly the only good songs off this album are the ones I mentioned the rest of the songs just sound like Lil Wayne is just saying random things alongside beats. Lets hope Lil Wayne’s next album or Mixtape is a lot better than this.


Summer ’06

Vince Staples released his sophomore album Summer ’06 a few weeks ago. This album is great; a lot of people are not giving him the attention he should be getting. This album pairs a two disc and about 85% of the album I love. The beats are on point, the lyrics are great, and his flow is great as well. My favorite songs off this album are “Norf Norf”, “Señorita”, and “Loca”. There are plenty of other songs that just as good, but these are my favorites.

“Norf Norf” starts off a bit ominous then the drum kit comes in. This song has your head nodding immediately; it shows off Vince’s flow off really nice. The chorus is simple and catchy; ” I aint never run from nothing but the police”. The beat stays consistent through the whole except on the chorus. This song is a song you got to turn up real loud, it is very much cruising music.

“Loca” The beat is really cool on this track, and at first I didn’t really like this song. But after a couple listens of this song I started to enjoy it a lot more. My favorite part of the song is the chorus, its just a little bit mellower among the craziness of the rest of the beat. It’s a nice balance between the two that compliment each other very nicely.

“Senorita” is a very ominous track with the piano in the background. Future accompanies on the chorus and adds very fast chorus that fits perfect alongside the beat. The video I highly suggest watching for this track, it is just so powerful when you watch it. The song is my absolute favorite on the album because it just feels different than most of the other songs on the album.

The album as a whole is great; I can’t believe that not to many people have heard about him. His flow and beats are all on point. Though there are some songs that aren’t that great, they are still better than 80% of the rappers that are out today that are mainstream and underground. I really look forward to seeing what else he has in store on his future albums.


Dreams Worth More Than Money – Meek Mill

Meek Mill released his sophomore album Dreams Worth More than Money this past Tuesday. Meek Mill really avoided a sophomore slump with this album; he really diversified his style and beats a lot on this album. There are a few songs that I could have done without, but regardless it’s still a good album. My favorite songs off this album are “R.I.C.O (feat Drake)”, “ I Got The Juice”, and “All Eyes On You (feat Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown)”.

“R.I.C.O. (feat Drake)” – The beat on this song is really good, and I personally loved this song when it leaked. Drake goes perfect alongside the beat if you listen close and the lyrics he is spitting are really funny and well written. This is a song you would bump on the way to a party. It’s a song that gets me hyped just a bit. Meek Mill on this track does well too but Drake just kills it really well.

“I Got The Juice”- This song is a straight banger, this is a song you have to bump real loud when you driving down the freeway. You got to bump this song on the way to a party with your friends or something. This song could be on a gym playlist it just gets you going. The beat is so great on this song and Meek goes off on it as he raps right alongside the beat.

“All Eyes On You (feat Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown)” – Another song on this album with Meek Mills new lady Nicki Minaj and they absolutely kill it. My favorite part of this song is not only beat but when both Nicki and Meek Mill rap like Biggie from his song “Notorious Thugs”. I liked Nicki’s verse on here but I think Meek dominated this track; his verse just sounded a little better.

Meek Mill did a great job on this album, I really didn’t expect him to avoid the sophomore slump but he came in real clutch on this album. Everything was a different style for from his verses to his beats. He didn’t yell on every album like he did on his first album and his mixtapes. It was nice to see that he could be diversifying himself. That being said this album does deserve a listen if you are a hip-hop fan.