Kill The Lights – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan snuck by me and dropped a great country album titled Kill The Lights. I had no idea that Luke Bryan was releasing a new album so soon! There are some great tracks on this album and some not so great tracks on this album. My favorite songs off this album are ” Home Alone Tonight”, “Move”, and ” Kick The Dust Up.”. The only song I didn’t like on this album is “Scarecrows”; it just didn’t sound as good as all the other songs that are on this album. “Strip it Down”, “Love It Gone,” and ” Just Over” these songs are three others that deserve a listen but don’t have a review breakdown.

“Home Alone Tonight” I like this track because it is the only song on here with a feature. As well both Karen Fairchild and Luke Bryan sound perfect alongside each other on this track. I love the beginning of this song how they switch off with the vocals. This song has that sing out loud feature to it where you can sing this at the top of your lungs.

“Move” This song caught me because its one of those fast paced country songs. I also liked the storytelling factor that Luke added to this track. This song is perfect for a Friday night and I can see a country bar bumping this song. I also loved the guitar riffs in this track as well as the guitar solo.

“Kick The Dust Up” This is for sure going to be playing at a country bar. This song is a perfect boot stomping song; I can see people dancing to this song easily. I also like the bridge that leads to the chorus of this song. The beat that goes alongside the chorus is pretty neat as well and is something different that I like to hear alongside Luke Bryan’s voice. This song makes me want to get some cowboy boots and learn how to do those two stepping moves.

This is a great surprise album for me; I have been slacking on my country music lately. Thank goodness Luke Bryan saved my country music drought with a new album though! This whole album has a great feel to it; a lot of songs on here are really good. There hasn’t been a Luke Bryan album that I didn’t like and thank goodness this isn’t the first! This is a solid



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