Beauty Behind the Madness – The Weeknd

The Weeknd finally released his long waited and highly anticipated album Beauty Behind the Madness this past week. This album surpasses his first album by a lot. The Weeknd’s first album was the first actual album I did an album review for too. The Weeknd has very few features on this album and absolutely no drake feature! This comes to me as a big surprise seeing as they compliment each other so well on tracks together. The album is great from beginning to end; this album is exactly what I want to hear from the Weeknd. My favorite tracks off this album are “Tell Your Friends”, “Real Life”, and ” Dark Times feat: Ed Sheeran”.

“Tell Your Friends” – This is probably my top favorite song off this album. I love the beat on this track so much, I wouldn’t expect nothing less from Kanye West. I am little disappointed that Kanye didn’t jump on the track with the Weeknd. I love the piano on it as well, The Weeknd’s voices sounds perfect right alongside the beat. I love that this wasn’t a single and it was still my favorite track off this album as well.

“Real Life”- I liked the intro of this song, I liked that it was so raw and angry at first but then it switched up on the track. The chorus of this song is super catchy as well, and the beat alongside the chorus sounds great too. This song will get stuck in your head all day, well the chorus will at least. The ending of this song as well is pretty climatic as well.

“Dark Times feat: Ed Sheeran”- When I first saw Ed Sheeran was on this album I was super stoked on it. I think Ed Sheeran has such a great voice and so does The Weeknd. So them together on the track sounded incredible to me, and they didn’t disappoint me at all. I love the fact that it sounds almost acoustic first then switches up later on. This song sounds perfect to the ears, each one of their voices sound perfect.

I have to say this is a fantastic album. There isn’t one song on here that doesn’t belong on the album, it all sounds great to me. The fact that The Weeknd eerily sounds pretty similar to Michael Jackson is pretty neat and scary. Though lets face it The Weeknd won’t be the king of pop of this generation, maybe the King of R&B. The Weeknd is not pop in my honest opinion he’s more R&B than pop. I was talking with a friend of mine about this album earlier today and we both agreed that we love that the singles weren’t the best songs off the album. I love when it happens like that in my opinion and that’s how albums should be. This album is a must buy though or stream it on Spotify.



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