Four Pink Walls- Alessia Cara

This beautiful singer ended up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify about a few weeks ago. Now I see she released a mini album laced with four tracks on it. I can really see this girl playing at Coachella 2016 this year as a minor act early in the day. When I first heard this album I wasn’t too thrilled on all the songs, but after a second listen they are all starting to grow on me. My favorite tracks on this album are “Here” and “Outlaws’. Only doing two track reviews on this short album.

“Here”- I love this track because It has almost a 90s vibe to it, I don’t know what it is but I like it. I love the piano parts in the background. I love as well the picture she is painting with the lyrics in this song too. Here voice flows really well as she sings and starts to rap a bit on this track.

“Outlaws”- I liked this track because at first it sounded like a video game but then transitioned into a different type of beat almost like an Oldie beat. The beat sounds like oldie music meets today’s music, it sounds perfect to be honest. I as well like the lyrics too, favorite lyric off this song is ” ill be Bonnie and you’ll be Clyde”. It fits perfect with the title of the track and she sounds very sweet singing it.

I liked the rest of two songs off this album, but these two really caught my ear. I have some high hopes for this artist; I really hope she does some features with some Dj’s like Calvin Harris, and Kygo. As well I would love to see her do some tracks with some Hip/hop artist like Drake, and Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj. I look forwarded to seeing her on the Coachella Line up in 2016 this year.


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