GO:OD AM- Mac Miller

Mac Miller finally released another album titled GO:OD AM, and I actually instantly liked this one. Last album he did I hated it the first time I heard it. After a few listen though it grew on me and I finally understood it and looked it at a different perspective. Now this album on the other hand sounds like a mixture of his first two albums, which to me sounds like a perfect balance. I actually loved every song on here and its super tough to find just three, but here we go! My Favorite three songs off this album are “In The Bag”, ROS, and “100 Grand kids”.

“In The Bag”- This is a great song to bump real loud, and Mac really does deliver bars. Mac Miller delivers a fire verse, with a little help from Juicy J. The beat on this track goes really hard and bumps super loud in the car. I can see people cruising to this song on the weekend to a party, its pretty damn good if I do say so.

“ROS”- This is my second top favorite song. I absolutely love the piano on this track so much, and next to Mac’s voice sounds really great. I love the fact that he talks about three types of girls he has loved in his life. I love the fact this song is so calm and relaxing. This is just a perfect song and is so simplistic to me.

“100 Grandkids” – This is the first single that he released for the album like last month I think, and I was obsessed. I couldn’t stop listening to this song; I had it on repeat for days. The whole song its self is great, but my favorite part is the very end when the beat switches up. It sounded so great when he just went in on the last verse, and that’s when I knew that this album was going to be great.

This is my second favorite album of his, I think its way better than his first album by far. I really loved how he found a nice balance between the bangers and the pure hip-hop style.  Every track on here is great and well deserving a listen, and the album deserves to be on your radar. As always I can’t wait to hear what Mac has in store for us in the future.



90059- Jay Rock

Finally Jay Rock released his long antipacted sophomore album 90059.  I have been waiting for this album since he dropped his first album way back when. I personally think Jay Rock is one of TDE’s highly underrated rapper and I really hope he is next to make it big. The album has the a lot of west coast vibes all through it.  My three favorite songs off this album are “Vice City”, “Money Tree’s Deuce”, Gumbo.

“Vice City” I was extremely excited to see a collaboration from all the top rappers from the TDE crew Black Hippy. The beat is so good, the bass on this track is is really good too as well. What I love  most about this track is the fact that every rapper on this track has the same flow. They all deliver a great verse and its hard for me to say who had the best verse on this track. I want to say Kendrick but I am so biased on Kendrick, so I am going say Ab-soul had the best verse on this track.

“Money Tree’s Deuce” I loved this track as soon as I heard it. I loved that he made a part two song of a song that was on kendricks album that he featured on. I also enjoyed the fact the beat is straight on point, its such a good song to blast cruising on a sunny day. I have been singing this chorus for days and so has my co-worker who also enjoys this track a lot.

“Gumbo” is great song and kind of sounds like a song that kendrick could have used for his album. Though I am really glad that Jay rock just stayed on this track by himself, its got a nice vibe. It has great beat to it, and compared with Jay rocks flow it sounds really nice. This song feels like it would good to bump on a cloudy day.

Jay Rock delivered a really great sophomore album, and its only 11 tracks. Though its only 11 tracks every song on this album is better than 90% of the rap thats out right now. This is actual hip-hop, theres is no pop influence, theres no autotune. None of that this is pure hip-hop and any hip-hop fan would love this album. I can’t wait to hear the next album Jay Rock has for us in the future.


Wild- Troye Sivan

It’s nice to see an unknown artist I actually like from my discovery playlist get some attention. As well I had no idea that this guy was a YouTube sensation as well. Also most recently Taylor Swift gave a big shout out to Troye Sivan’s title track Wild on her Instagram. Now since their little twitter interaction he is blowing up fairly quick I would say. Though his first album Wild is only six songs, they are six really great songs. I can easily see Troye Sivan being an opening act for Coachella and Outside Lands in 2016. My favorite songs off this album are “Wild”, “DKLA”, and “Ease”.

“Wild” – The self-titled track is one of my top favorites. Its my top favorite not because Taylor swift gave it a shout out, but because it screams beach music and good vibes. Its sunny melody makes you feel good and makes you want to sing out loud in an instant.

“DKLA”- The song starts slow and melodic, almost soothing. I like beat of this one and how it almost sounds like an Edm song done by disclosure. This song is pretty relaxing and nice to put on a comfy night in when you just want to sit in and relax. I love the Tkay Maidza feature she adds a nice touch to the track as well.

“Ease” This track is my last top favorite, I like the broods feature a lot on this track. As well I like the backbeat that goes along with the lyrics. The song itself flows very well and is very pleasing to the ears. Its nice switch up from the music that is out right now.

I am really hoping that Troye Sivan makes it to Coachella this year. It would be a nice little opening act worth catching this year. This album is worth the listen; Troye Sivan is an artist you should keep on your radar. I can see this guy blowing up all over the radio very very soon, do not miss out on some great music right here.


Rodeo – Travi$ Scott

Travi$ Scott finally released his debut album Rodeo this past week. I have been waiting for this album since his mixtape Days Before Rodeo. This album reminds me so much of Kid CuDi just because it has that spacey vibe too it. It is to me a new age Kid CuDi and I love that, I love that there are new artist coming out now that have Kid CuDi vibes to their music. The features aren’t too heavy on this album ether and that’s always good for a freshman album. Though it is lacking some features that I would have loved to hear on this album. In my opinion I would have loved to hear a drake feature on this album alongside a Kid CuDi feature too. Anyway my favorite songs off this album are “Apple Pie”, “Antidote”, and “Oh My Dis Side”.

“Apple Pie”- I liked this right away song because it had that upbeat piano intro in it. Then on top of that it has Travi$ with the reverb sound effect on it before the first verse. This song is easy on the ears and it’s a catchy song as well. This song just makes me want to get up and dance to be quite honest with you.

“Antidote” – I liked this song because it’s kind of dark and reminds me of a song you would hear at a house party. I absolutely love the beat on this track as well, I love how simple the chorus and verses turn out to be. It has some great Kid CuDi vibes in this song, I almost expect Kid CuDi to start adding a verse too it.

“Oh My Dis Side” This song is the second track featuring Quavo from Migos and I didn’t expect to like it so much. What I like about this song is how mellow it is to begin with, and then Quavo adds a fast paced verse every now and then. What I thought was really cool was half way through the song the beat switches up and starts to sound like a 90s R&B track on the backbeat.

I have been telling people to not sleep on Travi$ Scott and that his first album is going to be absolutely fire. The album didn’t disappoint me at all and it has been better than most artist first albums lately. I love the path he has chosen with this album, as well I love that he’s got major support from Kid CuDi. The only song on this album I couldn’t like was “3500”, It just didn’t appeal or sound good to me. This album is a must buy album for any Kid CuDi fan, and any Hip-hop fan.