Rodeo – Travi$ Scott

Travi$ Scott finally released his debut album Rodeo this past week. I have been waiting for this album since his mixtape Days Before Rodeo. This album reminds me so much of Kid CuDi just because it has that spacey vibe too it. It is to me a new age Kid CuDi and I love that, I love that there are new artist coming out now that have Kid CuDi vibes to their music. The features aren’t too heavy on this album ether and that’s always good for a freshman album. Though it is lacking some features that I would have loved to hear on this album. In my opinion I would have loved to hear a drake feature on this album alongside a Kid CuDi feature too. Anyway my favorite songs off this album are “Apple Pie”, “Antidote”, and “Oh My Dis Side”.

“Apple Pie”- I liked this right away song because it had that upbeat piano intro in it. Then on top of that it has Travi$ with the reverb sound effect on it before the first verse. This song is easy on the ears and it’s a catchy song as well. This song just makes me want to get up and dance to be quite honest with you.

“Antidote” – I liked this song because it’s kind of dark and reminds me of a song you would hear at a house party. I absolutely love the beat on this track as well, I love how simple the chorus and verses turn out to be. It has some great Kid CuDi vibes in this song, I almost expect Kid CuDi to start adding a verse too it.

“Oh My Dis Side” This song is the second track featuring Quavo from Migos and I didn’t expect to like it so much. What I like about this song is how mellow it is to begin with, and then Quavo adds a fast paced verse every now and then. What I thought was really cool was half way through the song the beat switches up and starts to sound like a 90s R&B track on the backbeat.

I have been telling people to not sleep on Travi$ Scott and that his first album is going to be absolutely fire. The album didn’t disappoint me at all and it has been better than most artist first albums lately. I love the path he has chosen with this album, as well I love that he’s got major support from Kid CuDi. The only song on this album I couldn’t like was “3500”, It just didn’t appeal or sound good to me. This album is a must buy album for any Kid CuDi fan, and any Hip-hop fan.



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