Wild- Troye Sivan

It’s nice to see an unknown artist I actually like from my discovery playlist get some attention. As well I had no idea that this guy was a YouTube sensation as well. Also most recently Taylor Swift gave a big shout out to Troye Sivan’s title track Wild on her Instagram. Now since their little twitter interaction he is blowing up fairly quick I would say. Though his first album Wild is only six songs, they are six really great songs. I can easily see Troye Sivan being an opening act for Coachella and Outside Lands in 2016. My favorite songs off this album are “Wild”, “DKLA”, and “Ease”.

“Wild” – The self-titled track is one of my top favorites. Its my top favorite not because Taylor swift gave it a shout out, but because it screams beach music and good vibes. Its sunny melody makes you feel good and makes you want to sing out loud in an instant.

“DKLA”- The song starts slow and melodic, almost soothing. I like beat of this one and how it almost sounds like an Edm song done by disclosure. This song is pretty relaxing and nice to put on a comfy night in when you just want to sit in and relax. I love the Tkay Maidza feature she adds a nice touch to the track as well.

“Ease” This track is my last top favorite, I like the broods feature a lot on this track. As well I like the backbeat that goes along with the lyrics. The song itself flows very well and is very pleasing to the ears. Its nice switch up from the music that is out right now.

I am really hoping that Troye Sivan makes it to Coachella this year. It would be a nice little opening act worth catching this year. This album is worth the listen; Troye Sivan is an artist you should keep on your radar. I can see this guy blowing up all over the radio very very soon, do not miss out on some great music right here.



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