90059- Jay Rock

Finally Jay Rock released his long antipacted sophomore album 90059.  I have been waiting for this album since he dropped his first album way back when. I personally think Jay Rock is one of TDE’s highly underrated rapper and I really hope he is next to make it big. The album has the a lot of west coast vibes all through it.  My three favorite songs off this album are “Vice City”, “Money Tree’s Deuce”, Gumbo.

“Vice City” I was extremely excited to see a collaboration from all the top rappers from the TDE crew Black Hippy. The beat is so good, the bass on this track is is really good too as well. What I love  most about this track is the fact that every rapper on this track has the same flow. They all deliver a great verse and its hard for me to say who had the best verse on this track. I want to say Kendrick but I am so biased on Kendrick, so I am going say Ab-soul had the best verse on this track.

“Money Tree’s Deuce” I loved this track as soon as I heard it. I loved that he made a part two song of a song that was on kendricks album that he featured on. I also enjoyed the fact the beat is straight on point, its such a good song to blast cruising on a sunny day. I have been singing this chorus for days and so has my co-worker who also enjoys this track a lot.

“Gumbo” is great song and kind of sounds like a song that kendrick could have used for his album. Though I am really glad that Jay rock just stayed on this track by himself, its got a nice vibe. It has great beat to it, and compared with Jay rocks flow it sounds really nice. This song feels like it would good to bump on a cloudy day.

Jay Rock delivered a really great sophomore album, and its only 11 tracks. Though its only 11 tracks every song on this album is better than 90% of the rap thats out right now. This is actual hip-hop, theres is no pop influence, theres no autotune. None of that this is pure hip-hop and any hip-hop fan would love this album. I can’t wait to hear the next album Jay Rock has for us in the future.



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