GO:OD AM- Mac Miller

Mac Miller finally released another album titled GO:OD AM, and I actually instantly liked this one. Last album he did I hated it the first time I heard it. After a few listen though it grew on me and I finally understood it and looked it at a different perspective. Now this album on the other hand sounds like a mixture of his first two albums, which to me sounds like a perfect balance. I actually loved every song on here and its super tough to find just three, but here we go! My Favorite three songs off this album are “In The Bag”, ROS, and “100 Grand kids”.

“In The Bag”- This is a great song to bump real loud, and Mac really does deliver bars. Mac Miller delivers a fire verse, with a little help from Juicy J. The beat on this track goes really hard and bumps super loud in the car. I can see people cruising to this song on the weekend to a party, its pretty damn good if I do say so.

“ROS”- This is my second top favorite song. I absolutely love the piano on this track so much, and next to Mac’s voice sounds really great. I love the fact that he talks about three types of girls he has loved in his life. I love the fact this song is so calm and relaxing. This is just a perfect song and is so simplistic to me.

“100 Grandkids” – This is the first single that he released for the album like last month I think, and I was obsessed. I couldn’t stop listening to this song; I had it on repeat for days. The whole song its self is great, but my favorite part is the very end when the beat switches up. It sounded so great when he just went in on the last verse, and that’s when I knew that this album was going to be great.

This is my second favorite album of his, I think its way better than his first album by far. I really loved how he found a nice balance between the bangers and the pure hip-hop style.  Every track on here is great and well deserving a listen, and the album deserves to be on your radar. As always I can’t wait to hear what Mac has in store for us in the future.



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