What A Time To Be Alive – Drake & Future

The surprise “mixtape” What A Time To Be Alive came out about a week ago now. Both Drake and Future decided to team up for a joint album, out of the blue it seems. Honestly Drake and Future album doesn’t sound appealing to me. I don’t like Future that much and I think Drake could have picked someone a lot better to team up with for a joint album. I would love to hear a Drake J Cole Album or a J Cole Kendrick album, but Drake decided to do this I guess. My top favorite songs from this album are “Diamonds Dancing”, Plastic Bag, and” Jumpman”.

“Diamonds Dancing” – I really liked the beat on this one as well the Pre-chorus really sounds good. Surprising I don’t mind Future on this part of the songs. I really like the chorus of this song its really catchy. I love drakes verse on this track and I could do with out Future’s verse. I don’t mind Future on the chorus and the Pre-chorus, but I would take another Drake verse over a Future verse.

“Plastic Bag”- This is a strip club anthem,  and it sounds pretty relaxing to me. It again is pretty repetitive like most of the songs on this album. The beat is slow and melodic and drake adds his typical heartbreak drake voice. Future’s verse isn’t that bad on this so I am pretty okay with the balance on this song.

“Jumpman” – This is a club banger for sure, the bass is super heavy on this track. I love in Drakes verse when he sounds like he is clearing his throat and he precedes to say ” I think I need some robitussin”. I thought that was pretty clever and funny, the fact that Drake dominates this track more than future is why I like it a lot. I also the chorus is pretty catchy, after all its only the word Jumpman repeated a bunch of times.

I liked this album or mixtape, even though it wasn’t like a typical mixtape. Its not amazing or over the top fantastic, its just alright. I personally think Drake can do better than this, and I know they did this in 11 days but still. If you are going to do something like this in 11 days why don’t you drop it on datpiff or hotnewhiphop.com and give it away free. But aside from that they album was pretty repetitive and too short. I Felt the balance on some songs was very one sided and needed to be more balanced. All and all it was a good album.



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