Caracal- Disclosure

Disclosure finally released another album titled Caracal. This album is amazing; every song on here is perfect. I loved this whole album front to back; I wish I didn’t just have to pick just three songs. Every feature on this album is great too, the way does Disclosure compliments artist on each song is fantastic. My three favorite songs off this album are “Omen”, “Nocturnal”, and ” Molecules”.

“Omen”-Omen was the first single off their album with none other Sam Smith. I really would absolutely love to hear Sam Smith and Disclosure do a whole album together. They sound so great together when they collaborate together on songs. The beat is great on this track so well, as it moves right alongside Sam’s voice.

“Nocturnal”- When I saw The Weeknd was featured on this album I got so excited. I got really excited because The Weeknd has such a great voice just like Sam Smith and I couldn’t wait to hear what Disclosure and The Weeknd had in store for us. I love the 80s synth vibe that this track has too it.

“Molecules” – I like the beginning of this song a lot, it has that almost funky feel that makes you want to snap your fingers. It has a nice build up to the chorus as well. The track sounds infectious that makes you want to get up and dance. This song would be a great song to remix, or throw on in a club to get people up and dancing.

This album is amazing; I haven’t heard one complaint about this album from anyone who’s heard it. Disclosure really knows how to put together a great album, and know how to work well with artist. They have a lot of features on this album and every feature is great, not one of them disappoints. I really hope that Disclosure makes it out to Coachella 2016.



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