The Documentary 2.5 – The Game

The Documentary 2.5 was released last week as the second disc of The Documentary 2. The first Disc was a Red Disc and this one is a blue Disc, both are really neat. These two albums are completely different from each other; this second disc more focuses on stuff that’s relevant today. This one as well has a lot more features that I like. The only thing I didn’t like when I went to go buy the Cd is that my favorite track “El Chapo” wasn’t on it! So I had to go to iTunes and buy the song separately. My favorite tracks off this album is “Quick’s Groove”, “Outside”, and ” El Chapo”.

“Quick’s Groove” – I love this beat so much, I absolutely love the 80s feel to this track. Dj Quick always has the hits that I like. Game sounds excellent on this track, I really like Sevyn Streeter and Micah’s hook. Dj Quick offers us a nice verse right after Games verse, and it’s not as good as Games but it is worthy of being on this album. I was singing this hook for like two days at work, but not too loud haha.

“Outside” – This song  is so west coast and I LOVE IT. West coast is my favorite sound for hip-hop; I love the features on here too. E40 Lil  Eazy- E are both perfect on each of their verses, though E40 isn’t on it as much as I thought he would be. Lil Eazy-E verse is pretty dope, and Marcus Black does a great job on the hook. I also like that Travis Barker produced this track too, because I am a huge Blink-182 fan.

“El Chapo” – This is probably my favorite track off this album, who knew Skrillix could do so well on a hip-hop track! I liked the Hispanic horns in the beginning of the song, I loved the Spanish incorporated into the song as well. I am pretty sure I learned more Spanish in this song than I did in High School and elementary school haha. The Game goes off on this track, he murders the track and there is no question about that.

This is a great album, The Game didn’t slack off on the second half of this album. On this second disc he kept it up to par with the first album and maybe a little better even. The Game was reaching for Classic album success on this two-disc album just like the first Documentary.  I think he reached that goal in my opinion; every track on here is pretty damn good. If you are a huge Game fan or a fan of west coast hip-hop then you will love this second disc as well.


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