West Ave. – The Reel

West Ave. Is a new group that seems to be emerging, I have just been given a heads up on their emergence. They have released a mini mixtape called The Reel.   As I listen to their latest mixtape, I am enjoying their style that they are giving off, they have some hits on this little mixtape. To me it sounds as if Future, Drake, and Rae Sremmurd formed a group together. They produced this whole mixtape by themselves! all the beats, hooks, verses EVERYTHING all done by them.My favorite songs off the album are “MicMan,” “Legendary”, and “Day 1’s”.

“MicMan” – What I like about this song is the beginning of the song. I like the simplicity of the beat on this track, its almost sounds acapella. The verses are on point on this track as well; I like how they are going with the beat too. They aren’t losing their flow at all in this song. The hook is also very pleasing to hear, and that’s always a good thing.

“Legendary”- I like this song a lot because the beat is really neat on this track. I like this song because this is the type of song you could blast on the way to the club. I could also see this being on someone’s gym’s playlist. My favorite line from this song is ” Ash Ketchum with the ho’s gotta catch em all”, that line made me chuckle a bit. The song is really catchy and that’s really good for emerging artist.

“Day 1’s” – When I first heard this track I thought I downloaded an unreleased Future track! This track got my head moving as soon as the beat dropped. The beat is nice and smooth and ominous and I love that type of track, the verses on here are really good. I like this songs a lot because its beat is pretty damn good, especially right next to the excellent verses that are being dropped.

I really do enjoy hearing new up and coming artist that are actually good. This group West Ave is something to take note of; they got beats, bars and hooks for days. I will tell you this; these guys are a lot better than half the artist I see coming up today. The mixtapes from new artist today are not really catching my attention these days like they used to. But I was given a link today of West Ave and I am glad I clicked on it to say the least. Download their whole mixtape here  https://soundcloud.com/w3stave or on http://www.audiomack.com/artist/westave-2


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