When Its Dark Out: G-Eazy

G-Eazy released his sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out   last week. I am happy to say that he has a great album here. It’s very different than his past albums and even more different than when I first discovered him at the Vans Warped Tour. I didn’t like that he released a lot of his songs off the albums so quickly as singles. I only listened to two singles that he released then I waited for the album to be released. So after I listened to this whole album, my favorite songs are “Random”, “Some Kind Of Drug”, and ” What If”.



“Random”- I liked this song a lot because it’s like a pump up jam. G-Eazy’s flow on this beat is so on-point, it’s great. I love the beat on this track as well, it sounds really good with the volume turned all the way up. It’s really appealing to the ears when G-Eazy is rapping so fast and in sync at one point.


“Some Kind Of Drug”- I really liked the intro to this song and I really like Marc E. Bassey’s voice on this track. In fact, this is my first time hearing him sing on a track, well at least to my knowledge. I always like these slow jams that Hip/hop albums have now. I am not going to lie, I do belt out this chorus sometimes when I’m driving.



“What If” – Basically, I liked the fact that every line that G-Eazy is saying starts off with “what if”. I really liked G-eazy’s flow on this track too. I didn’t really like Gizzle on the chorus, he just doesn’t sound that great with this beat. I liked this tracks beat though, it kind of sounds like a beat that Future would be on.  Also, I liked that most of what G-eazy is saying on this track is something that makes you think.



I really liked this album a lot; I was super impressed by G-eazy’s effort. He didn’t just re-hash an album; he totally experimented with different styles, beats, and features. I would really like him to get a lot more exposure but he has come along way from that random rap artist on warped tour that I saw a few years ago. I highly suggest this album to any hip/hop fan. You will not be disappointed.




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