The Night I went to…- Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh has delivered another mixtape titled The Night I Went To. I have been a fan of Rockie Fresh since he dropped Electric Highway and yet he is still highly slept on. As part of the MMG crew, he is well known as the secret weapon of the group because a good amount of people have no idea who he is.  I am truly excited for him to start to get some exposure in the hip/hop realm. My favorite songs are “Tell Me”, “Your Life”, and “Are You With Me”.


“Tell Me”- I really like the auto tune on his voice in this track, it fits really well with the beat. I also like the backbeat that goes along with the samples. I absolutely love the Back to the Future sample as well.


“Your Life”- Rockie and the boss, Ricky Ross, are on this track together. I really liked the sample that goes “Is your life ohhh”. Rockie spits really hard on the first verse. It shows he is ready for the attention he deserves. Rick Ross actually has a pretty good verse on this track. I never really liked Rick Ross’ albums that much. However, when he features, he does a great job.



“Are You With Me”- Ed Sheeran does a great hook on this track. He does great on hip-hop beats/R&B beats. I love how good Rockie and Ed sound together too. I like that the beat has a tiny funky sound to it, if you listen really close. I also like the rainy night vibe that this song gives off. Rockie even goes on to say, “I’m slept on, so right now my name might not ring a bell. But pretty soon, by next June, they all gon’ be on me”.  I hope he is alluding to his Freshman album dropping.



I can’t wait till everyone gets on the Rockie Fresh boat. He has a lot of potential and is way more talented than Omarion, who has had more exposure than Rockie. Rockie deserves to be on the top of MMG’s list. This whole mixtape is really damn good. I found it hard to pick three songs to review! I even went back and switched one the songs I was going to review a couple times! Please give this guy a shot, he’s got some talent here. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for Rockie Fresh.




Bounce- OMAR

We got another new artist this weekend and his name is OMAR. He has graced us with a nice 11-track album, titled Bounce. There are a lot of good tracks on it and I like the fact that they split it into Side A and Side B.  Lots of fun tracks but I’m not seeing that many slow jams for the ladies. It’s nice to have a nice balance on slow jams, party, and deep songs. My favorite tracks on this mixtape are “I Just wanna”, “Bounce”, and “That One Song You Asked For”.



“I Just Wanna”- I really liked this track and the azealia banks Sample on it as well. In my opinion, this track feels like a nice summer/Coachella beat. I could see this being bumped at Dew Lab at Coachella. Also, I could really see this being bumped on a sunny beach. OMAR does a good job with his flow and going along with the beat. I like the chorus because it’s catchy and goes with the beat so well and gets your head nodding.



“Bounce” – This is a turn up song, a song you bump on the way to the club or to a party. The sample is tight, as well. I really liked the beat. OMAR goes in pretty hard on this beat. I liked the beat around 2:01, his tempo and flow changed perfect with it.



“That One Song You Asked For” – This is a slower jam for OMAR and he does pretty well. I really like the piano in the distance; it adds a nice little touch to the song. I also liked his verses on this track. It’s nice to see a little flexibility in an artist and OMAR did a nice job.



This was a really enjoyable album for the weekend for me. I liked a lot of the tracks. I also loved the samples and beats that were used on this album. I think he has a lot of potential to get ahead. I would really like to see him live to catch his energy on stage and see him go hard on his grind. He should book venue after venue to get noticed more and more. Keep your ears out for him he’s got a good flow and a nice set of beats in the palm of his hands. You can buy the album here: or here on sound cloud:



Purple Reign- Future

Future continues to flood us with new music; this time with his latest project Purple Reign. To be honest, I am not the biggest future fan. I liked his first mixtape and a little bit of his stuff with Drake. For the most part, I think he is pretty average and I don’t see the huge appeal that he has. Every song he releases sounds the same and I can barely understand him because he mumbles half of the time. Though I did find some hidden gems inside this new project of his. My three favorite tracks are; ” Drippin How U Luv That”, “Inside The Mattress”, and “Salute”.


“Drippin How U Luv That”- The chorus is my favorite part about this track and I like the way future sings it. I love Metro boomin’ beats too. For the most part, future just sounds repetitive.



“Inside The Mattress”- I liked this track because I can actually understand future! When you can understand what he’s saying, he actually sounds great. Also, I like this beat because of course it sounds like a video game. Future flow is actually pretty good as well and I can bump this in my car.



” Salute”- This is a club banger or a turn up song for sure. Yet again, he continues to mumble a little but you can still hear and understand him better on this track. All in all, his flow on this track is pretty good and the lyrics are what you want to hear from a future song. The beat is pretty damn good too. Future gets some good beats.



Well, this album wasn’t too bad; it’s just a typical Future album. He isn’t my favorite but I don’t hate him. Some songs of his I actually like and I can’t knock that he is doing work and actually putting out music that people like. The album is full of good beats and the lyrics are pretty good. Consequently, Future mumbles too much and I can’t always understand what he’s saying so it doesn’t catch my ear. But for me, I will just be a passing fan and pick my songs out here and there.  If you are a future fan, then you will like this album. If you are looking for an album to get your focus on future, I would gladly point you to his mixtape Astronaut Status.



4/4 – Meek Mill

Meek Mill finally released some new music, after losing the rap beef with Drake. Not much has changed though and that’s okay. The little ep is called 4/4, which is the reason there is only four tracks on it. Not going to lie, the tracks on here actually go off and I am a fan of both Drake and Meek. I see a lot of people hating on these tracks just because it’s the popular thing to do right now and that’s not cool. I’m giving credit where credit is due; these tracks show us the mixtape meek that we all love. My favorite tracks on here are “Pray for they”, “FBH”, and “Gave Em Hope”.


“Pray For Them”- I really liked this track A LOT. My favorite part of this track is the beat and the background beat, it sounds great with meeks flow and his sound. Meek is bringing his A game and is giving me hope that he can re-build his status with a track like this.



“FBH”- This is a good song I choose this song because it sounds like it came from the classic video game Mega Man. It just sounds pretty damn good and Meek again is giving all he’s got at this point. I think he knows he has a lot of pressure on what he releases next.


“Gave Em Hope”- Another turn up beat from meek mill where he excels. I think the beat is all right on this track, not my favorite sound. I wasn’t too thrilled about this beat but Meek Mill made it work for him and that’s always a good thing. Also, this is the infamous track where Meek went after 50 cent for his MMG boss Rick Ross. Was it a smart move on Meeks part? No, it wasn’t because I am not sure Meek could beat 50 cent in a rap battle or Rap feud. But lets face it, 50 hasn’t put out a great project in a long time. I did like his recent mixtape the Kanan Tape. Lets see how this all unfolds.



This little ep that Meek has released is a nice little warm up for him. Its getting everybody’s attention and focus back on him. He is causing media buzz and setting the Internet a flame with memes, which are both against him and for him .You always want some kind of buzz before you release a major project like a mixtape or an album. The songs are good and I know I left out another Infamous track that was on here, which was the “I’m Da Plug Freestyle”. Yes, I heard it and I wasn’t that impressed, yeah he did a good job but I am over that beef.  I hated that song off the Drake and Future collab album too. In the freestyle he does mention drake at the beginning then he goes on to diss Nicki’s ex boyfriend Safaree. A lot of people think he’s talking about Drake because everyone is still focused on that beef and want everything to be about Drake, but its not. Anyway, this was a good little taste of what we can expect Dream Chasers 4 to be like and I look forward to hearing it.



If You Give M.I.C. a Mic- M.I.C.

Fresh underground music has arrived to my inbox this morning! You know what that means!?! NEW ARTIST ALERT! Today, I had the opportunity to listen to this new artist, M.I.C. He has released his mixtape If You Give M.I.C. a MIC.   It’s a play on the children book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  My favorite songs off this 16-track mixtape are “Take Off (feat: Kazinova)”, “You”, and ” I Be.”

“Take Off (feat: Kazinova)”- I really liked this song because of its real slow melodic beat. I love the chill vibe it gives off as the music proceeds to engulf your speakers. I also like how good M.I.C. sounds alongside the beat. He is really feeling the music as he’s rapping.

“You” I absolutely like the west coast beat on here, I really could see M.I.C. rapping with YG on this beat in a heartbeat. One thing I did notice is that towards the beginning of the song M.I.C. is a little too close to the microphone. The rest of the song sounds great though; I really like the second verse. I would like to hear more west coast beats from M.I.C.. In my opinion, he sounds really good along side these types of beats.

“I Be”- This song stood out from the rest to me because you can really tell that M.I.C. goes in on this beat. His flow on this song is straight on point. He sounds hungry on this track, as well. I really like the bass too. If I could figure out how to download this whole mixtape off sound cloud I for sure would.

I really like M.I.C. as an artist so far; his flow and his lyrics are great. I liked this mixtape a lot; I would like to see more west coast beats and more mellow beats from him. He sounds really good to me along side those two type a beats. Maybe even if he hopped a G-funk beat he would thrive hard. It’s always hard for me to just pick three songs but some other noteworthy songs are: “No Hard Feelings”, and  “Alone”. I am a sucker for a piano beat on a hip-hop track, so I am a little biased.