If You Give M.I.C. a Mic- M.I.C.

Fresh underground music has arrived to my inbox this morning! You know what that means!?! NEW ARTIST ALERT! Today, I had the opportunity to listen to this new artist, M.I.C. He has released his mixtape If You Give M.I.C. a MIC.   It’s a play on the children book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  My favorite songs off this 16-track mixtape are “Take Off (feat: Kazinova)”, “You”, and ” I Be.”

“Take Off (feat: Kazinova)”- I really liked this song because of its real slow melodic beat. I love the chill vibe it gives off as the music proceeds to engulf your speakers. I also like how good M.I.C. sounds alongside the beat. He is really feeling the music as he’s rapping.

“You” I absolutely like the west coast beat on here, I really could see M.I.C. rapping with YG on this beat in a heartbeat. One thing I did notice is that towards the beginning of the song M.I.C. is a little too close to the microphone. The rest of the song sounds great though; I really like the second verse. I would like to hear more west coast beats from M.I.C.. In my opinion, he sounds really good along side these types of beats.

“I Be”- This song stood out from the rest to me because you can really tell that M.I.C. goes in on this beat. His flow on this song is straight on point. He sounds hungry on this track, as well. I really like the bass too. If I could figure out how to download this whole mixtape off sound cloud I for sure would.

I really like M.I.C. as an artist so far; his flow and his lyrics are great. I liked this mixtape a lot; I would like to see more west coast beats and more mellow beats from him. He sounds really good to me along side those two type a beats. Maybe even if he hopped a G-funk beat he would thrive hard. It’s always hard for me to just pick three songs but some other noteworthy songs are: “No Hard Feelings”, and  “Alone”. I am a sucker for a piano beat on a hip-hop track, so I am a little biased.


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