4/4 – Meek Mill

Meek Mill finally released some new music, after losing the rap beef with Drake. Not much has changed though and that’s okay. The little ep is called 4/4, which is the reason there is only four tracks on it. Not going to lie, the tracks on here actually go off and I am a fan of both Drake and Meek. I see a lot of people hating on these tracks just because it’s the popular thing to do right now and that’s not cool. I’m giving credit where credit is due; these tracks show us the mixtape meek that we all love. My favorite tracks on here are “Pray for they”, “FBH”, and “Gave Em Hope”.


“Pray For Them”- I really liked this track A LOT. My favorite part of this track is the beat and the background beat, it sounds great with meeks flow and his sound. Meek is bringing his A game and is giving me hope that he can re-build his status with a track like this.



“FBH”- This is a good song I choose this song because it sounds like it came from the classic video game Mega Man. It just sounds pretty damn good and Meek again is giving all he’s got at this point. I think he knows he has a lot of pressure on what he releases next.


“Gave Em Hope”- Another turn up beat from meek mill where he excels. I think the beat is all right on this track, not my favorite sound. I wasn’t too thrilled about this beat but Meek Mill made it work for him and that’s always a good thing. Also, this is the infamous track where Meek went after 50 cent for his MMG boss Rick Ross. Was it a smart move on Meeks part? No, it wasn’t because I am not sure Meek could beat 50 cent in a rap battle or Rap feud. But lets face it, 50 hasn’t put out a great project in a long time. I did like his recent mixtape the Kanan Tape. Lets see how this all unfolds.



This little ep that Meek has released is a nice little warm up for him. Its getting everybody’s attention and focus back on him. He is causing media buzz and setting the Internet a flame with memes, which are both against him and for him .You always want some kind of buzz before you release a major project like a mixtape or an album. The songs are good and I know I left out another Infamous track that was on here, which was the “I’m Da Plug Freestyle”. Yes, I heard it and I wasn’t that impressed, yeah he did a good job but I am over that beef.  I hated that song off the Drake and Future collab album too. In the freestyle he does mention drake at the beginning then he goes on to diss Nicki’s ex boyfriend Safaree. A lot of people think he’s talking about Drake because everyone is still focused on that beef and want everything to be about Drake, but its not. Anyway, this was a good little taste of what we can expect Dream Chasers 4 to be like and I look forward to hearing it.




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