Purple Reign- Future

Future continues to flood us with new music; this time with his latest project Purple Reign. To be honest, I am not the biggest future fan. I liked his first mixtape and a little bit of his stuff with Drake. For the most part, I think he is pretty average and I don’t see the huge appeal that he has. Every song he releases sounds the same and I can barely understand him because he mumbles half of the time. Though I did find some hidden gems inside this new project of his. My three favorite tracks are; ” Drippin How U Luv That”, “Inside The Mattress”, and “Salute”.


“Drippin How U Luv That”- The chorus is my favorite part about this track and I like the way future sings it. I love Metro boomin’ beats too. For the most part, future just sounds repetitive.



“Inside The Mattress”- I liked this track because I can actually understand future! When you can understand what he’s saying, he actually sounds great. Also, I like this beat because of course it sounds like a video game. Future flow is actually pretty good as well and I can bump this in my car.



” Salute”- This is a club banger or a turn up song for sure. Yet again, he continues to mumble a little but you can still hear and understand him better on this track. All in all, his flow on this track is pretty good and the lyrics are what you want to hear from a future song. The beat is pretty damn good too. Future gets some good beats.



Well, this album wasn’t too bad; it’s just a typical Future album. He isn’t my favorite but I don’t hate him. Some songs of his I actually like and I can’t knock that he is doing work and actually putting out music that people like. The album is full of good beats and the lyrics are pretty good. Consequently, Future mumbles too much and I can’t always understand what he’s saying so it doesn’t catch my ear. But for me, I will just be a passing fan and pick my songs out here and there.  If you are a future fan, then you will like this album. If you are looking for an album to get your focus on future, I would gladly point you to his mixtape Astronaut Status.




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