Bounce- OMAR

We got another new artist this weekend and his name is OMAR. He has graced us with a nice 11-track album, titled Bounce. There are a lot of good tracks on it and I like the fact that they split it into Side A and Side B.  Lots of fun tracks but I’m not seeing that many slow jams for the ladies. It’s nice to have a nice balance on slow jams, party, and deep songs. My favorite tracks on this mixtape are “I Just wanna”, “Bounce”, and “That One Song You Asked For”.



“I Just Wanna”- I really liked this track and the azealia banks Sample on it as well. In my opinion, this track feels like a nice summer/Coachella beat. I could see this being bumped at Dew Lab at Coachella. Also, I could really see this being bumped on a sunny beach. OMAR does a good job with his flow and going along with the beat. I like the chorus because it’s catchy and goes with the beat so well and gets your head nodding.



“Bounce” – This is a turn up song, a song you bump on the way to the club or to a party. The sample is tight, as well. I really liked the beat. OMAR goes in pretty hard on this beat. I liked the beat around 2:01, his tempo and flow changed perfect with it.



“That One Song You Asked For” – This is a slower jam for OMAR and he does pretty well. I really like the piano in the distance; it adds a nice little touch to the song. I also liked his verses on this track. It’s nice to see a little flexibility in an artist and OMAR did a nice job.



This was a really enjoyable album for the weekend for me. I liked a lot of the tracks. I also loved the samples and beats that were used on this album. I think he has a lot of potential to get ahead. I would really like to see him live to catch his energy on stage and see him go hard on his grind. He should book venue after venue to get noticed more and more. Keep your ears out for him he’s got a good flow and a nice set of beats in the palm of his hands. You can buy the album here: or here on sound cloud:




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