The Night I went to…- Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh has delivered another mixtape titled The Night I Went To. I have been a fan of Rockie Fresh since he dropped Electric Highway and yet he is still highly slept on. As part of the MMG crew, he is well known as the secret weapon of the group because a good amount of people have no idea who he is.  I am truly excited for him to start to get some exposure in the hip/hop realm. My favorite songs are “Tell Me”, “Your Life”, and “Are You With Me”.


“Tell Me”- I really like the auto tune on his voice in this track, it fits really well with the beat. I also like the backbeat that goes along with the samples. I absolutely love the Back to the Future sample as well.


“Your Life”- Rockie and the boss, Ricky Ross, are on this track together. I really liked the sample that goes “Is your life ohhh”. Rockie spits really hard on the first verse. It shows he is ready for the attention he deserves. Rick Ross actually has a pretty good verse on this track. I never really liked Rick Ross’ albums that much. However, when he features, he does a great job.



“Are You With Me”- Ed Sheeran does a great hook on this track. He does great on hip-hop beats/R&B beats. I love how good Rockie and Ed sound together too. I like that the beat has a tiny funky sound to it, if you listen really close. I also like the rainy night vibe that this song gives off. Rockie even goes on to say, “I’m slept on, so right now my name might not ring a bell. But pretty soon, by next June, they all gon’ be on me”.  I hope he is alluding to his Freshman album dropping.



I can’t wait till everyone gets on the Rockie Fresh boat. He has a lot of potential and is way more talented than Omarion, who has had more exposure than Rockie. Rockie deserves to be on the top of MMG’s list. This whole mixtape is really damn good. I found it hard to pick three songs to review! I even went back and switched one the songs I was going to review a couple times! Please give this guy a shot, he’s got some talent here. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for Rockie Fresh.




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