4/4 Part 2- Meek Mill

Meek is going strong with releasing all this new music. He released a second ep titled 4/4 Part 2 the same night Drake released his new single. That might not seem like a big deal but it is, why? He released an amazing diss track aimed at Drakes new single! It seems so weird that he could do this so fast, but as more information has surfaced it would seem that Drakes ghost writer sent the lyrics of Drakes new single to Meek. It’s a small ep of course but it packs a nice little punch. My favorite songs off this Ep are “Fa Sho”, “Ricky”, and  ” War Pain”.



“Fa Sho” – The intro for the song was nice, I liked how calm the beat is at the start of the track. I also like when it comes into the chorus; it flows really nice. It’s a song that you’re going to bump while pre-gaming for the club or for a house party. It has that bass with a nice feel for the club or in a car with a good system. I really like the dab shout out to Cam Newton as well.


“Ricky”- This sounds like a song you would hear in a movie when the underdog is about to come out on top.  I gotta say I don’t understand why Meek is so loud though, but it works for him so go on and do your thing. I like the backbeat that has that holy feel to it. Also I like the shout out to his friend Lil snupe, who was killed.



“War Pain” – The highly talked about track this week. I absolutely love this track on this little ep. Meek’s timing to drop this song is perfect. The fact that he addresses every single shot that Drake took at him in this song is perfect. Also, that he dropped it within minutes of Drake dropping his new single is an extremely key factor here. This song just gained Meek a point in this whole war that they have going on. It’s a must hear song for anyone who is following this long beef. Meek got the W for this and left Drake with an L because of this song. Not only are the lyrics good the beat is too!



A great Ep for Meek mill here again. I didn’t like the song with future because it just didn’t sound good. If he took out that song it would have been a much better ep. The diss track to Drake is what really boosted this ep for me. Meek has a few more L’s to lose but he’s clearly on the right track to getting away from this beef with a better chance at saving his career. There are so many people who are annoying Drake fans who say Drake is the greatest out right now and in reality he isn’t. So to see someone diss Drake with a great diss track is refreshing. Drake is one of my favorites but he needs to get off his pedestal and level out a bit.




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