Khalifa- Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa released his new album titled Khalifa, and it’s not that bad. My expectations for any non-mixtape Wiz music are pretty low. So when I heard this one, I was surprised. There are at least four tracks on this album that are not good at all. But I must say I did find a few songs on here that I like. My favorite tracks off this album are “No Permission”, “Bake Sale,” and “Most Of Us”.



“No Permission”- Wiz is joined here on this track with his good friend Chevy Woods. Anytime I see Wiz and Chevy on a track together I know it’s going to be a good one. This song sounds like it was from Taylor Alderdice mixtape or even Wiz’s highly regarded Kush and Oj mixtape. I love the slow melodic vibe that this song gives, it’s a nice song to relax and cruise down the street to.


“Bake Sale”- This song is good because Wiz khalifa goes off. The only draw back to this song is that it sounds like Travis Scott’s “Antidote”. Other than that, the beat is great and Travis, of course, sounds good on it. Wiz lets loose and shows us he still has the chops to rap like a pro.



“Most Of Us”- I like this song because it sounds like it was from the first Cabin Fever that I heard in high school. This song also has a really catchy chorus. Wiz sounds like mixtape Wiz Khalifa and not the poppy Wiz khalifa that I’ve been hearing for a while now. Also, this is a good track because its nice to see no feature on it, so no one can say he had help making a great song.


This album is a nice step in the right direction for Wiz Khalifa. I like that there’s a mixture of all the sounds he has complied over the years from all the mixtapes he has recorded. I can’t wait to hear what Rolling papers 2 sounds like after hearing this album. Wiz has his up’s and downs on albums and mixtapes but, personally, I have been a fan since he released Prince of the City, so it’s always nice to hear his growth from the beginning of his career to the most recent. Take a listen to it over on spotify before you buy it because it’s not for everybody.




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