The Life Of Pablo – Kanye West

After many delays Kanye released his new album The Life Of Pablo ONLY on tidal.  Three years of waiting for a new Kanye West album, it’s finally here though! I have to say this album is a lot better than I thought it would be. I really can see a lot of influences from all his past albums on this new album, its’ like a musically Picasso painting. I can see why he called it The Life of Pablo. My favorite songs off this album are ” Highlights”, “Father Stretch My Hands Part 1″, ” No More Parties In LA.”



“Highlights”- This is the song that premiered on SNL and I love it! I liked the auto tune on Kanye’s voice because it sounds so perfect alongside the beat. Also, The-Dreams voice on here with this beat is incredible! Favorite lyric: ” I bet Me and Ray J be friends, If we didn’t love the same bitchhhh ,Ye aint mad he hit it first, only problem is Im rich.”. Kanye on this track is actually rapping like he used to, it sounds so good! I also love the lyrics ” I need all the bad bitchs in Equinox! I need to know if you a freak or not!” Great Track.


“Father Stretch My Hands Part 1”- The beginning of this song is great, I love the oldie/ gospel sound it has and then it meets with a nice beat from Metroboomin beats! As soon as the drum hits I guarantee your head will be nodding! The lyrics on here are pretty funny but Kanye sounds good and I love that Kid cudi did the chorus! This song has a good feeling to it as it plays through your speakers, it made me smile as soon as that drum kit hit.




“No More Parties In LA”- As soon as I heard this song on G.O.O.D. Music fridays I knew that this album was going to be great. I absolutely love Kendrick Lamar’s verse on this track; it sounds so good along side the beat. I also like the intro to this song; it fits well with Kanye’s style. Kanye and Kendrick have a nice give and take on this album as well a nice switch off flow here. This is by far my favorite song off this album and I can’t wait to bump this all summer.




I enjoyed this album a lot. There are a lot of good tracks and features on this album. The production is great as well. Kanye had a big hill to climb after that yeezus album, which I did not like at all. But I had a hard time picking only three songs to review off this album, there are lot that are interesting and good. The only draw back is that it’s only available on Tidal, for at least seven days. I’m already waiting for it to be on iTunes. Stream or buy it for 20 bucks off Tidal. The




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