iii- Miike Snow

Miike Snow released a great album titled iii, every song is pretty darn good. I wasn’t a big fan of their  album Animals, in fact, I only liked three songs out of that whole album. This album I like a lot more. After listening to this album, I’m excited to see them at Coachella this year. My three favorite tracks off this album are; “Back of the Car”, ” Heart is Full Remix ( feat. Run The Jewels)”, and “Over and Over”.

“Back of the Car”- I absolutely love the piano in this song, it sounds so nice and clean. I also love the chorus and when they switch the voice on the lyric “me” as well as the deep voice that says “Love-Pain”.  Flume and disclosure use that voice affect a lot and I always enjoy hearing it in their songs as well as anyone’s song.

“Heart is Full Remix (feat. Run The Jewels)-  What I enjoyed about this song is that it sounds like a hip-hop song with the back beat, alongside that Etta James sample. But I also enjoyed Miike snow singing on this chorus. However, I liked Run the jewels version of this song a lot better. Killer Mike and El-P both deliver some great verses on this track but I think I like Killer Mikes a little better. I think its because Killer Mike delivers it a little better than El-P, but El-P is just right there and almost delivers his verse just as good as Killer Mike does.

“Over and Over”- I like the guitar riff that is on the beat and at the very beginning of the song. The song it self sounds good and almost sounds like Fall Out Boy and Muse came together and made a track together. I don’t mind the thought of that idea and I love the results of it on this song! I also like the chorus as well, its catchy and thats always good. I like the dark feel the verses have but then lightens up a little leading into the chorus.

Miike Snow has delivered a good album just in time for their spot at Coachella 2016. I really hope Miike Snow doesn’t conflict with anyone on my Coachella set time schedule because they seem like a good live band but they are not on my must see list. Anyway, this album is a good album to listen to anytime, it has a lot of good tracks on here and doesn’t disappoint at all. If you enjoy Alternative music then you will enjoy this album, no doubt about it!




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