Coloring Book- Chance the Rapper

Chance released his first streaming mixtape on apple a few weeks ago titled Coloring Book.   It is absolutely great. I am so happy with this album and its follow up from Acid Rap. Chance is really changing it up and pushing himself to be a better artist everytime he puts out new music. I haven’t heard a hip-hop album this great since Life of Pablo. Chance moved into my Top 10 rappers out right now playlist, thats how good this album is. My Favorite songs are ” All We Got.” ” Juke Jam”, and ” Angels” 

“All We Got” – I immediately loved this song as soon as  I heard it. In fact, I couldn’t listen to the rest of the album because i was so stuck on this song. I loved chances lyrics and flow on this track, I wanted to belt it out everytime I heard it. I also liked Kanye’s little auto-tuned part on the track. Kanye’s part fit perfectly with the song as it flowed nicely alongside the beat. I loved that Chance used a choir from his city on the track as well.

“Juke Jam”- I liked this song  because its so mellow and I loved the R&B beat on this track. I like how versatile Chance can be. He can make a nice slow jam but can also deliver a great hip-hop verse. I believe Chance could have used Frank Ocean or Justin Timberlake instead of Justin Bieber, he sounds fine though. I just haven’t heard Frank Ocean in so long it would have been nice to have him on a track where he can stand out a bit more.

“Angels”-I liked how this song was so infectious to me. I loved the upbeat tempo and how good the bass sounded on here as well. I think Chance does a great job of stepping outside of the box with the flow and vibe of the whole song.

I really absolutely loved this album, its something special in my book. I honestly like it a lot more than Drakes new album. It pushes boundaries and it is completely different than what other rappers are doing right now. Its not about shooting people and getting money blah blah, this album has substance and is good for hip-hop. Do yourself a favor and go grab this mixtape. Its already making music history as we speak.




Views- Drake

Drake finally released his long awaited album, Views. I am very pleased with this album, as I enjoy every single track. I found a hard time narrowing it down to three tracks though. I think its a fantastic album, a bit underwhelming at times, but I still think its a great album. Its completely unfair in my opinion to compare this album to Take Care though. Take Care was great but I can’t see this new one at that same level yet. I am deeply saddened to say that this is not a classic album for drake, I can see that he is almost there though. Right now in my mind I think he is just toying around and perhaps next album he will make that classic album Ive been dying to hear. My favorite tracks off the album are “9”, ” Too Good”, and Fire & Desire”.

“9”- I absolutely love! LOVE! the back beat on here, it sounds like a sega genisis video game. Then out of nowhere it seems drake starts with a great verse that flows perfect alongside the beat. I also like the quote ” if they don’t have a story they will make one”. Calling out all the fake rappers who don’t claim what they say. It sounds so pleasing to my ears very time the one wavy beat comes in. I think this is my number 1 favorite song on the whole album actually.

“Too Good”- How can you not like a song with Drake and Rihanna? They have the best chemistry on tracks together, the only other person that is perfect with her is Eminem. But they compliment each on the track perfectly. I love the beat on here, it makes me want to start dancing and singing the song. I love when Drake says ” Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it. Let me see if this is something I can fix”. I also love Rihanna’s voice on here, it sounds so nice with the song and opposite of Drake’s.

“Fire & Desire”- One of the slower songs that is a nice R&B slow jam on here is one of my favorites. I love the sped up high pitched vocals on here. I also like the lyrics, especially when he says ” You a real ass woman and I like it”. I personally like that because I like when girls are real and upfront and thats what I got from that lyric. I also love the beat and its just a song you bump on a calm night or a drive home from work. Or even better a nice little bedroom slow jam haha ;).

I absolutely love this album, but sadly it is not a classic album. Drake didn’t choose to step out of his element too much on this album and its not changing the face of rap or hip-hop. Its not challenging other artists to step up their game. I see this as Drakes warm up to a mega hit album waiting in the wings. If you are sitting there and saying this is his best album or is album of the year you are sadly mistaken and just one of the many casual hip-hop fans. This album is a nice collection piece in his catalog of albums. It’s my third favorite Drake album, 1st is So Far Gone and 2nd is Take Care. This album is absolutely worth the download or stream. Go out an get it.