California- Blink 182

Blink-182 finally! FINALLY! released their newest album, California! First of all, WOW! It is a lot better than I expected it to be. The fact that Tom wanted the band to sound like something they’re not is enough reason to kick him out of the band. Yes, Tom isn’t on the album but Matt Skiba does a great job filling in for him and he doesn’t try to sound like Tom which is even better. I love Toms whiny vocals but I rather Matt sound like Matt. My favorite tracks off this album are “The Only Thing That Matters”, “San Diego”, and “She’s Out of Her Mind”.

“The Only Thing That Matters”- This is my top favorite off this whole album, it actually sounds like original blink! It would have fit perfect alongside their album Take Of Your Pants And Jacket. Matt Skibas cadence on his verse is my favorite part of this whole track other than how it sounds. They did a great job with this track, it sounds like what blink should be sounding like.

“San Diego”-  This song is a great song because it has the feel of blink-182’s stay together for the kids. It was revealed in a recent interview that this song is about Tom no longer being in the band, which is sad and good that they wrote about it. Its good that they did it this way instead of bashing him in a song which would be pretty child like. I do enjoy Matt skiba’s vocals singing “san Diegoooo” but I can’t help but wish Tom’s whiny voice was doing it. Sadly, Skiba does a fine job in his role as the new Tom.

“She’s Out of Her Mind”-  Another favorite song off the album, I like this because the beginning of the song sounds like their song “Mutt”. This song also has a similar sound to their other song “The Rock Show”. Its a great song to blast and sing at the top of your lungs to, just like a lot of their older stuff. It is another song that is proof that blink-182 is finally back in the right direction.

Blink-182’s new album isn’t over the top amazing, but its great! Its the blink-182 we have all be dying to hear from, not that stadium rock/angels and airwaves cousin we were forced to listen to for the last two albums ( Neighborhoods, Dogs Eating Dogs). This is the Blink-182 we all fell in love listening to growing up. Yes, Tom is out of the band and thats okay for now. Hopefully they can add Tom back into the band and also keep Matt as well because I think he provides a great dynamic for the band. This is a must buy, must listen to album.


Still Brazy- YG

YG, west coast native, finally released his sophomore album, Still Brazy. Although, there is no Dj mustard production on here, to my knowledge, I feel like if Mustard was on some of these tracks it would have made some a lot better. These tracks are great but the production could be a little bit better.Yg stepped up his storytelling ability on this album. He is really keeping his beats and sound very west coast and I LOVE that. My favorite tracks off this album are “Still Brazy”,”Why You Always Hating”, and ” Twist My Fingaz”.

“Still Brazy”- What I like about this song is the beat, it makes me nod my head as soon as it comes on. What’s also cool about this song is that it stands out with his lyricism; its more conscious than YG is used to being. Its refreshing to hear him evolve and go hard on a track. I also love the chorus, its really catchy and makes you want to bump the song really loud.

” Why You Always Hating”- I like this song because it sounds really good with a nice system and it bumps really hard in the car. I can see this song going off in a club, especially with  Drake on the track, you know its going to be a club banger. Whenever YG and Drake do a track together its always good and catchy.

“Twist My Fingaz” – This song’s beat sounds really similar to Without Me by Eminem and YG raps alongside it really well. I also like how he calls out the bloods in the industry and the fake rappers who claim they are bloods. This is an issue for him because they claim they’re bloods but they haven’t lived that life and are not repping it.

I liked this album! It was just as good as his first album. YG really stepped up his game here and I think the reason why people are comparing this album to kendrick’s GKMC is because of all of the little skits. It is completely opposite of Kendricks first album and Kendrick himself. They both are telling two different stories from the same place, which is interesting to hear and compare. I prefer Kendrick’s style, it’s a lot more conscious than YG’s and that’s perfect. I don’t like when other artist bite each others sound, there’s too much of that going on.Unknown