Sunlit Youth – Local Natives

Local natives finally released a new album! Surprising I know, it seems like its been forever since we have heard new music from them. The new album is titled Sunlit Youth, a pretty indie title for an album that could be a good name for an indie rock band as well. The album is great and what you would want to hear from Local natives, and if you haven’t heard of them this a great album to get familiar with. My favorite three songs are “Dark Days”, “Villainy”, and “Past Lives”. There are a lot of great songs on here, but these are the ones that have caught my ear.

“Dark Days”- Contrary to the title it doesn’t sound dark at all, it was very sunny in my opinion. As soon as the song hit my earphones I immediately pictured a sunny afternoon on a nice beach. I also like the mellow vibe the song has, like most of their songs. I really also enjoyed whoever the female vocalist was on on this track as well. Her voice is soothing and sweet to the ears and gets your head nodding to the beat.

“Villainy”- What I first noticed on this was the echo on the lead vocals, and I thought this was a great touch. I could see this song being a big hit on the radio, especially because of the shout out to LA. The song itself just has that radio single vibe to it too, because it has that cookie cutter indie sound to it. When I first heard this song’s beat It felt like I had already heard this song already. Listening to a lot of music will do that to you, though.

“Past Lives” – This song is a good track because I like the breakdowns in it. It is nice to hear a guitar riff every once in awhile among all these indie bands. This song sounds like if it was a mix between their first album and their second album. This isn’t a bad thing because I absolutely love both of those albums, so it is nice to see them mix songs like this into their latest release.

I am really happy with this album. It also makes me hope that they are at Coachella this year too. They played two years ago and their set was so great and captivating. I would love to see all of these songs live as I think they would do well with large festival crowds. The album itself is a nice segway from Hummingbird their last album, which was deemed amazing among critics. If you enjoy indie rock and love music to cruise to then you will love this album a lot .



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