They Don’t Know- Jason Aldean

One of my favorite country artists released a new album titled They Don’t Know. There has not been one single Jason Aldean album that I have hated. I think he offers so much to country music and makes it sound so great. Every guitar riff and every drum beat offer a great country experience to any country fan. My favorite songs off this album are “All Out of Beer”, “Lights Come On”, and “Coming in Hot”.

” All out of Beer”- I like this song because It tells us of a predicament of this girl seems to be only using Jason. Not letting him move on from her, he wants her to desperately to find a new guy to bother. All out of Beer could be a reference to all out of hope or love in his life, and she looks just so good to him. The lyrics are catchy and will get your head nodding, like a fool who’s all out of beer haha!

“Lights Come On” – A nice edgy guitar riff to start the song off and then hits you with those drums to get you ready. The Country rock vibes are strong as the song progresses, this song will be one of those songs that are so great to see live. This is a song I can see being played at a country bar, on a Friday night.  I Also like that it just seems like a very fun, good time having country song.

“Coming In Hot”-  The beginning of this song is similar to many country songs, but as the song goes on it changes up a little bit. I like this song because I am definitely turning this song all the way up and singing to the top of my lungs when I am headed home to see my girlfriend. I also enjoy the fact that you can easily sing along to this song and it’s not hard to catch on to the meaning.

I love this album! Jason Aldean does it again, not one of these songs was bad. Jason is absolutely In the top 5 of best new country artist out right now. Every time he makes an album he gives us hits after hits. His voice sounds so good alongside those twangy riffs that fill your speakers and reach your ears.  Also, I thought it was pretty clever to start off with the album with the track “Lights Come On” and end with the track called ” When The Lights Go Out”. Buy this album if you are a big fan of country music.



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