Sunlit Youth – Local Natives

Local natives finally released a new album! Surprising I know, it seems like its been forever since we have heard new music from them. The new album is titled Sunlit Youth, a pretty indie title for an album that could be a good name for an indie rock band as well. The album is great and what you would want to hear from Local natives, and if you haven’t heard of them this a great album to get familiar with. My favorite three songs are “Dark Days”, “Villainy”, and “Past Lives”. There are a lot of great songs on here, but these are the ones that have caught my ear.

“Dark Days”- Contrary to the title it doesn’t sound dark at all, it was very sunny in my opinion. As soon as the song hit my earphones I immediately pictured a sunny afternoon on a nice beach. I also like the mellow vibe the song has, like most of their songs. I really also enjoyed whoever the female vocalist was on on this track as well. Her voice is soothing and sweet to the ears and gets your head nodding to the beat.

“Villainy”- What I first noticed on this was the echo on the lead vocals, and I thought this was a great touch. I could see this song being a big hit on the radio, especially because of the shout out to LA. The song itself just has that radio single vibe to it too, because it has that cookie cutter indie sound to it. When I first heard this song’s beat It felt like I had already heard this song already. Listening to a lot of music will do that to you, though.

“Past Lives” – This song is a good track because I like the breakdowns in it. It is nice to hear a guitar riff every once in awhile among all these indie bands. This song sounds like if it was a mix between their first album and their second album. This isn’t a bad thing because I absolutely love both of those albums, so it is nice to see them mix songs like this into their latest release.

I am really happy with this album. It also makes me hope that they are at Coachella this year too. They played two years ago and their set was so great and captivating. I would love to see all of these songs live as I think they would do well with large festival crowds. The album itself is a nice segway from Hummingbird their last album, which was deemed amazing among critics. If you enjoy indie rock and love music to cruise to then you will love this album a lot .



California- Blink 182

Blink-182 finally! FINALLY! released their newest album, California! First of all, WOW! It is a lot better than I expected it to be. The fact that Tom wanted the band to sound like something they’re not is enough reason to kick him out of the band. Yes, Tom isn’t on the album but Matt Skiba does a great job filling in for him and he doesn’t try to sound like Tom which is even better. I love Toms whiny vocals but I rather Matt sound like Matt. My favorite tracks off this album are “The Only Thing That Matters”, “San Diego”, and “She’s Out of Her Mind”.

“The Only Thing That Matters”- This is my top favorite off this whole album, it actually sounds like original blink! It would have fit perfect alongside their album Take Of Your Pants And Jacket. Matt Skibas cadence on his verse is my favorite part of this whole track other than how it sounds. They did a great job with this track, it sounds like what blink should be sounding like.

“San Diego”-  This song is a great song because it has the feel of blink-182’s stay together for the kids. It was revealed in a recent interview that this song is about Tom no longer being in the band, which is sad and good that they wrote about it. Its good that they did it this way instead of bashing him in a song which would be pretty child like. I do enjoy Matt skiba’s vocals singing “san Diegoooo” but I can’t help but wish Tom’s whiny voice was doing it. Sadly, Skiba does a fine job in his role as the new Tom.

“She’s Out of Her Mind”-  Another favorite song off the album, I like this because the beginning of the song sounds like their song “Mutt”. This song also has a similar sound to their other song “The Rock Show”. Its a great song to blast and sing at the top of your lungs to, just like a lot of their older stuff. It is another song that is proof that blink-182 is finally back in the right direction.

Blink-182’s new album isn’t over the top amazing, but its great! Its the blink-182 we have all be dying to hear from, not that stadium rock/angels and airwaves cousin we were forced to listen to for the last two albums ( Neighborhoods, Dogs Eating Dogs). This is the Blink-182 we all fell in love listening to growing up. Yes, Tom is out of the band and thats okay for now. Hopefully they can add Tom back into the band and also keep Matt as well because I think he provides a great dynamic for the band. This is a must buy, must listen to album.

iii- Miike Snow

Miike Snow released a great album titled iii, every song is pretty darn good. I wasn’t a big fan of their  album Animals, in fact, I only liked three songs out of that whole album. This album I like a lot more. After listening to this album, I’m excited to see them at Coachella this year. My three favorite tracks off this album are; “Back of the Car”, ” Heart is Full Remix ( feat. Run The Jewels)”, and “Over and Over”.

“Back of the Car”- I absolutely love the piano in this song, it sounds so nice and clean. I also love the chorus and when they switch the voice on the lyric “me” as well as the deep voice that says “Love-Pain”.  Flume and disclosure use that voice affect a lot and I always enjoy hearing it in their songs as well as anyone’s song.

“Heart is Full Remix (feat. Run The Jewels)-  What I enjoyed about this song is that it sounds like a hip-hop song with the back beat, alongside that Etta James sample. But I also enjoyed Miike snow singing on this chorus. However, I liked Run the jewels version of this song a lot better. Killer Mike and El-P both deliver some great verses on this track but I think I like Killer Mikes a little better. I think its because Killer Mike delivers it a little better than El-P, but El-P is just right there and almost delivers his verse just as good as Killer Mike does.

“Over and Over”- I like the guitar riff that is on the beat and at the very beginning of the song. The song it self sounds good and almost sounds like Fall Out Boy and Muse came together and made a track together. I don’t mind the thought of that idea and I love the results of it on this song! I also like the chorus as well, its catchy and thats always good. I like the dark feel the verses have but then lightens up a little leading into the chorus.

Miike Snow has delivered a good album just in time for their spot at Coachella 2016. I really hope Miike Snow doesn’t conflict with anyone on my Coachella set time schedule because they seem like a good live band but they are not on my must see list. Anyway, this album is a good album to listen to anytime, it has a lot of good tracks on here and doesn’t disappoint at all. If you enjoy Alternative music then you will enjoy this album, no doubt about it!



Blurryface- Twenty-One Pilots

Twenty-One Pilots released their latest album Blurryface.  It has been out for quite a bit now and I have been meaning to get around to reviewing it. In fact my girlfriend has been saying that it’s really good as well. I must admit though, it is pretty good! I love the fact that this album has a lot of different styles of songs on this album. This is my first time actually putting the time into listening to Twenty-One Pilots. My favorite songs off this album are “Ride”, “Doubt”, and ” Stressed Out”.



“Ride” I liked this song a lot because it sounded so reggae. I really liked their lyrics on this song; as well I liked the reggae beat on this as well. It was a nice surprise to hear this kind of style on this album. This is a great song for summer or a ride to the beach to relax to.


“Doubt” – I liked this song because it has a mixture of rock and rap feel to it. I also really love the chorus that goes ” Don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me, don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me. Even when I doubt you I’m no good without you, no, no”. It just sounds really pleasing to the ears. Also the electric backbeat in the chorus because it sounds so great; also I love the slow piano to begin the last verse.


“Stressed Out” – This radio hit single caught my ear right away. I liked the lyrics because they are very relatable as well the beat is on point. As well I like his flow on this beat its right on top of it and not beside it. He does a great job keeping a consistent flow with his raps.


I was really behind on this album, and it wasn’t until my girlfriend told me about them. I regret not listening to them before, but I am sure glad that I got them on my radar. They portray a great blend of Alternative Reggae, Rap, and Indie music together. All of those jam packed into one album isn’t easy to achieve. Not only that, it is not easy to achieve it and make it sound really good. I highly recommend this album to anyone; it has a lot of really good songs and does deserve the praise it was getting when it first was released.



Wild- Troye Sivan

It’s nice to see an unknown artist I actually like from my discovery playlist get some attention. As well I had no idea that this guy was a YouTube sensation as well. Also most recently Taylor Swift gave a big shout out to Troye Sivan’s title track Wild on her Instagram. Now since their little twitter interaction he is blowing up fairly quick I would say. Though his first album Wild is only six songs, they are six really great songs. I can easily see Troye Sivan being an opening act for Coachella and Outside Lands in 2016. My favorite songs off this album are “Wild”, “DKLA”, and “Ease”.

“Wild” – The self-titled track is one of my top favorites. Its my top favorite not because Taylor swift gave it a shout out, but because it screams beach music and good vibes. Its sunny melody makes you feel good and makes you want to sing out loud in an instant.

“DKLA”- The song starts slow and melodic, almost soothing. I like beat of this one and how it almost sounds like an Edm song done by disclosure. This song is pretty relaxing and nice to put on a comfy night in when you just want to sit in and relax. I love the Tkay Maidza feature she adds a nice touch to the track as well.

“Ease” This track is my last top favorite, I like the broods feature a lot on this track. As well I like the backbeat that goes along with the lyrics. The song itself flows very well and is very pleasing to the ears. Its nice switch up from the music that is out right now.

I am really hoping that Troye Sivan makes it to Coachella this year. It would be a nice little opening act worth catching this year. This album is worth the listen; Troye Sivan is an artist you should keep on your radar. I can see this guy blowing up all over the radio very very soon, do not miss out on some great music right here.


Four Pink Walls- Alessia Cara

This beautiful singer ended up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify about a few weeks ago. Now I see she released a mini album laced with four tracks on it. I can really see this girl playing at Coachella 2016 this year as a minor act early in the day. When I first heard this album I wasn’t too thrilled on all the songs, but after a second listen they are all starting to grow on me. My favorite tracks on this album are “Here” and “Outlaws’. Only doing two track reviews on this short album.

“Here”- I love this track because It has almost a 90s vibe to it, I don’t know what it is but I like it. I love the piano parts in the background. I love as well the picture she is painting with the lyrics in this song too. Here voice flows really well as she sings and starts to rap a bit on this track.

“Outlaws”- I liked this track because at first it sounded like a video game but then transitioned into a different type of beat almost like an Oldie beat. The beat sounds like oldie music meets today’s music, it sounds perfect to be honest. I as well like the lyrics too, favorite lyric off this song is ” ill be Bonnie and you’ll be Clyde”. It fits perfect with the title of the track and she sounds very sweet singing it.

I liked the rest of two songs off this album, but these two really caught my ear. I have some high hopes for this artist; I really hope she does some features with some Dj’s like Calvin Harris, and Kygo. As well I would love to see her do some tracks with some Hip/hop artist like Drake, and Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj. I look forwarded to seeing her on the Coachella Line up in 2016 this year.

Trust Fall ( Side A) – Incubus

Finally! FINALLY! Incubus released their new Ep Trust Fall (Side A)! Incubus is by far one of my favorite bands ever. When I got the e-mail Monday night that my pre-order for the album was ready, I couldn’t have been more excited! I didn’t have any money to download it though, but luckily a friend reminded it me that it was on spotify! I listened to this album for most of the day yesterday. It’s only four songs but every one of them is great! As well since its only four songs I actually get to review each one! But I will say that my absolute favorite song off this Ep is ” Make Out Party”. I will go in order of which songs I like the most.

“Make Out Party”. This is my absolute favorite song; I love the heavy bass on this song as well. As well Brandon does his high-pitched singing on here, which sounds perfect alongside the drums and the bass. The lyrics on the song are pretty good as well, this song reminds me of “Here In My Room” off of A Crow Left Of The Murder. I listened to this song more than any other song off this Ep. It has those explicit lyrics that aren’t as hidden in “Here In My Room”.

“Trust Fall”. The self-title track off this Ep is really neat. I like how in the beginning its all quite and then Brandon sings quietly “Its only a trust fall”, and then comes in the sound. The drums leading up to the choruses are pretty great to. I like the ending of this song as well, where Brandon starts saying this poem.It’s a perfect ending to the song in my opinion.

“Dancing Like You’re Dumb” I like the guitar riffs and upbeat tempo on this song a lot. I like it because its like right in the middle of new incubus and old incubus sounds. The beginning of the song is pretty cool with the 1950’s little snippet about doing drugs. I just like this one because it’s different and is just it has a lot more of that rock feel to it.

“Absolution Calling” When I first heard the intro to this song I didn’t like it at all, but then I heard the rest of the whole song all together and I was impressed. I really like the chorus of the song because when you hear him say “are you there?” It reminds me of “are you in” chorus. Yes I know similar first two words. Regardless this song is still really good and I was glad this was one of the singles off the album because it did draw me into this new Ep.

This Ep is absolutely great; if you are a big Incubus fan like I am then you will love this album. Each song is great and I am glad I didn’t just have to pick only three songs off this Ep. It has you wanting more songs after hearing the four songs. There really isn’t any Incubus album or Ep that has been released that I did not like. I love that they continue to grow as a band and grow musically too; it really does keep things interesting. I just can’t wait till the second half of the album to be released! Anyway great album go buy it, it’s pretty cheap.


Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons released their third studio album Wilder Mind early this week, and it’s pretty great. I know many people have had their concerns with them ditching the banjo and going completely to electronic stuff and such. But that’s okay in my opinion, every band and artist has to evolve and experiment. Its good to see growth and the potential that a band might have, my best example of this is Taylor swift. She went from country to pop country to straight pop, excelling in every way. Anyway back to Mumford. This album is great it’s just different. Once you really listen to it and digest it, the lyrics and the sounds created from each song are great. My favorite songs are Believe, The Wolf, and Only Love.

“Believe” is a great song and I believe their first single off the album. When I hear this song I just think of it as a night song and I see LA at night and traffic speeding on the freeway. It’s a calming song almost in a way to me. It’s easy on the ears at first then picks up a bit, but still remains easy on the ears. The lyrics are great to me because they actually make me want to sing out loud. As well the absent of the banjo here to me is forgotten because I enjoy this song with an electric guitar and not a banjo. I honestly can’t even picture a banjo here in this song.

The Wolf is more of an upbeat song that stood out to me on this album. It stood out to me because it was so louder and not soft like most of the songs on the album. I really like the bass and drums on the track as well because the sound perfect together.

Only Love is my last favorite song. What I love about this song is how for half the track it starts slow and the picks up at 2:50 to more of the upbeat sound you hear in the track “The Wolf”. As well I do enjoy the lyrics “Didn’t they say that only love will win in the end”. It’s also pretty neat that the song is four minutes long and there are only two verses.

This album is great; it’s great IF you give it a chance. You can’t come into this album with the notion it’s going to suck without the twang and folk and banjo. If you come into this album with an open mind and a willingness to experience a different sound they you just might like this album. Everybody so far that has listened to this album that I know including myself love this album. So people hate change so they criticize it to the extreme. I read an article about how bad this album two months before it came out. The article was all wrong, yes it’s different but it’s a good different and I hope you enjoy the album as much as I did.


Smoke + Mirrors – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have released their sophomore album “Smoke + Mirrors”. Without any break out hits from the album it seems that this album crept up on me. I personally think Imagine Dragons is a great band but they aren’t super amazing in my opinion. It’s not like the first time I heard someone like Alt- J for the first time in the past 2 years. I will say this though, they are one of the few bands that have come out for in recent years that are actually talented and that have staying power. I find that I like this album a lot better than their debut album “Night Visions”. The best tracks in my opinion are “Dream”, “The Fall”, “I Bet My Life”.

“Dream” has one my favorite things added to tracks, and that is a nice piano. I love the introduction and build up in the song, the lyrics are great and add perfectly to the title of the track. It gives you that feel of a dream, something could fill your dreams at night. The chorus like many of their tracks is very catchy and very sing out loud worthy. I love how the build up to the chorus adds the violin along side the drum that come in as well. This is a beautiful and almost ominous track.

“The Fall” has disney-esq introduction that you might find in the end of a Disney movie. It is perfectly positioned towards the end. Ending the album with what sounds like a breakup song, or even a song about fall. But sounds like he’s ready for failure, I don’t know but it all sounds good to me. The sound on it sounds really nice as well. It all ends perfectly with a nice build up to a slow fade out.

“I Bet My Life” The only single by them that actually caught my ear. Its full of fist pumping angst, and guitar riffs. It’s got a strong emotional feel to it; it makes you like I said before want to sing out loud. Its got a good feel to it, it almost sounds like a Mumford and Sons song as well.

Imagine Dragons caught fire last year and have simmered down a bit here, but they are sparking more and more with the release of their latest album. It is a nicely put together album and I like it 10x more than their debut album. I found it hard to pick three songs to write about because they have a lot of interesting tracks on here that are worthy of picking about and talking about. It’s also an emotionally charged album full of bursts and downs. Anyway it’s on Spotify but if you are interested in supporting the band please go buy it on iTunes as well!


Everything Will Be Alright In The End- Weezer

It has been 4 years since Weezer has released a new album; their latest is titled “Everything Will Be Alright In The End”. It is a pretty good album if there wasn’t certain tracks on it, I do like how the are sounding like they did when they first started out though. There are a few tracks I would suggest get rid of to make it a better album. Get rid of “Da Vincii”, “Cleopatra”, and “The British Are Coming”. These are the three tracks that just turned me off from the album. They turned me off because they were just so childish almost. Anyway my favorite songs from the album are “Ain’t got Nobody”, “Back To The Shack”, and “Lonely Girl”.

“Aint Got Nobody” comes in with some nice guitar riffs after their little intro. It has a good feel to it, reassuring Weezer is back with a new album. It had me smiling through the whole track, and I knew this would be a good album. Just from this song it had the melody of a typical Weezer song from back in 1994 like it was from the blue album or even from Pinkerton.

“Back To Shack” was a different feel to it; it almost has the same melody from their song “Beverly Hills”. I love that song and I love this song, just it sounds almost kind of similar to me. It’s a good song, where they apologize to their fans for straying away from their original sound.

“Lonely Girl” again is just a typical Weezer song, like it should be on a B-side to Pinkerton. It’s songs like these that should be on the album of a Weezer album. It has it positive guitar riffs; it makes you want to sing right alongside it.

Weezer has delivered its fans a pretty good album. It just needs a little bit of fine-tuning, getting rid of the songs I mentioned previously. I really think they are on the right track to making albums like the blue album and Pinkerton, if they make songs like “Ain’t Got Nobody”. If they continue making albums like this with songs filled with similar sounds of Pinkerton and such, then they should be fine. Also they will be able to keep their core fans and maybe even attract new fans.


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