They Don’t Know- Jason Aldean

One of my favorite country artists released a new album titled They Don’t Know. There has not been one single Jason Aldean album that I have hated. I think he offers so much to country music and makes it sound so great. Every guitar riff and every drum beat offer a great country experience to any country fan. My favorite songs off this album are “All Out of Beer”, “Lights Come On”, and “Coming in Hot”.

” All out of Beer”- I like this song because It tells us of a predicament of this girl seems to be only using Jason. Not letting him move on from her, he wants her to desperately to find a new guy to bother. All out of Beer could be a reference to all out of hope or love in his life, and she looks just so good to him. The lyrics are catchy and will get your head nodding, like a fool who’s all out of beer haha!

“Lights Come On” – A nice edgy guitar riff to start the song off and then hits you with those drums to get you ready. The Country rock vibes are strong as the song progresses, this song will be one of those songs that are so great to see live. This is a song I can see being played at a country bar, on a Friday night.  I Also like that it just seems like a very fun, good time having country song.

“Coming In Hot”-  The beginning of this song is similar to many country songs, but as the song goes on it changes up a little bit. I like this song because I am definitely turning this song all the way up and singing to the top of my lungs when I am headed home to see my girlfriend. I also enjoy the fact that you can easily sing along to this song and it’s not hard to catch on to the meaning.

I love this album! Jason Aldean does it again, not one of these songs was bad. Jason is absolutely In the top 5 of best new country artist out right now. Every time he makes an album he gives us hits after hits. His voice sounds so good alongside those twangy riffs that fill your speakers and reach your ears.  Also, I thought it was pretty clever to start off with the album with the track “Lights Come On” and end with the track called ” When The Lights Go Out”. Buy this album if you are a big fan of country music.



Tangled Up – Thomas Rhett

Finally Thomas Rhett released his sophomore album Tangled Up. I found this amazing country artist before he blew up, and I am so glad I found his first album. I reviewed his first album and absolutely loved it and it made me fall in love with country more and more after each listen. I happy to say this album did the exact same thing! Every song on this album is different and has great lyrics and great vibes. My favorite songs off this album are “T-shirt”, “I Feel Good”, and “Tangled Up”.

“T-Shirt”- I liked this song as soon as I heard it, Its a nice little country love song. Like most of the songs on here it’s really country and yes I sing this out loud to the top of my lungs in my car. It’s a good song to blast with the windows down.

“I Feel Good”- The beat on this track is nice and makes you want to start dancing. I really love the good vibes feelings on this song, and the track is nice and relaxing. I also like the Rap feature on this track too. It’s an interesting combination to hear Rap and Country, I wouldn’t mind hearing that catch on.

“Tangled Up”- Apparently this is a big radio hit, but I don’t really listen to the radio to know this. But I really do enjoy this song. It’s pretty nice and has a good vibe, as it is another nice little Country love song. It’s easy to remember and easy to get stuck in your head, so it is the perfect radio single.

This is an amazing follow up album to his first one. I loved a lot of the tracks on here, and I don’t think there are any tracks on here that I would take off or skip. I really like his upbeat style as well as the good vibes and beachy feeling I get when I hear his music. I really enjoyed this album a lot and I am glad it was such a good follow up from his first album!  I can’t wait to see what else he can do!


This is an amazing follow up album to his first one. I loved a lot of the tracks on here, and I don’t think there are any tracks on here that I would take off or skip. I really like his upbeat style as well as the good vibes and beachy feeling I get when I hear his music. I really enjoyed this album a lot and I am glad it was such a good follow up from his first album!  I can’t wait to see what else he can do!

Kill The Lights – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan snuck by me and dropped a great country album titled Kill The Lights. I had no idea that Luke Bryan was releasing a new album so soon! There are some great tracks on this album and some not so great tracks on this album. My favorite songs off this album are ” Home Alone Tonight”, “Move”, and ” Kick The Dust Up.”. The only song I didn’t like on this album is “Scarecrows”; it just didn’t sound as good as all the other songs that are on this album. “Strip it Down”, “Love It Gone,” and ” Just Over” these songs are three others that deserve a listen but don’t have a review breakdown.

“Home Alone Tonight” I like this track because it is the only song on here with a feature. As well both Karen Fairchild and Luke Bryan sound perfect alongside each other on this track. I love the beginning of this song how they switch off with the vocals. This song has that sing out loud feature to it where you can sing this at the top of your lungs.

“Move” This song caught me because its one of those fast paced country songs. I also liked the storytelling factor that Luke added to this track. This song is perfect for a Friday night and I can see a country bar bumping this song. I also loved the guitar riffs in this track as well as the guitar solo.

“Kick The Dust Up” This is for sure going to be playing at a country bar. This song is a perfect boot stomping song; I can see people dancing to this song easily. I also like the bridge that leads to the chorus of this song. The beat that goes alongside the chorus is pretty neat as well and is something different that I like to hear alongside Luke Bryan’s voice. This song makes me want to get some cowboy boots and learn how to do those two stepping moves.

This is a great surprise album for me; I have been slacking on my country music lately. Thank goodness Luke Bryan saved my country music drought with a new album though! This whole album has a great feel to it; a lot of songs on here are really good. There hasn’t been a Luke Bryan album that I didn’t like and thank goodness this isn’t the first! This is a solid


Jekyll + Hyde – Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band released a new album last week titled Jekyll + Hyde . Listening to it, and it is all pretty good. It’s the first Zac Brown Band album I listened all the way through actually. It has that summer feeling to it to me. There are a lot of upbeat songs and a few songs that more heavy set songs as well, it has a nice balance in my opinion. My favorite songs are “Loving You Is Easy”, “Homegrown”, and “Heavy Is the Head”

“Loving You Is Easy” this song made me smile a little bit, it is a sweet song to play on a sunny day. It gives off good vibes all through the song, and makes you want to sing it out loud. It’s a cute little love song that is short and easy to sing out loud when you are driving down the road with the windows rolled down.

“Homegrown” kind of reminds me of “Sweet Home Alabama” it just has the feel to it where you sing it out loud when the chorus comes on. Another good vibes song that you just can’t help singing along to. The beat is nice and very country, and I love the way it sounds.

“Heavy Is The Head.” this song is more rock orientated then what I personally have heard from them. To me it almost has that Black Sabbath feel to it. After listening to this I went and listened to Iron man, but it has those nice guitar riffs that made me think of Iron man. It’s a song that’s perfect for a gym playlist, it gets you motivated that’s for sure.

Zac Brown Band’s new album is really good, I enjoyed every song all the way through. Even though there was like one or two songs that were too country for me, though the majority of the album is great. It’s a good album for any returning fan of them, and it’s a good album for new listeners of Zac Brown Band.


Love Story- Yelawolf

Yelawolf finally released his sophomore album Love Story. It been a long time he released a studio album, he has released many mixtape in between and they were all great. You could slowly see the evolution of his style from his first album to this album. This album is different because its got some country rock, folkish feel to it. Yelawolf really comes into his own and finds his own lane here. As well I am really enjoying this blend of country rock rap thing he has going on. My favorite songs from this album are “Best Friend Feat: Eminem”, “Love Story”, and “American You”.

“Best Friend” is slow, and almost ominous when it first starts out. It’s got a nice piano in the background, and Yelawolf raps slow along side the beat very well. The lyrics are great talking about his “best friend” whom I am only assuming is God. It’s all great and then Eminem comes in with am amazing tangent. Eminem spits a great verse; Eminem always delivers a good verse. He comes into the verse with vengeance, and kills the track.

“Love Story” has Yela singing to start the track off, and then an electric beat can be heard in the background. It almost sounds like a pump up track, and then as he ends singing he comes in rapping, as he is ready to prove something. The beat is cool with the piano and the electric sound, the both sound nice together. Easily this song caught my ear, because it’s so easy to nod your head along to it and to the beat.

“American You” sounds like a straight country rock song, and it is awesome. I just need a truck and an American flag painted on the back to fit in driving down the freeway blasting this song. Its a great song, its got a good vibe and its really catchy. Its a nice switch up from rap and it shows Yelawolf’s versatility very well, I didn’t know he could sing that good! Also Travis barker on those drums sound pretty nice to me!

This album is great it’s pretty underrated in my opinion. Yelawolf though has always been highly underrated to me in my honest opinion. He has many great tracks on here that are easy to vibe to; he has both folk/country rock and rap songs on here. He has both of these songs to appease fans that want to hear his “hood” songs and he has songs that will attract new fans. This album is worth the listen that is for sure.


Old Boots, New Dirt- Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean released his new album Old Boots, New Dirt, last week. It has taken me a few days to get this album into my musical diet, and I am sorry it took me so long! Jason never disappoints, for me at least. His albums he has released have all been pretty consistently good, which is rare for me with country artists. Old Boots, New Dirty has the same Jason Aldean feel that you want to feel on an album, but it also has some of this new wave country on here too. My favorite songs off the album are: “Show You Off”, “Laid Back”, and “Burning It Down”. There’s so many good songs on this album it was really difficult to pick just three!

“Show You Off” is good country song about girl. Where he wants to show off his lady, I mean I know I have been there. It’s a good song that caught my ear, with its catchy lyrics. It has some nice guitar riffs too that also are a nice fit. It just stands out as a feel good track to me, I don’t know why but it just does.

“Laid Back” is a kick back cruising song, that you going to want to jam while your heading down the road or the freeway. At the beginning for a split second, the guitar riff sounded like it was about to be a Weezer song. Then the twang kicked in and I was knocked back to that country feel. The chorus is super catchy it had my head nodding.

“Burning it down”, one of the first singles I heard from this album and I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t Impressed at first, but then it started to grow on me. What really bugged me was the begging sounds kind of techno’ish. But what I do like is the slowness feel that it has to it, or what I call night music. I love some slow country sometimes, especially for night drives home when I get off from work or just for the ride home.

Jason Aldean like I said before never disappoints. This album is great, it was everything I wanted it to be, and it didn’t just have two tracks that I liked. It had my ear captivated the way through the album; I could listen to this album for days. I really hope Jason, keeps it up with his music, which he seems to be able to do looking at his past albums. It would be pretty cool if he did a secret show at a local country bar (Borderline please!), but highly unlikely. Anyway country fans will enjoy this album, it has something for each type of country fan and every type of country feel you want.


I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

At last Lee brice released his new sophomore album I Don’t Dance. This is probably the first country album I was extremely eager to get released, and when I saw it pop up on the new release page on spotify I was more than excited to listen it. I quickly made a playlist of the album and shut down spotify while my class began to start this morning. As soon as my day was over at school I hopped in my car and cranked the album up and started driving. It didn’t disappoint I’ll tell you that, Lee brice was able to give every kind of fan of his what they wanted to hear. With ballads, and auto tune, and even pop country all packed into one album. It’s hard for me to pick only three songs on here that I like, but my favorite three is I Don’t Dance, Sirens, and Girls In Bikinis.

I Don’t Dance the title track and the first single is my favorite. It has a nice beat to begin with and the lyrics are simple and catchy. The song its self he wrote for his first dance with his wife on their wedding day. It wasn’t even supposed to be on his new album, and I think that’s pretty neat that he added it.

Sirens is a slow song that begins with Lee brice whispering the lyrics and then picks up and tells a story of a Woman hitchhiker who’s on the run from the law. It captures you once it starts to pick up, it has wanting to know more and more. Once the chorus comes in though you will for sure be singing alongside the lee Brice with that catchy chorus.

Girls in Bikinis is a pop country song for sure, it has nice loops on it. When it first came out I had mixed feelings about it, and wasn’t sure if I liked it at all. But I kept playing it on one of my other playlists and it finally grew on me. Its catchy as well I sometimes catch myself singing it at work, while I’m stocking shelves or pushing carts.

Lee Brice did a good job on his sophomore album; it has a little bit of everything that country music today has to offer. Its a good country album for any country lover, there are a lot of good songs on here and maybe one or two that I could skip on. I might actually have to go out and buy the physical copy, just cause I would like to have it in my car so if I have low battery on my iPhone I can fall back onto that awesome CD. It’s definitely worth the listen all the way through, even a repeat album. You don’t HAVE to buy it but I recommend it or at least get it on Spotify.

Where It All Began – Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay released their album Where it All Began a few days ago. I have been waiting for this country album ever since I heard their first single “19 You + Me”. This album is really good, a great country album, I am very impressed. I thought for sure I would only like just the singles off this album. It turns out that I love every single off this album. It’s a 12-song album, with 3 acoustic songs making it a 15-song album. I really enjoy the acoustic sound to almost any song, I mean who doesn’t right? If I had to pick my favorite songs It would be “19 You + Me”, “Somewhere Only We Know”, and “I Heard Goodbye.”

“19 You + Me” the first single from the duo, was a great hit to start with. I loved this song as soon as it came on the Spotify radio. It has that spring/summer feel to it, that summer love feel as well. Most likely because they paint that picture for you to feel, with the lyrics ” Summer 19 you and me”. It’s a great song all together.

“Somewhere Only We Know” is a nice song as well. I liked how they sing it real fast in the beginning of the song then slow down then kind of speed up. The lyrics are about a girl of course what country song wouldn’t be complete with out that!

“I Heard Goodbye” a sad breakup song, its over a nice slow piano and I think I hear a violin as well. I love when albums have variety in their albums and variety in their lyrics as well.

Dan + Shay have made a great album. Like one of my friends had mentioned they kind of got a modern Rascal Flatts sound. Which is okay but lets not go sounding completely like them, they have a good sound to them right now in this album. I can’t wait to hear more from them, lets hope they come out with more music soon


Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever. – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan released a spring break mini album or Ep on the 7th of March. I didn’t know till about 3 days before so I was super stoked that it was close. It’s a great country spring break album, each song I think fits perfectly for that spring break feeling he was trying to capture. The only song I do not like is The Sand That I Brought To The Beach. I just was not feeling it at all; I think Luke could have gone with a better song than that personally. But each song I love its hard to pick the favorites when its such an short album. Though I have been listening to Night One and Good Look’n Girl a lot more than the others. Both are little love country love songs. Plus I love all the songs this is a definitely a must buy for country lovers and for spring break lovers. Great job by Luke Bryan, now give me a full album!


Cole Swindell- Cole Swindell

Another country review, This one from a new country singer by the name of Cole Swindell. The album named after himself guess he couldn’t think of a title. Anyhow the 12 track country album actually surprised me, i liked about 80% of the album which isn’t the case for me for country albums. My least two favorite songs are Dozen roses and a six pack, and The Back Roads & The Back Row. they lyrics and the beat just don’t do it for me, its just a country feel that i do not like at all. The rest of the album is great my 3 favorite songs are Chillin’it, Let Me See Ya Girl, and Down Home Boys. Not to say that the other songs are bad, just these are the key songs i think anyone would like even if you weren’t that big of a county fan. If you are not that big of a country fan you will most likely get one of these songs stuck in your head, which isn’t so bad! Its a good album all in all, any country fan would like it. I hope Cole makes another good album like this and doesn’t fall into the sophomore slump, only time can tell!