Peace Is The Mission- Major Lazer

MAJOR LAZER!!! Finally Major Lazer released a new album! The new album Peace Is The Mission was released a while ago now, and I have just been really lazy about writing a review on it. This album is great all the way through from beginning to end. I love this album a lot, and I love the Cartoon that premiers on FXX as well. Most of these songs I heard on the show and was dying to get a hold of them. Now that I have them I can’t stop listening to them! My favorite songs are “Powerful”, “Lean On”, and “Night Riders”.

“Powerful” when I first heard this song On Major Lazer on FXX I fell in love. It was the song the episode titled ” Vampire Weekend”. When I heard this song it had the lead singer from the band Vampire weekend on it and not Tarrus. But Tarrus Riley does a great job on the song too. This song has Ellie Goulding singing for most of the track, and she does a great job. The beat and the lyrics are so good on this track. It’s an addicting song that you can’t stop listening; I can see this being a summer anthem of 2015.

“Lean On” is the first song I heard from this album. After one listen I couldn’t stop listening to it, I may have burned out on this song but I keep coming back to it because it’s such a chill and fun song to listen to. It’s a great song to listen to on the way to the beach or at the beach. It’s a great song all around. MØ and Dj Snake do a great job on the song as well, MØ are perfect on this track in my opinion.

“Night Riders” was the second single I believe that was released. Whatever it was I loved it too, and got me even more pumped for the album after hearing it. All the rappers on this track add a great verse to the track. Not one slacked on their part on this song; this song is a banger and could be a club anthem for sure.

This is a great album from Major Lazer in my opinion. If you haven’t heard of Major Lazer before this is a great album to start with. Every track is great, and will get you going, it will have you singing the songs out loud at the top of your lungs. I look forward to seeing Major Lazer on the list at Coachella 2015, keeping my fingers crossed!



Savages- Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina released another album despite Kyle Evans (main screams) leaving the band. The new album title is called “Savages”. This album is not what I was looking for when I go to listen to Breathe Carolina. The album is all right for an EDM/ Pop album. It has minor screams and more singing, which is not what I want to hear from a Breathe Carolina album. The only few songs that I do enjoy on this album is Sellouts. The only reason I like this one and only song off the whole album is because it has the right combination of screams and singing, and the only song with screams.

Breathe Carolina should have stopped making music after Kyle left. It is apparent that Breathe Carolina isn’t the same with out him. If they were going to keep making music after he left the band they should have made songs with screams and not focus on the singing/pop aspect. If you are a Breathe Carolina fan I wouldn’t buy this album, hate say it but it’s not a good album.


The Woods- PatrickReza

Bare with me, as I have never reviewed any dub step or electronic music!

The Woods by PatrickReza came out a while ago and I have to admit I was sleeping on it. I regret doing that cause it’s a great ep. I have heard many of his older stuff, his most current song vitals I absolutely love. But on to the ep Ritual is a great song with a dope beat and the title itself is a perfect fit to the song as well. It’s a nicely put together song in my opinion. The next song Prey I expected to have some sort of predator come out on the beat and roar or some shit like a lion roar but no roar. Still the build up is great leaving me waiting wondering what’s next. The Next track “The Woods” is another good track as well I like how it fades into the slower beat around 2:06 then proceeds and goes back to the original back beat where we heard in the beginning. Also I love how it slowly fades us into the next track ” tribes” tribes the build up in the beginning is pretty dope if I do say so myself because it also proceeds to do that same build up in some of the song which is great.

I can definitely see myself doing a light show to tribes easily. The ep all in all is a great ep well put together, as well as each track. Very well done. The only problem is that there aren’t enough songs!!! But it is an ep, so I shall wait for another great ep or an amazing album from him.


True- Avicii

Avicii finally released his brand new album True. I am for one absolutely a huge fan of this album. Its much better than Kaskades new album, which I’m completely, disappointed in cause I love each of Kaskades music. Avicii’s First song “Wake Me Up” is the perfect mix of country. The songs backbeat is great and what that bass comes in with that rodeo round up feel is great. ” You make me” is another good song it does have that club song feel to it. His song ” Hey brother” again country mix, which isn’t as good as “Wake me up” but still a pretty good song. Avicii has done a great job adding a good mix of country into his songs. His song ” addicted to you” has a great powerful voice, and has a catchy beat to it. I love the soulfulness of the voice. His song “Dear Boy” the singers voice kind of reminds me of a song from the 1950’s. Also a very upbeat beat has great rhythm. All and all I could go through each song but each song is unique and very well put together. He does end the album with a great track called “All You Need Is Love”. Its a great song the beat is great with a poppy feel to it which is fine and I enjoy. My personal favorites are ” Wake Me Up”, Shame On Me, “Addicted To You”, “Liar Liar”, and “All You Need Is Love”. If you like Avicii you will enjoy this album!! If you are on the fence on whether you should buy it or not, just buy it cause its great in my opinion.