DC4 – Meek Mill

Meek Mill has finally released his highly anticipated “DC4”(Dream Chasers 4). It was looking like that he wasn’t going to be releasing it at all this year, but after some time he let it hit Spotify and Apple music. It is debuted as a mixtape but back  in the day mixtapes were free to download, you didn’t buy them. My favorite songs off this album or whatever you would call it are “Lights Out”, “Outro”, and “Shine”

“Lights Out”- I liked the piano that begins the beat, it gives it such a pump up aspect to it. The beat when it comes in is great, simple but effective. I can see this being played in the Sixers locker room, or even in the gym by anyone looking to get motivated. Meek’s flow is nice on this track, he doesn’t shout too much on this track like he normally does. As well he is moving past dissing rappers and drake specifically, which is a good idea because a lot of us are tired of it.

“Outro”-  What I like is that we are getting some of this unreleased Lil Snupe features finally after he was sadly murdered. It is a shame because Lil Snupe’s verse on here goes so hard on the beat. I also love when Meek goes on these holy beats and straight makes you feel like cranking the volume all the way up.  I loved that they even changed the beat up a little bit half way through.

“Shine”- I always like when Meek does these motivation songs because this is where he shows off his chops. I liked the drums on the track here, they really stand out to me. This is also one of the tracks where Meek doesn’t have a feature, which is huge for him to be able to stand alone by himself. You can really hear the passion in his voice when you hear his lyrics in this song, which is always inspiring to hear from an artist.

A lot of this album is great, you have a nice healthy amount of turn up songs on here and non-turn up songs. Then you have the motivational songs that Meek shines the most on, the ones that are going to get a lot of people motivated for the day or the gym. What I like most is that he barely mentions Drake at all on this album which is nice, that he can move past it and accomplish such a great album. He does have a lot of features which a lot of people criticized about which I can understand. Though that fact doesn’t stop the fact that all those songs are really good so It doesn’t matter to me at least.



1992- The Game

The Game released another album this year titled 1992. I honestly think the game is pretty underrated among the rap community, he is consistent, and he always offers excellent lyrics. The album is a lot better than that album he put out for that mobile game he created called Block Wars, that album was underwhelming and just sounded like trash. This album though is good just on the fact that almost all these beats sound like they came straight from the 90’s. My favorite songs are “What Your Life Like”,”Baby You”, and “All Eyez”.

“What Your Life Like”- What I like about this track is that it has a  reflective nature to it. I like how Game is accounting what his life has been like. I also enjoy that it shows a little more mature side of the Game’s personality and his veteran status in the rap game. I as well enjoy the beat on this track, most notably what sounds like the bells that go off in the background.

“Baby You”-  This song sounds like a straight 90s R&B/Hip-hop collabo from way back when. That’s what I love about it, is the nostalgia feeling it gives. I could definitely see this being a song Tupac would have jumped on before he got paranoid and died. Jason Derulo on the hook as well sounds like a 90s R&B artist, something like Jodeci.

“All Eyez”- First off I love the shout title to Tupac that the game did. This is the only track on here that doesn’t sound like a 90s song, surprisingly. I also enjoy that it is completely opposite of the original “All Eyez On Me” song, instead is a slow jam for the ladies to enjoy. As soon as I saw Jeremih I had a feeling that it would be one of those.

This album is a good album and surprisingly not that bad of an album, yes there are some songs on here that are “bangers” and some songs that are just stuff that is not that different than any other game album. I liked the idea The Game had here, which was taking hip-hop to I personally think the golden era, where rap really meant something. 90s hip-hop where there was no mumble rap and they actually had content in the lyrics that were clever not ” I got the keys, keys,keys”. Still, this album is good for the fan looking for that kind of songs that are good, if you are future fan stay clear.game-1992

The Divine Feminine​- Mac miller

Easy Mac with the cheesy raps released another album for us! The album is titled The Divine Feminine. This album I am kind of iffy on because it is pretty different from his past stuff, but I usually like that but this isn’t as good as GOOD AM or Watching Movies with the sound off. It’s nice to see him venture out and broaden his musical ear and such but it leaves us, the fans not quite liking his stuff like we used to. My favorite songs off this album though are ” Dang!”, ” Cinderella”, and ” Stay”

“Dang”- What I like about this song most is Anderson Paak, he offered a great chorus and pre-chorus to the song. This song makes you want to get up and start dancing, its got that beat that makes your whole body want to move. The beat is funky and poppy its great, and Mac thrives on this track with his lyrics and flow. This is another song that is great to cruise on the way back from school on a Thursday/Friday or when you get off from that long shift from work.

” Cinderella”- This track features another great feature artist Ty Dolla $ign! I really like the beat alongside Dolla’s vocals. Dolla does his best on those bedroom jams tracks, you know those bump and grind tracks that they put on in the club. This isn’t one track that Mac shines one but he does well enough for me it to be on this list of songs that I like off this album. I think I like this song so much because of Ty Dolla sounds great on it.

“Stay” – I really like the use of the trumpet on this track the most, it’s nice to hear something different in rap besides air horns and huge bass on a track. It’s  a good track because I like Mac’s flow throughout the whole song, and its a little different than what other rappers are doing out there. I also like the fact that this song is not about drugs and being tough It’s a nice soft song about his lady and his thoughts on his brain.

I am still unsure about this album, it’s not his best work. The album itself is decent and tolerable to listen to, I honestly just picked apart this album and only willing to put these three songs on playlists. Not all of these songs are lasting songs for me, and that is sad because usually, I love all of Mac’s songs on his albums too. I have been a Mac Miller fan since his first mixtape, even before KIDs. I know that is something I like to say on every Mac Miller review but its great to see him come a long way from that first mixtape. Mac fans might be disappointed with this album, but go ahead and give it a listen.


Holy Key- Dj Khaled

Dj Khaled released another album, yes ANOTHER ONE! But seriously he released the album titled  Holy Key. The only Dj Khaled album I liked was We The Besand We Taking Over ,  So when I heard this one I was kind of surprised that I actually liked half of the tracks on it. The first half of the album is great up until at least Track 7 and then the one song with Big Sean and Gucci mane and that’s about it. The rest are just blah to me and don’t have any substance to me that stand out to me as well. The songs that I like the best are “Holy Key”, ” For Free”, and “Jermaine’s Interlude”.

“Holy Key”- It should be obvious why I love Holy Key,If it wasn’t too apparent it’s because King Kendrick is on it. Also, the back beat is very similar to the control verse Kendrick and Big Sean and Jay Electronic were on together, and we all know how Kendrick killed that. Other than that I love Big Seans flow on his verse, but Kendrick comes in and completely dominates the track and takes the focus of the song.

“For Free”- What I liked about “For Free” Is the fact Drake mentions in the song ” Like yah boy from Compton said you know this dick ain’t free”. It was a nice little nod to Kendrick, the king of the hip-hop game right now. Anyway, I also liked that this songs beat and backbeat are very beachy themed, it has a sunny appeal to it. Also, Drake has a way to make songs easy for the fans to sing along with, maybe because his lyrical scheme is pretty simple and predictable. If it is that, I don’t mind because it sounds really good.

“Jermaine’s Interlude” This beat has a very east coast dark vibe to it, as well when you hear J cole is on a track you know it’s going to be great. My only problem with this song is that it is way to short! J Cole truly snaps on this track and lets his flow go and shows why he is one of the top 5 out right now. Yes, I will tell you right now this song is way better than the one Drake did on this album. The way J cole is flowing on this track is so amazing.

It was a good album as far as Dj Khaled albums go, usually, most of them are the same repetitive stuff on his albums. His albums normally have way too many artists on one song, and that just totally just doesn’t even appeal to me musically. Like most of his albums, this one wasn’t so much at once, it didn’t overwhelm me. The beats and lyrics weren’t the same re-hash rap stuff that people are used to these days. It is a decent album, has a few bangers on it too.a0a06cef84b391ca8e377500ff3efe6371af47e3

The Suns Tirade – Isaiah Rashad

TDE’s newest rookie dropped his highly anticipated freshman album The Suns Tirade. This album has a really mellow vibe to it to me, a lot of these songs sound like a progressive 90s hip/hop album. The beats alone give you that feel, and also Isaiah’s cadence and flow add to that feel. My favorite songs off the album are “Park”, “Free Lunch”, and “Stuck in the Mud ( feat SZA )”.

“Park”- This is one of the more of the fast-paced songs on the album. I like this song a lot because of the snare in the background that is on repeat. As well Isaiah’s flow is infections to the ear, what I mean when i say that is that it makes your head nod. I think this song first came on when I was driving on a nice sunny day and it fit perfect. It also feels like such a good song to vibe to.

“Free Lunch-” What I like about this song is the beginning of the song because of how it starts with just that nice smooth beat. The beat is not funky but its almost has a slow jazz feel to it. This is for sure a song you are playing on a sunny afternoon day, where you just cruising or just posted up with some people chilling.

“Stuck in the Mud”-  What had my eyes focused on this song was the SZA feature. I absolutely love SZA, she is one of my favorite female artists. I love her voice on the chorus, it feels smooth and nice to the ears when it flows through your speakers. The beat is again slow and makes it perfect if you want to cruise on a nice evening. Isaiah almost sounds like chance the rapper a little bit here in a weird way to me.

It is a perfect first album from Isaiah Rashad, I didn’t have any high expectations for this album. In a weird way, it feels like Kendrick GKMC (Good Kid Mad City) album. But it is a solid album all around to me. The beats, lyrics, and features were all good, not many well-known artists on the album. I liked this album a lot because it’s not MUMBLE rap, like future and lil uzi and Kodiak black. It is nice for rappers to stand out these days along the sheep rappers. Classic hip/hop fans pick up this album give it a whirl.isaiah-rashad-announces-039the-sun039s-tirade039-album-releases-cover-art-new-song-039park039-audio

Still Brazy- YG

YG, west coast native, finally released his sophomore album, Still Brazy. Although, there is no Dj mustard production on here, to my knowledge, I feel like if Mustard was on some of these tracks it would have made some a lot better. These tracks are great but the production could be a little bit better.Yg stepped up his storytelling ability on this album. He is really keeping his beats and sound very west coast and I LOVE that. My favorite tracks off this album are “Still Brazy”,”Why You Always Hating”, and ” Twist My Fingaz”.

“Still Brazy”- What I like about this song is the beat, it makes me nod my head as soon as it comes on. What’s also cool about this song is that it stands out with his lyricism; its more conscious than YG is used to being. Its refreshing to hear him evolve and go hard on a track. I also love the chorus, its really catchy and makes you want to bump the song really loud.

” Why You Always Hating”- I like this song because it sounds really good with a nice system and it bumps really hard in the car. I can see this song going off in a club, especially with  Drake on the track, you know its going to be a club banger. Whenever YG and Drake do a track together its always good and catchy.

“Twist My Fingaz” – This song’s beat sounds really similar to Without Me by Eminem and YG raps alongside it really well. I also like how he calls out the bloods in the industry and the fake rappers who claim they are bloods. This is an issue for him because they claim they’re bloods but they haven’t lived that life and are not repping it.

I liked this album! It was just as good as his first album. YG really stepped up his game here and I think the reason why people are comparing this album to kendrick’s GKMC is because of all of the little skits. It is completely opposite of Kendricks first album and Kendrick himself. They both are telling two different stories from the same place, which is interesting to hear and compare. I prefer Kendrick’s style, it’s a lot more conscious than YG’s and that’s perfect. I don’t like when other artist bite each others sound, there’s too much of that going on.Unknown

Coloring Book- Chance the Rapper

Chance released his first streaming mixtape on apple a few weeks ago titled Coloring Book.   It is absolutely great. I am so happy with this album and its follow up from Acid Rap. Chance is really changing it up and pushing himself to be a better artist everytime he puts out new music. I haven’t heard a hip-hop album this great since Life of Pablo. Chance moved into my Top 10 rappers out right now playlist, thats how good this album is. My Favorite songs are ” All We Got.” ” Juke Jam”, and ” Angels” 

“All We Got” – I immediately loved this song as soon as  I heard it. In fact, I couldn’t listen to the rest of the album because i was so stuck on this song. I loved chances lyrics and flow on this track, I wanted to belt it out everytime I heard it. I also liked Kanye’s little auto-tuned part on the track. Kanye’s part fit perfectly with the song as it flowed nicely alongside the beat. I loved that Chance used a choir from his city on the track as well.

“Juke Jam”- I liked this song  because its so mellow and I loved the R&B beat on this track. I like how versatile Chance can be. He can make a nice slow jam but can also deliver a great hip-hop verse. I believe Chance could have used Frank Ocean or Justin Timberlake instead of Justin Bieber, he sounds fine though. I just haven’t heard Frank Ocean in so long it would have been nice to have him on a track where he can stand out a bit more.

“Angels”-I liked how this song was so infectious to me. I loved the upbeat tempo and how good the bass sounded on here as well. I think Chance does a great job of stepping outside of the box with the flow and vibe of the whole song.

I really absolutely loved this album, its something special in my book. I honestly like it a lot more than Drakes new album. It pushes boundaries and it is completely different than what other rappers are doing right now. Its not about shooting people and getting money blah blah, this album has substance and is good for hip-hop. Do yourself a favor and go grab this mixtape. Its already making music history as we speak.



Views- Drake

Drake finally released his long awaited album, Views. I am very pleased with this album, as I enjoy every single track. I found a hard time narrowing it down to three tracks though. I think its a fantastic album, a bit underwhelming at times, but I still think its a great album. Its completely unfair in my opinion to compare this album to Take Care though. Take Care was great but I can’t see this new one at that same level yet. I am deeply saddened to say that this is not a classic album for drake, I can see that he is almost there though. Right now in my mind I think he is just toying around and perhaps next album he will make that classic album Ive been dying to hear. My favorite tracks off the album are “9”, ” Too Good”, and Fire & Desire”.

“9”- I absolutely love! LOVE! the back beat on here, it sounds like a sega genisis video game. Then out of nowhere it seems drake starts with a great verse that flows perfect alongside the beat. I also like the quote ” if they don’t have a story they will make one”. Calling out all the fake rappers who don’t claim what they say. It sounds so pleasing to my ears very time the one wavy beat comes in. I think this is my number 1 favorite song on the whole album actually.

“Too Good”- How can you not like a song with Drake and Rihanna? They have the best chemistry on tracks together, the only other person that is perfect with her is Eminem. But they compliment each on the track perfectly. I love the beat on here, it makes me want to start dancing and singing the song. I love when Drake says ” Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it. Let me see if this is something I can fix”. I also love Rihanna’s voice on here, it sounds so nice with the song and opposite of Drake’s.

“Fire & Desire”- One of the slower songs that is a nice R&B slow jam on here is one of my favorites. I love the sped up high pitched vocals on here. I also like the lyrics, especially when he says ” You a real ass woman and I like it”. I personally like that because I like when girls are real and upfront and thats what I got from that lyric. I also love the beat and its just a song you bump on a calm night or a drive home from work. Or even better a nice little bedroom slow jam haha ;).

I absolutely love this album, but sadly it is not a classic album. Drake didn’t choose to step out of his element too much on this album and its not changing the face of rap or hip-hop. Its not challenging other artists to step up their game. I see this as Drakes warm up to a mega hit album waiting in the wings. If you are sitting there and saying this is his best album or is album of the year you are sadly mistaken and just one of the many casual hip-hop fans. This album is a nice collection piece in his catalog of albums. It’s my third favorite Drake album, 1st is So Far Gone and 2nd is Take Care. This album is absolutely worth the download or stream. Go out an get it.


Twenty88- Twenty88

Twenty88 released their self titled album this past weekend. You may be wondering who Twenty88 is, well its a duo of Big Sean and  Jhene Aikio, the R&B singer! They announced a collab album days before releasing said album. This whole unexpected album was dropped on April fools day as well, so I had hoped that it wasn’t a joke when the news hit. But it turned out to be true! I listened to the 8 track album front and back and I absolutely love it! Every track offers some amazing choruses and verses from each of the two artist. My favorite songs are “2 Minute Warning ( K-Ci & JoJo and Detail)”, “Memories Faded”, and “Deja Vu”.

” 2 Minute Warning”-  I was shocked to see K-Ci & JoJo on a track, I thought it was the 90s for a second. But they did offer some nice vocals alongside Detail, who I do not care for that much. The beat at the beginning is pretty mellow, then around 1:30 it begins to speed up. At that time, Big Sean offers some fast paced lyrics that go consistently with the beat and it sounds perfect. Jhene ends the track out with her pretty voice that begins to rap a little bit at the end.

“Memories Faded” – What I really liked about this song is that the chorus sounds very pretty and its catchy as well. I also enjoy the switch off that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko do in the song. Jhene aiko’s cadence in this song sounds really well with the beat. Then around 3:00 the beat switches to a darker beat and Big Sean gives a great verse to end out the track.

“Deja Vu”- This is my top favorite song off this short album. I like Big Sean’s flow on this track it goes perfectly alongside the beat. I also like when Jhene Aiko says “Playing with your emotions, like I’m Chris Tucker in Friday”. I thought that was clever and very well written into her verse as well. She offers a sultry rap verse that is very different to me in the Hip-hop world.

This album is a good collab album among many that have come out over the years. I really love the chemistry that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko share on tracks together, in my opinion, they’re perfect. Just like I think Eminem and Rhianna, they sound very well together. Although the songs tend to blend together, they still sound really good.



Untitled- Kendrick Lamar

King Kendrick surprised fans a few weeks ago with a surprise side b album titled Untitled. This untitled album has a lot of songs that were supposed to be on To Pimp a Butterfly and possibly some songs that didn’t make the cut for Good kid M.a.d.d. City. It also has some of his freestyles that he performed on various talk shows. This whole album of side b’s are absolutely great, I was very happy with a lot of these songs. My favorite three are ” Untitled 02| 06.23.2014″, “Untitled 07| 2014-2016″, and ” Untitled 08| 09.06.2014″.

“Untitled 02| 06.23.2014.”- I like the slow melodic rap flow that kendrick has on this song. I also love the back beat that fits perfect alongside Kendricks voice. My favorite part though is around  2:18 when kendrick starts to rap a little faster than he previously was on the track. Its a little jazzy, and thats fine and it works well with Kendrick. I like the horn and the piano that come out on the beat every so often.

“Untitled 07| 2014-2016”- My favorite part about this song is that its simple but still catchy, like when Kendrick says “Levitate,Levitate, Levitate”. The feel and vibe of this song is dark but it has a great backbeat and the really high bass sounds great. It has the same beginning as track 2, which I didn’t like too much because I just wanted the song to start. However, I like the second half because it switched up the beat and the flow from the first half of the song.

“Untitled 08| 09.06.2014”- I really liked the upbeat, funky, jazzy beat this track has. It reminds me of the track “I”, I think it should have came right after this song. I like the chorus on this song as well, it is very catchy and gets you singing right alongside it. Its a feel good song and is great to listen to on a day when you’re feeling extra good.

This album is great! It was a nice surprise from the drought of new music I was experiencing. Yes, it has no album titles, thats the only criticism I have for this album, but thats not even a bad thing to complain about. Every track on here is great for songs that didn’t get to fit onto his new album. It is also better than a lot of the new rap thats been coming out lately, this has actually substance and a good feel to it. It’s a must buy for any hip-hop fan.