Four Pink Walls- Alessia Cara

This beautiful singer ended up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify about a few weeks ago. Now I see she released a mini album laced with four tracks on it. I can really see this girl playing at Coachella 2016 this year as a minor act early in the day. When I first heard this album I wasn’t too thrilled on all the songs, but after a second listen they are all starting to grow on me. My favorite tracks on this album are “Here” and “Outlaws’. Only doing two track reviews on this short album.

“Here”- I love this track because It has almost a 90s vibe to it, I don’t know what it is but I like it. I love the piano parts in the background. I love as well the picture she is painting with the lyrics in this song too. Here voice flows really well as she sings and starts to rap a bit on this track.

“Outlaws”- I liked this track because at first it sounded like a video game but then transitioned into a different type of beat almost like an Oldie beat. The beat sounds like oldie music meets today’s music, it sounds perfect to be honest. I as well like the lyrics too, favorite lyric off this song is ” ill be Bonnie and you’ll be Clyde”. It fits perfect with the title of the track and she sounds very sweet singing it.

I liked the rest of two songs off this album, but these two really caught my ear. I have some high hopes for this artist; I really hope she does some features with some Dj’s like Calvin Harris, and Kygo. As well I would love to see her do some tracks with some Hip/hop artist like Drake, and Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj. I look forwarded to seeing her on the Coachella Line up in 2016 this year.


Beauty Behind the Madness – The Weeknd

The Weeknd finally released his long waited and highly anticipated album Beauty Behind the Madness this past week. This album surpasses his first album by a lot. The Weeknd’s first album was the first actual album I did an album review for too. The Weeknd has very few features on this album and absolutely no drake feature! This comes to me as a big surprise seeing as they compliment each other so well on tracks together. The album is great from beginning to end; this album is exactly what I want to hear from the Weeknd. My favorite tracks off this album are “Tell Your Friends”, “Real Life”, and ” Dark Times feat: Ed Sheeran”.

“Tell Your Friends” – This is probably my top favorite song off this album. I love the beat on this track so much, I wouldn’t expect nothing less from Kanye West. I am little disappointed that Kanye didn’t jump on the track with the Weeknd. I love the piano on it as well, The Weeknd’s voices sounds perfect right alongside the beat. I love that this wasn’t a single and it was still my favorite track off this album as well.

“Real Life”- I liked the intro of this song, I liked that it was so raw and angry at first but then it switched up on the track. The chorus of this song is super catchy as well, and the beat alongside the chorus sounds great too. This song will get stuck in your head all day, well the chorus will at least. The ending of this song as well is pretty climatic as well.

“Dark Times feat: Ed Sheeran”- When I first saw Ed Sheeran was on this album I was super stoked on it. I think Ed Sheeran has such a great voice and so does The Weeknd. So them together on the track sounded incredible to me, and they didn’t disappoint me at all. I love the fact that it sounds almost acoustic first then switches up later on. This song sounds perfect to the ears, each one of their voices sound perfect.

I have to say this is a fantastic album. There isn’t one song on here that doesn’t belong on the album, it all sounds great to me. The fact that The Weeknd eerily sounds pretty similar to Michael Jackson is pretty neat and scary. Though lets face it The Weeknd won’t be the king of pop of this generation, maybe the King of R&B. The Weeknd is not pop in my honest opinion he’s more R&B than pop. I was talking with a friend of mine about this album earlier today and we both agreed that we love that the singles weren’t the best songs off the album. I love when it happens like that in my opinion and that’s how albums should be. This album is a must buy though or stream it on Spotify.


1989 – Taylor Swift

I am a little late on this review, but I had to do it! Taylor Swift has released “1989”, a more poppy album than she has released before (in my opinion). The album is amazing; it’s amazing that every song on the album is so catchy. You can sing alongside any one of these songs. Even her highly criticized song “Welcome To New York” is really catchy. There are far too many songs on this album that I love, so this makes it extra hard to narrow it down to three songs. The three songs I have brought it down to are “Blank Space”, “Wonderland”, and “This Love”. I am not saying these are the best songs, but just are the ones that stood out to me.

“Blank Space” has a really nice opening beat; it has a great beat throughout the whole track. Taylor’s voice pairs so well with the beat. It is her poking fun at her self, and her past relationships. She found a way to bring that so called stigma about her around and use it to her advantage. I believe it’s a hit single and I can see why, it just sounds really good.

“Wonderland” is a little slower song, which I thing she does a little better on. The song itself has a great chorus; the beat that comes in once the chorus hits is great. I love the way the beginning verse of almost all the verses start off slow then begins to build up. It just is a really good song.

“This Love” is a really calming song to me. It has such a relaxing feel to it; at the same time song it’s an emotional song about returning love and dying love. It’s a really sweet song, I like it a lot, and the production on it is really good.

The whole album is amazing; it is an amazing transition from her country pop to pure pop. It’s a pure pop album, and it’s not a shitty pop album. Its actually really good pop album, it shows Taylor’s strength as an artist to thrive so well in a different genre than pop country. Her love for 80’s synth is full blast on this album with only few songs that remind me of the old stuff she has done. Yes this album is different, and it’s a good different. Anyone one who likes Taylor swift even just a tiny bit will love this album. So go buy it now!!


My Everything – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released her sophomore album last week, its full of poppy hits and bangers and collection rappers. Mind you I only listened to I believe one song off her first album. All though ever since I heard The Way featuring Mac Miller, I was impressed and hooked. This is far from a sophomore slump; it leads you away from the nickelodeon star she used to be to being a pop superstar. This isn’t the girl from Victorious and she proves it with out any twerking needed. The album as a whole is good. Not perfect but its good, but I still enjoy it quite a bit. My favorite songs are Love Me Harder featuring: The Weeknd, Break Your Heart Right Back featuring: Childish Gambino, and Break Free featuring: Zedd.

Love Me Harder featuring: The Weeknd is one of those songs that had me saying “whoa”. The Weeknd’s voice and Ariana Grande’s are perfect together on this track. I also am a big Weeknd fan so that also could be a contributing factor as well. It’s catchy and can easily get stuck in your head.

Break Your Heart Right Back featuring: Childish Gambino has a decent beat on it. Its the sample from Diana Ross’s “I’m coming out” that catches your ear at first, it adds more to the chorus than just Ari singing on it. Gambino adds a punch line filled verse that is perfect alongside the beat, its nice to see Gambino on more songs.

Break Free featuring: Zedd is good track that could almost be thrown onto a Zedd album instead of Ari’s album. It to me at least, sticks out like a sore thumb; just cause the beat is different than most of the songs on the album.

Her sophomore album reached number 1 on the billboard charts this year. This will be her second album this year to reach number 1! Talk about avoiding that sophomore slump, she jumped right over that. The album is great where its not so immature like her first album, I feel like she showed she matured on this album quite a bit. Its a good pop album not a must buy album though, if you like pop music you will enjoy this album.

here is the album on spotify! Go buy it!!!! SUPPORT ARTIST!

ariana grande - my everything album 1

Blacc Hollywood – Wiz Khalifa

Blacc Hollywood, Wiz’s third album release was released today. It’s a mixture of Rolling papers and ONIFC. It’s a pretty decent album, it’s not a cohesive album yes. That seems to be a given, but lets be real when does anyone really listen to an album all the way through in order from front to back. That being said if you put this album on shuffle like every other person did, it turns into a good album. The album has its tracks where wiz gives us the rags to riches story. Talks about stereotypes and how people stereotype him. We also have the slow melodic tracks for the stoners that will surely enjoy them. The album does have its “bangers” as well. Truly it has everything a rap album could have including some pop rap. My personal favorite songs off the album are We Dem Boyz, RAW, and So High. There are other good songs, but these ones stood out to me.

We Dem Boyz is my favorite because I hated it at first, but it slowly grew on me. Its beat is nice the lyrics are extremely simple. The beat again is great because you want to just turn up and dance to it, I admit I’ve caught my self dancing to this in the car.

RAW is a straight “banger” it hits hard when the bass comes in, the chorus is eh, but wiz delivers the typical rap lyrics, nothing really different then you would hear from a 2chainz song except a little more emphasis on the weed. The beat is nice as well; it reminds me of a beat that came off cabin fever.

So High is a good track just cause its seamlessly catchy. Its chorus is atmospheric and will have you singing it out loud. It’s a perfect song to just cruise down the street on a sunny day. It’s just a real mellow song to put on.

The album is a decent album; it’s not horrible like most of these critics claim it to be. Let wiz diverse his music, let him be creative and do what he pleases with HIS music. That being said it’s a different kind of wiz album, it’s kind of all over the place. Its worth the listen though, its one of those albums you can just listen to the snippet on iTunes and pick and choose which songs to buy.


Year Of The Caprese – Cherub

Cherub’s debut album was released yesterday; the duo did a nice job with their first album. It may just be me but to me its just an alright album. They could have done more to blow me away, I know its their first album but compared to previous projects such as MoM & DaD, and 100 Bottles this one I like the very least. Don’t get me wrong its a good album just not one I be like “oh throw that one “. My favorite songs include Doses’s and Mimosas, Strip to this, and <3. The other songs are good too but these one's just stood out of me.

Doses and Mimosas from their previous MoM & DaD is one of my all time favorite songs by them. It’s catchy and has a good beat to it. I could see this song live being really good as well; hope these guys get signed on for Coachella 2015.

Strip To This is another sexual track, no surprise there. It is thought still a good track, it’s slow and easily to understand what they are going for here on this track.

❤ is a different track where they get into their more harsher lyrics. The chorus a catchy and has a 80s feel to the whole song all together. Still they do a good job with this track all together.

The album isn't bad but it’s not over the top amazing. Its nice to have new music from them though, I will be listening to their new stuff too but I love their older stuff more. The electro pop duo knows how to make a good album, I just wasn't surprised by any of the tracks nor was I too impressed. I was just happy to hear new music by them that’s all, really want to see them live. I would think they would be pretty fun to see live.


Xscape – Michael Jackson

The second posthumous album released from Mj’s private collection was released today. I kind of have mixed feelings, only because knowing Michael had his reason for shelving these songs and also he didn’t get to listen to them before they were released. As well the beats are different from their original versions, timberland and another producer re-did the beats. In my opinion the original versions are ten times better than the newer ones they have on the regular CD. I love all the Original tracks of the songs; my favorite songs are A Place With No Name (Original Version), Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version), and Chicago (Original version).

A Place With No Name is great because it has a nice acoustic guitar playing in the background along side the snapping of Michael’s fingers. It has a nice catchy chorus that has you singing along with it, as well as nodding your head along with the beat.

Love Never Felt So Good I love absolutely love because you can actually hear Michael count into the song as well as him snapping his fingers. It has a nice smooth piano in the background and I love pianos on tracks they sound amazing. Also Michael’s voice is so raw to me on this track and it’s amazing to hear it again.

Chicago has that late 80s music feel to me for some reason, as well Michaels voice sounds perfect alongside this beat. I love everything about this track, its simple as that. The beat, the feel, the vibe, and Michaels voice are all amazing on this track.

The album is great and refreshing, it’s refreshing to hear MJ’s voice again on tracks that most of us have never heard him on. As well as it actually being really MJ’s voice and not some fake impostor’s voice on the track, where you can clearly tell it isn’t MJ. I really wish they didn’t change the beats on the Original versions it seems a bit wrong, clearly MJ had a certain sound he wanted on those original tracks. The original tracks are the sounds and beats Michael had wanted his fans to hear, and that’s what Timbaland should have taken into account. Aside from that amazing album buy it, and support the one and ONLY king of pop.


The New Classic – Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea released finally her first album titled ” The New Classic”. It is great; I love every song on this album. In my opinion it’s nice to see her finally come out with an album that’s actually really good. The Deluxe album has 16 tracks that are all great, there’s not one song on here were I didn’t like. My favorite songs are Fancy Feat Charlie XCX, Work, and Black Widow.

Fancy was I believe the third single that really caught my ear. The beat is simple and Iggy goes on the track and spits some good verses and lyrics. Charlie XCX is amazing addition to the track I absolutely love her voice. More people need to check her out. This is most likely my number one favorite song off the album.

Work is another great track with a good slow back beat in the beginning, then transition into a faster pace beat that leads you into the chorus. I can see a lot of people bump this in their cars with the windows down, the songs makes you just want to “turn up”, overall good track.

Black Widow goes bumps hard in the car the bass is pretty dope if you got some subs. Anyway Iggy offers a little story, on this track. Iggy and Rita Ora is another good combo together on a track, Iggy offers a fire second verse on this track. I was greatly impressed on her flow on this track.

Iggy’s new album isn’t a bad album; it has a lot of turn up songs and few deep songs. This is typical today but doesn’t mean this album is shit. This album is a great album and a perfect first album for Iggy. People take some albums way too serious, when they are meant to be just fun albums. There are always going to be haters, who find something wrong with any albums. You can’t deny Iggy has a great flow and spits fast paced lyrics; she is the first besides Nicki Minaj female rapper to release a great first record. All in all this is a great album, just cause its titled “new classic” doesn’t mean it falls short of it, and it lives up to the title. It does not fall short.


Savages- Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina released another album despite Kyle Evans (main screams) leaving the band. The new album title is called “Savages”. This album is not what I was looking for when I go to listen to Breathe Carolina. The album is all right for an EDM/ Pop album. It has minor screams and more singing, which is not what I want to hear from a Breathe Carolina album. The only few songs that I do enjoy on this album is Sellouts. The only reason I like this one and only song off the whole album is because it has the right combination of screams and singing, and the only song with screams.

Breathe Carolina should have stopped making music after Kyle left. It is apparent that Breathe Carolina isn’t the same with out him. If they were going to keep making music after he left the band they should have made songs with screams and not focus on the singing/pop aspect. If you are a Breathe Carolina fan I wouldn’t buy this album, hate say it but it’s not a good album.


G I R L – Pharell Williams

Pharrell Williams released his Lp G I R L. It does not disappoint at all, despite hearing happy every place I went I was glad to see it on the Lp. The Lp is a small album that delivers amazing music to the masses. I can’t see why anyone would not like this Lp, there is only two complaints that I have and that it’s too short and would love to see some rappers with him on a track. I think each song on here is just so perfectly woven together to follow the next; each song is so upbeat in its own way. It’s a real happy poppy album, usually poppy albums just go by me and I could careless about some of the songs. Unlike others Pharrell has a way to make you love almost any track he is on. My favorite tracks off the Ep are Brand New featuring Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Monroe, Gush, and Hunter.

Brand New is jut so upbeat you won’t stop bobbing your head to the music, and singing along with it. The lyrics are infectious as well, I found myself around the first time around hearing it already belting out the lyrics.

Marilyn Monroe the intro for it is brilliant and perfect way to start the album; it prepares you for what you are about to hear.

Gush I have no idea why I like this song I just do, it caught my ear, along with the title, its funky almost. It fits well with the other songs on the track, it might not be as upbeat but it still goes quite well with the rest.

Hunter also a little funky, it kind of reminded me of blurred lines, it has that same feel and the same kind of lyrics. To be honest I’m surprised no one is protesting the lyrics of the song yet. Soon in time I guess. All in all this is a fantastic album a must buy or a must listen on spotify. Hopefully we can get a full album out of Pharrell this year too, lets keep our fingers crossed.