Views- Drake

Drake finally released his long awaited album, Views. I am very pleased with this album, as I enjoy every single track. I found a hard time narrowing it down to three tracks though. I think its a fantastic album, a bit underwhelming at times, but I still think its a great album. Its completely unfair in my opinion to compare this album to Take Care though. Take Care was great but I can’t see this new one at that same level yet. I am deeply saddened to say that this is not a classic album for drake, I can see that he is almost there though. Right now in my mind I think he is just toying around and perhaps next album he will make that classic album Ive been dying to hear. My favorite tracks off the album are “9”, ” Too Good”, and Fire & Desire”.

“9”- I absolutely love! LOVE! the back beat on here, it sounds like a sega genisis video game. Then out of nowhere it seems drake starts with a great verse that flows perfect alongside the beat. I also like the quote ” if they don’t have a story they will make one”. Calling out all the fake rappers who don’t claim what they say. It sounds so pleasing to my ears very time the one wavy beat comes in. I think this is my number 1 favorite song on the whole album actually.

“Too Good”- How can you not like a song with Drake and Rihanna? They have the best chemistry on tracks together, the only other person that is perfect with her is Eminem. But they compliment each on the track perfectly. I love the beat on here, it makes me want to start dancing and singing the song. I love when Drake says ” Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it. Let me see if this is something I can fix”. I also love Rihanna’s voice on here, it sounds so nice with the song and opposite of Drake’s.

“Fire & Desire”- One of the slower songs that is a nice R&B slow jam on here is one of my favorites. I love the sped up high pitched vocals on here. I also like the lyrics, especially when he says ” You a real ass woman and I like it”. I personally like that because I like when girls are real and upfront and thats what I got from that lyric. I also love the beat and its just a song you bump on a calm night or a drive home from work. Or even better a nice little bedroom slow jam haha ;).

I absolutely love this album, but sadly it is not a classic album. Drake didn’t choose to step out of his element too much on this album and its not changing the face of rap or hip-hop. Its not challenging other artists to step up their game. I see this as Drakes warm up to a mega hit album waiting in the wings. If you are sitting there and saying this is his best album or is album of the year you are sadly mistaken and just one of the many casual hip-hop fans. This album is a nice collection piece in his catalog of albums. It’s my third favorite Drake album, 1st is So Far Gone and 2nd is Take Care. This album is absolutely worth the download or stream. Go out an get it.



Beauty Behind the Madness – The Weeknd

The Weeknd finally released his long waited and highly anticipated album Beauty Behind the Madness this past week. This album surpasses his first album by a lot. The Weeknd’s first album was the first actual album I did an album review for too. The Weeknd has very few features on this album and absolutely no drake feature! This comes to me as a big surprise seeing as they compliment each other so well on tracks together. The album is great from beginning to end; this album is exactly what I want to hear from the Weeknd. My favorite tracks off this album are “Tell Your Friends”, “Real Life”, and ” Dark Times feat: Ed Sheeran”.

“Tell Your Friends” – This is probably my top favorite song off this album. I love the beat on this track so much, I wouldn’t expect nothing less from Kanye West. I am little disappointed that Kanye didn’t jump on the track with the Weeknd. I love the piano on it as well, The Weeknd’s voices sounds perfect right alongside the beat. I love that this wasn’t a single and it was still my favorite track off this album as well.

“Real Life”- I liked the intro of this song, I liked that it was so raw and angry at first but then it switched up on the track. The chorus of this song is super catchy as well, and the beat alongside the chorus sounds great too. This song will get stuck in your head all day, well the chorus will at least. The ending of this song as well is pretty climatic as well.

“Dark Times feat: Ed Sheeran”- When I first saw Ed Sheeran was on this album I was super stoked on it. I think Ed Sheeran has such a great voice and so does The Weeknd. So them together on the track sounded incredible to me, and they didn’t disappoint me at all. I love the fact that it sounds almost acoustic first then switches up later on. This song sounds perfect to the ears, each one of their voices sound perfect.

I have to say this is a fantastic album. There isn’t one song on here that doesn’t belong on the album, it all sounds great to me. The fact that The Weeknd eerily sounds pretty similar to Michael Jackson is pretty neat and scary. Though lets face it The Weeknd won’t be the king of pop of this generation, maybe the King of R&B. The Weeknd is not pop in my honest opinion he’s more R&B than pop. I was talking with a friend of mine about this album earlier today and we both agreed that we love that the singles weren’t the best songs off the album. I love when it happens like that in my opinion and that’s how albums should be. This album is a must buy though or stream it on Spotify.


If You’re Reading This Its Too Late- Drake

Drake set the Internet a flame last Friday. Drake released a surprise album titled “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” that was supposed to be free, but instead threw it up on iTunes and Spotify. The album serves as an introduction album to his next album “Views From the 6″. This album has great production and great beats; the lyrics are what you expect from Drake. Lets be real we all go into a Drake album expecting Singing mixed with some rap. He capitalized on this and has run with it, I admire it and enjoy it. It is a nice switch up from what other rappers are putting out right now. The best tracks on here are ” Know Yourself”, “Star67” and Company Feat Travi$ Scott. There are so many tracks that are incredible on here but I am going to stick with these.

“Know Yourself” I first heard this song in Drakes 15min short titled JUNGLE, which also really interesting and artistic. I heard it for maybe a few seconds just hearing the beat in the short film and instantly loved it. The beat is really good and smooth and intrinsic, not to mention the lyrics are straight on point. At 1:42 is where I fell in love with the beat; it’s just so nice. I’ve been shouting “Running through the 6 with my woes” Out loud for days. In the car, at work, it’s absolutely my favorite track on here.

“You and the 6” the perfect ode to the Jewish mom as one article clearly stated. I thought that was pretty clever and funny, cause Drake looks like he would be a momma’s boy. Nothing wrong with that at all by the way! Drake took this track to address topics him and his mom talk about and to speak on his mom. The beat was nothing to write home about but it was a nice sweet song by Drake in my opinion.

“Company Feat Travi$ Scott” Is a track that resembles a track that could easily be put on Drakes So Far gone. The beat is nice and slow and lyrics are of course of a girl he doesn’t deserve and more. Drake croons on the track that he needs some company. He goes soft Drake on this track, which I expected at some point in the album. Travi$ Scott adds nicely to the track too when he comes in at 2:30. At the same time the beat switches and Travi$ takes over the track.

This unexpected album is actually really good; I am impressed with this production and beats of this album a lot. Drake though needs to switch up his lyrics a little bit, I can see where the album may get repetitive. But I personally think this is a great album and better than any album that was put out in 2014. This month of February already has more good music than all of 2014. Go ahead and buy this album, or stream it on Spotify it is worth the listen. Though if you are a 90s minded rap fan than you will not like this album at all.


Souled Out- Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko released her new album Souled Out. It’s a good album the production and lyrics on it are great. The only thing I do not like is that it feels so repetitive; every song seems similar that the whole album feels like one giant song. The lack of collaborations from other artist would really help out, and make it not feel so repetitive. I love her angelic voice, and her atmospheric beats as well though. Her voice and beats is the only thing that keeps me listening to this album, its just so pleasing to the ear. Eternal Sunshine, Pretty Bird (Freestyle), and Promises.

Eternal Sunshine is an atmospheric song where it’s very lighthearted. I imagine it being in a Disney movie where the sun is setting on a town or in a field somewhere. It is here where I can feel her bringing a positive and happy vibe to the song and ending to the album. This is towards the end of the album, where it belongs because it fits perfectly.

Pretty Bird (Freestyle) is the last song on the album with its one of two features. Common comes in on the last verse with a great verse where he states in a spoken word format “I’ve seen the strongest of them be torn from men. Ripped apart and get put back together. Them the ones with the most beautiful feathers.” I thought this song was a great little ending part where Jhene Aiko just wants you to get the message, to just hold on. Hang in there pain is only temporary.

Promises is also towards the end, it features Jhene’s daughter in it. Its a pretty cute track, the beginning has her daughter and I think its her brother singing. In the track she discusses her suicidal thoughts from losing her brother to cancer. It also has her singing about her having to be an artist and a mother at the same time. Leaving her daughter to go on the road is a hard task. Her daughter and her sing on the chorus together and adds a great element to the track.

The album is a good album, not great. Not great only because its so repetitive, I had to search for the songs I liked for five minutes before I figured out which song was which cause they all sound similar. If you notice most of the songs I chose where from the end, that’s when the album starts for me to differ from the beginning. Jhene still offered amazing lyrics and amazing production on this album. It just needed a few more collaborations or something to make it less repetitive. Other than that its a good album not a must have but a good listen for cruising or relaxing.


Sign Language – Ty Dolla $ign

Ty dolla $ign released his new mixtape titled sign language. The album as a whole is great. The features are key, and each feature verse delivers nothing but greatness. Ty dolla $ign released a small album earlier this year and it is just as good. The mixtape is smooth and has great beats and a collection of artist that dominate the track. I believe each song has an interlude attached to each song that makes it flow nicely. Even Ty dolla spits a few lyrics that are great. My favorite tracks are Lord knows, Type of shit I hate, and Like I do.

Lord knows has a good beat, I like the chorus the most of all in this song. Also the first verse done by Ty Dolla has a good flow and goes go great along side the beat. It was great to hear Dom Kennedy on a song that I actually like. It’s weird how some rappers are just better on features. Rick Ross delivered a great verse, wasn’t too impressed but he did a nice job. The interlude at the end of this one flows nicely into the next song as well.

Type Of Shit I Hate bangs hard it has a great beat, it’s a club banger for sure. I love Fabolous’s verse in this song. It just dominates the track. YG who also is on the track did a nice job, but damn Loso overshadows him on this track. A nice little acoustic interlude is at the very end of this track and wish it was longer, its the first Ed Sheeran song I really liked!

Like I Do has a nice intro and is another song that has a nice beat, it has a great verse from Yo Gotti, and French Montana. Yo Gotti brought his A-game for this verse, because I was left wanting to hear more from him. French Montana offered a decent verse it started dope then it just ended being just all right. The Interlude at the end of this song done by Jeremih was just all right; there are better ones on the record.

The mixtape is great; its got great beats from good producers. It has a collection of features that are nothing short of great, each interlude flows perfectly. The whole mixtape as a whole is fluid and nice to put on and just ride around with. It has soulful tracks and bangers, Ty Dolla $ign great job. Must download mixtape.


The Beach House Ep -Ty Dolla $ign

Short Ep/album review!

The Beach House Ep starts with Nate Howard speaking while almost preaching while rapping which is a nice funny way to start the first song Work feat Casey veggies, Twista and Nate Poetics. Work is a long song but Twista dominates the track. It also sounds to similar to his second beach house 2 mix tape. The Rest of the album consists of a lot of features, which is not a typically a bad thing. Ty Dolla $ign I believe one of his strengths is features. He just sounds better with features, one of the few rappers or singing rappers now a day that can pull this off. There’s only a few songs of this that I do like Both Paranoid songs are great but I prefer the Remix.

Paranoid is about getting caught by 2 different girls at the club, he obviously been messing with both them so that’s why he is “paranoid”.

Another song I love is Or Nah feat Wiz Khalifa. This song is slow and a real bump and grind song if you get my drift. Wiz Khalifa does a great verse; it’s been awhile since I heard a Wiz verse I liked. Ty Dolla accompanies his TGOD boss with a smooth chorus and verse after, it’s catchy and will have you singing it all day.

Wood and leather feat Big TC and Pops is a good song, not much but the typical rap song you hear in the club and what every other rapper has sung before. Its sill got a good beat, and nice verses from each person on the song.

Never be the same feat Jay Rock, the last song on the album is a great way to wrap up the album. As Ty Dolla sings/raps about how things will never be the same since he has slowly been rising to fame in hip/hop.

The only few bad things about the album, is that its too short the paranoid remix should have been a bonus song, and I hated Familiar feat Travi$ Scott and Fredo Santana. I hated Familiar because Fredo Santana ruined the song, he sounds like a cheap knock off of my boy Chief Keef! Also the fact that Irie and my cabana wasn’t on the ep was I believe a bad move by Ty Dolla $ign. But it turned to be an all right Ep, I would just pick and chose which songs to buy I wouldn’t buy the whole ep.


Because Of The Internet – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino released his sophomore album a few days ago. Its pretty long its 19 tracks, 18 if you don’t include the intro. The way the album is set up is like a play or movie as you can see when you look at the track listing. I believe I read somewhere he wrote the album to be a soundtrack with a movie or mini series he was producing. Its raw and origina,l the album to me is like putting Yeezus and Channel Orange together. The result is “Because the Internet.” I personally think this a big step for Gambino; he goes along with the beats instead of jumping write on them. His first album Camp was all right but it did need a lot of work. He has showed a lot of improvement with this album beats, lyrics, and flow. The whole album shows us a more emotional side of Bino. It isn’t so one sided, it leads you down different paths and you can interpret the album and its songs in many different ways. Now my favorite part, my favorite songs off the album!

– III.Telegraph ave (“Oakland”)- My favorite song off the album, its set up as Bino getting in his car singing along and rapping to the song that’s playing on the radio in his car. The beat is great, and his voice sounds amazing alongside the beat. His flow with the beat as well goes great, it just makes you want to sing it out loud and shake your head to the beat.

– V. 3005 – Gambino singing alongside the beat again, with a great beat by the way. Full of punch lines and one-liners it’s a great track that to me stands out among the rest.

– I. Flight of the navigator- slow medley that to me for some reason reminds me of spring. But it has bino crooning on the track. Its nice guitar medley that is good love song that bino has put together.

– I. Pink toes (Jhene Aiko)- Love that they did another song together; they are a perfect balance on a track. It’s a nice and smooth track. Also jhene’s feathery voice goes along great with the beat as always!

– II. WORLDSTAR – A really sick beat no other way to explain it. It easily gets stuck in your head, favorite line “So Fresh Prince they bout to bring the show back!” Bino goes off on the track too like he’s beaten down someone on WorldStar.

All in all it’s a Great album; it’s a huge step up from Camp. He has shown a lot of growth as an artist and is what I like to see in an artist. It seems though people ether love or hate childish Gambino, ether way its worth a listen or two or three!


Sail Out Ep – Jhene Aiko

I have been waiting for this album or Ep whatever you want to call it, for a long time. Jhene Akiko has such a beautiful voice its a shame not many people know who she is. She does many of the hooks for some mainstream rappers such as Drake and Big Sean etc. etc. As I said before I love her voice so much its perfect in my opinion.

The Vapors- Jhene’s soft voice comes over the track and hits your ears and has a nice feel and sounds so smooth. As the song goes on it lets it slowly fade into your mind as her light feathery voice sings the lyrics.

Bed peace- my favorite song on the album, the way she sings the song and how well she goes with the beat is what makes the song great for me. Childish Gambino’s verse on the song is a nice touch; nice to see the couples do a song together. Nice lighthearted love song.

Stay ready- another good song, Kendrick does a great job as always and delivers another great verse to a track. The song seems to be two in one. Which has been occurring lately a lot in new tracks today. I love this as I have said before when songs do this, around 3:50 is when the song shifts. ” If everything is dipped in gold then baby then it will never grow.” Jhene sings this line, which caught my ear when I heard it. How I interpreted it as if you got all the gold or paper or money what have you then how will you grow out of it why would you want to grow out of it if you already have it all?

WTH- Jhene’s soft voice delivers another slow stoner chill out jam. Accompanied by AB-Soul, AB-Soul on the track offers a decent verse; it goes with the verse and the all around theme of the song. Wasn’t too impressed with this track.

The Worst- Melodic track that is about someone who has hurt her in the past. But as she proclaims in the chorus ” I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, but I want you.” its hard for her to resists the guy she proclaims she doesn’t need. But again another sleepy melodic easy listening track.

3:16- Her feathery voice on the track with a strong bass filled beat go well together, with a dream state feel to the track. Its a great song and definitely goes with the album all together.

Comfort inn Ending – A great ending to an outstanding first mainstream project. I really have nothing to say about this track but yet again as I re-repeated multiple times in this review was that her voice is simply amazing.

All in all, it’s an outstanding album. Finally the album is out, I hope that she gets a lot more attention because of this album. I am very impressed with the beats and the little features that she has on it. If I have to give real negative comments for this album is that it was semi similar sounding through out the whole album where I could fall asleep and wake up and not even realize the song had changed. My last negative remark would be that it is too short I want more from her ASAP!! A worthy buy though.


Nothing Was The Same – Drake

Drake released his highly anticipated Nothing was the same or NWTS. It is exactly what I want to hear from drake. The album has great songs on it a lot that actually make you think, from time and Too much come to mind. Of course we have the emotional drake songs as well. We have to have those from drake, that’s what made him big. Also has some bangers on the album such All me, worst behavior, the language, and pound cake/ Paris Morton music II. This album is pretty different from Take care. It’s a little slower than Take care.

The first song is very cocky rapping over a 6 min intro track. Drake proves why he is the Leader of the new school. The beat switches up around 2:00 min, and starts to spill into some personal stuff.

Furthest thing is a pretty good track, discussing his relations with another girl. In the usual drake fashion over a slow beat.

Started from the bottom the hit repetitive single coming in at the 3rd spot. This is drake’s own rag to riches anthem. This is a defiant song you can just ride around and bump with your friends.

The track Wu-tang forever, as most of us thought was going to be a tribute to wu-tang clan. Think again, drake spin it around and made it about a sex, and a semi jab at Chris brown. ” I just like the rush when you see your enemy somewhere in the club And you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy. You ain’t ever worried cause he’s not who he pretends to be”. Easily to be said at bout Chris brown and some of drakes haters

Own it making its transition from wu-tang forever, this emotional track claiming ” next time we fuck, I don’t wanna fuck I wanna make love. Next time we talk I don’t want to just talk I want to trust.” oh drizzy drake you and your soft side haha.

Worst Behavior brings out the So far gone rapping drake, coming in with a tough voice. As he raps of a great beat, making this a nice club banger and song to just party to.

One of my personal favorites of the album is his song with Jhene Aiko called “From time”. This song definitely makes you think, which I love in songs and drake knows how to do that. Discussing his past romances with ex’s of his. Talking about finally talking with his pops and talks about how him and his mom need to hash it out and talk.

Hold on we’re going home is one of those songs you play at weddings. It’s what drake was shooting for. He aimed and got it; this is definitely one of those songs you could play at weddings. The soft singing of a group called Majid Jordan sings on the beat. Drake claims this group will be big, we will have to wait and see.

Connect you can hear Trae the truth’s swang in the background, no surprise there. With all his talk about Houston. Drake talks about letting the girl do whatever she wants he would allow her. Waiting for her ” same city, same friends if your looking for me”. Another club banger the language has drake coming on some cocky rap. ” I am the kid with the motor mouth, I am the one you should worry about. ” Arrogantly tells us how far he has come and where he is in the rap game at the moment.

305 to my city, well detail is on the track…. lets just say this is my least favorite track on the album. I think it’s the worst track on the album, nice try on this drake. Drake raps about a stripper, and her hustle while reppin his city. Talks about the stripper’s life style.

Too much another favorite of mine with Sampha singing the intro and chorus. This is the ” look what you’ve done” track of the album. I love this song as he talks about things that are on his mind. The second verse is straight from his head no writing anything, as he claims in a recent interview. He said his mom was upset with the fact he put her and his uncle on blast like that. But she’s fine now.

The Last song on the regular album Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music II begins with a soft amazing beat. Drake raps with confidence on this track with lines like “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are ” and ” thinking’ back on how they treated me My high school reunion might be worth an appearance Make everybody have to go through security clearance Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn “. Jay-z kills the track for a second with his verse on the first half of the song. It then fades into Paris Morton Music II as drake kills the last song on the regular album.
Deluxe version songs

Come thru another song about a girl telling her to get her ass over to him. About another girl he hasn’t seen awhile where they can revisit where they left off. Its a great song worth the buy, talks about he needs her back in his life.

All me is just a great song a club banger with 2Chainz and Big Sean on the track you already know its going to be hot. Each verse is great but Big Sean murders that track no question. No depth in this tracks just a pure club banger.

All in all this album is different than Take care and in a great way. It has few features, which is always good; I think drake is slowly stepping up his game. He is still the soft rapper or the singing rapper. But hey that works for him and look he still making a ton of money. He knows what to capitalize on; he makes it work for him. NWTS is an album you should download or buy, or even just give it a listen on spotify.


Kiss Land- The Weeknd

Listening to Kiss land the first 4 tracks tend to bleed into one another, which isn’t necessarily a bad
thing. But I felt my self-zoning out. The Weekend does a great job of keeping his style since he has
come up. A “Belong to the world” track wakes you up from the lull of the first 4 songs. With a thudding beat his voice picks up. Live for feat his buddy drake, which is always great pair. The complement each other nicely on the track. Wanderlust and the title track Kiss Land are my personal favorites. The beats are great and outstanding they make both tracks more enticing. Plus Kiss Land track does that thing I see drake do and incubus where they change up the beat half way through the song and make it feel asif it was two songs. As if the track finished and it was on to the next. But in reality its one long song which is good because as the beat changes the lyrics change. The track “Pretty” is well I like the lyrics and all but the girl in the back in the beginning was a little annoying. and I didn’t like the ending it had on it, it could have done with out that guy talking at the end. The last song Tears in the rain is a great way to end the album, the beginning of the track kind of threw me off but it summed up nicely. The beats are great on the album not all are good but the ones that really stood out for me was Wanderlust, Belong to the World, and Kiss Land. Overall the entire whole album is another outstanding project from The Weeknd. The Weeknd did set the bar pretty high with the tribology album of his mix tapes. It’s not an instant classic like House of Balloons but it’s a great album for him. If you are a Weeknd fan you will enjoy this album.