Views- Drake

Drake finally released his long awaited album, Views. I am very pleased with this album, as I enjoy every single track. I found a hard time narrowing it down to three tracks though. I think its a fantastic album, a bit underwhelming at times, but I still think its a great album. Its completely unfair in my opinion to compare this album to Take Care though. Take Care was great but I can’t see this new one at that same level yet. I am deeply saddened to say that this is not a classic album for drake, I can see that he is almost there though. Right now in my mind I think he is just toying around and perhaps next album he will make that classic album Ive been dying to hear. My favorite tracks off the album are “9”, ” Too Good”, and Fire & Desire”.

“9”- I absolutely love! LOVE! the back beat on here, it sounds like a sega genisis video game. Then out of nowhere it seems drake starts with a great verse that flows perfect alongside the beat. I also like the quote ” if they don’t have a story they will make one”. Calling out all the fake rappers who don’t claim what they say. It sounds so pleasing to my ears very time the one wavy beat comes in. I think this is my number 1 favorite song on the whole album actually.

“Too Good”- How can you not like a song with Drake and Rihanna? They have the best chemistry on tracks together, the only other person that is perfect with her is Eminem. But they compliment each on the track perfectly. I love the beat on here, it makes me want to start dancing and singing the song. I love when Drake says ” Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it. Let me see if this is something I can fix”. I also love Rihanna’s voice on here, it sounds so nice with the song and opposite of Drake’s.

“Fire & Desire”- One of the slower songs that is a nice R&B slow jam on here is one of my favorites. I love the sped up high pitched vocals on here. I also like the lyrics, especially when he says ” You a real ass woman and I like it”. I personally like that because I like when girls are real and upfront and thats what I got from that lyric. I also love the beat and its just a song you bump on a calm night or a drive home from work. Or even better a nice little bedroom slow jam haha ;).

I absolutely love this album, but sadly it is not a classic album. Drake didn’t choose to step out of his element too much on this album and its not changing the face of rap or hip-hop. Its not challenging other artists to step up their game. I see this as Drakes warm up to a mega hit album waiting in the wings. If you are sitting there and saying this is his best album or is album of the year you are sadly mistaken and just one of the many casual hip-hop fans. This album is a nice collection piece in his catalog of albums. It’s my third favorite Drake album, 1st is So Far Gone and 2nd is Take Care. This album is absolutely worth the download or stream. Go out an get it.



Twenty88- Twenty88

Twenty88 released their self titled album this past weekend. You may be wondering who Twenty88 is, well its a duo of Big Sean and  Jhene Aikio, the R&B singer! They announced a collab album days before releasing said album. This whole unexpected album was dropped on April fools day as well, so I had hoped that it wasn’t a joke when the news hit. But it turned out to be true! I listened to the 8 track album front and back and I absolutely love it! Every track offers some amazing choruses and verses from each of the two artist. My favorite songs are “2 Minute Warning ( K-Ci & JoJo and Detail)”, “Memories Faded”, and “Deja Vu”.

” 2 Minute Warning”-  I was shocked to see K-Ci & JoJo on a track, I thought it was the 90s for a second. But they did offer some nice vocals alongside Detail, who I do not care for that much. The beat at the beginning is pretty mellow, then around 1:30 it begins to speed up. At that time, Big Sean offers some fast paced lyrics that go consistently with the beat and it sounds perfect. Jhene ends the track out with her pretty voice that begins to rap a little bit at the end.

“Memories Faded” – What I really liked about this song is that the chorus sounds very pretty and its catchy as well. I also enjoy the switch off that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko do in the song. Jhene aiko’s cadence in this song sounds really well with the beat. Then around 3:00 the beat switches to a darker beat and Big Sean gives a great verse to end out the track.

“Deja Vu”- This is my top favorite song off this short album. I like Big Sean’s flow on this track it goes perfectly alongside the beat. I also like when Jhene Aiko says “Playing with your emotions, like I’m Chris Tucker in Friday”. I thought that was clever and very well written into her verse as well. She offers a sultry rap verse that is very different to me in the Hip-hop world.

This album is a good collab album among many that have come out over the years. I really love the chemistry that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko share on tracks together, in my opinion, they’re perfect. Just like I think Eminem and Rhianna, they sound very well together. Although the songs tend to blend together, they still sound really good.



Untitled- Kendrick Lamar

King Kendrick surprised fans a few weeks ago with a surprise side b album titled Untitled. This untitled album has a lot of songs that were supposed to be on To Pimp a Butterfly and possibly some songs that didn’t make the cut for Good kid M.a.d.d. City. It also has some of his freestyles that he performed on various talk shows. This whole album of side b’s are absolutely great, I was very happy with a lot of these songs. My favorite three are ” Untitled 02| 06.23.2014″, “Untitled 07| 2014-2016″, and ” Untitled 08| 09.06.2014″.

“Untitled 02| 06.23.2014.”- I like the slow melodic rap flow that kendrick has on this song. I also love the back beat that fits perfect alongside Kendricks voice. My favorite part though is around  2:18 when kendrick starts to rap a little faster than he previously was on the track. Its a little jazzy, and thats fine and it works well with Kendrick. I like the horn and the piano that come out on the beat every so often.

“Untitled 07| 2014-2016”- My favorite part about this song is that its simple but still catchy, like when Kendrick says “Levitate,Levitate, Levitate”. The feel and vibe of this song is dark but it has a great backbeat and the really high bass sounds great. It has the same beginning as track 2, which I didn’t like too much because I just wanted the song to start. However, I like the second half because it switched up the beat and the flow from the first half of the song.

“Untitled 08| 09.06.2014”- I really liked the upbeat, funky, jazzy beat this track has. It reminds me of the track “I”, I think it should have came right after this song. I like the chorus on this song as well, it is very catchy and gets you singing right alongside it. Its a feel good song and is great to listen to on a day when you’re feeling extra good.

This album is great! It was a nice surprise from the drought of new music I was experiencing. Yes, it has no album titles, thats the only criticism I have for this album, but thats not even a bad thing to complain about. Every track on here is great for songs that didn’t get to fit onto his new album. It is also better than a lot of the new rap thats been coming out lately, this has actually substance and a good feel to it. It’s a must buy for any hip-hop fan.



iii- Miike Snow

Miike Snow released a great album titled iii, every song is pretty darn good. I wasn’t a big fan of their  album Animals, in fact, I only liked three songs out of that whole album. This album I like a lot more. After listening to this album, I’m excited to see them at Coachella this year. My three favorite tracks off this album are; “Back of the Car”, ” Heart is Full Remix ( feat. Run The Jewels)”, and “Over and Over”.

“Back of the Car”- I absolutely love the piano in this song, it sounds so nice and clean. I also love the chorus and when they switch the voice on the lyric “me” as well as the deep voice that says “Love-Pain”.  Flume and disclosure use that voice affect a lot and I always enjoy hearing it in their songs as well as anyone’s song.

“Heart is Full Remix (feat. Run The Jewels)-  What I enjoyed about this song is that it sounds like a hip-hop song with the back beat, alongside that Etta James sample. But I also enjoyed Miike snow singing on this chorus. However, I liked Run the jewels version of this song a lot better. Killer Mike and El-P both deliver some great verses on this track but I think I like Killer Mikes a little better. I think its because Killer Mike delivers it a little better than El-P, but El-P is just right there and almost delivers his verse just as good as Killer Mike does.

“Over and Over”- I like the guitar riff that is on the beat and at the very beginning of the song. The song it self sounds good and almost sounds like Fall Out Boy and Muse came together and made a track together. I don’t mind the thought of that idea and I love the results of it on this song! I also like the chorus as well, its catchy and thats always good. I like the dark feel the verses have but then lightens up a little leading into the chorus.

Miike Snow has delivered a good album just in time for their spot at Coachella 2016. I really hope Miike Snow doesn’t conflict with anyone on my Coachella set time schedule because they seem like a good live band but they are not on my must see list. Anyway, this album is a good album to listen to anytime, it has a lot of good tracks on here and doesn’t disappoint at all. If you enjoy Alternative music then you will enjoy this album, no doubt about it!



The Life Of Pablo – Kanye West

After many delays Kanye released his new album The Life Of Pablo ONLY on tidal.  Three years of waiting for a new Kanye West album, it’s finally here though! I have to say this album is a lot better than I thought it would be. I really can see a lot of influences from all his past albums on this new album, its’ like a musically Picasso painting. I can see why he called it The Life of Pablo. My favorite songs off this album are ” Highlights”, “Father Stretch My Hands Part 1″, ” No More Parties In LA.”



“Highlights”- This is the song that premiered on SNL and I love it! I liked the auto tune on Kanye’s voice because it sounds so perfect alongside the beat. Also, The-Dreams voice on here with this beat is incredible! Favorite lyric: ” I bet Me and Ray J be friends, If we didn’t love the same bitchhhh ,Ye aint mad he hit it first, only problem is Im rich.”. Kanye on this track is actually rapping like he used to, it sounds so good! I also love the lyrics ” I need all the bad bitchs in Equinox! I need to know if you a freak or not!” Great Track.


“Father Stretch My Hands Part 1”- The beginning of this song is great, I love the oldie/ gospel sound it has and then it meets with a nice beat from Metroboomin beats! As soon as the drum hits I guarantee your head will be nodding! The lyrics on here are pretty funny but Kanye sounds good and I love that Kid cudi did the chorus! This song has a good feeling to it as it plays through your speakers, it made me smile as soon as that drum kit hit.




“No More Parties In LA”- As soon as I heard this song on G.O.O.D. Music fridays I knew that this album was going to be great. I absolutely love Kendrick Lamar’s verse on this track; it sounds so good along side the beat. I also like the intro to this song; it fits well with Kanye’s style. Kanye and Kendrick have a nice give and take on this album as well a nice switch off flow here. This is by far my favorite song off this album and I can’t wait to bump this all summer.




I enjoyed this album a lot. There are a lot of good tracks and features on this album. The production is great as well. Kanye had a big hill to climb after that yeezus album, which I did not like at all. But I had a hard time picking only three songs to review off this album, there are lot that are interesting and good. The only draw back is that it’s only available on Tidal, for at least seven days. I’m already waiting for it to be on iTunes. Stream or buy it for 20 bucks off Tidal. The



Khalifa- Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa released his new album titled Khalifa, and it’s not that bad. My expectations for any non-mixtape Wiz music are pretty low. So when I heard this one, I was surprised. There are at least four tracks on this album that are not good at all. But I must say I did find a few songs on here that I like. My favorite tracks off this album are “No Permission”, “Bake Sale,” and “Most Of Us”.



“No Permission”- Wiz is joined here on this track with his good friend Chevy Woods. Anytime I see Wiz and Chevy on a track together I know it’s going to be a good one. This song sounds like it was from Taylor Alderdice mixtape or even Wiz’s highly regarded Kush and Oj mixtape. I love the slow melodic vibe that this song gives, it’s a nice song to relax and cruise down the street to.


“Bake Sale”- This song is good because Wiz khalifa goes off. The only draw back to this song is that it sounds like Travis Scott’s “Antidote”. Other than that, the beat is great and Travis, of course, sounds good on it. Wiz lets loose and shows us he still has the chops to rap like a pro.



“Most Of Us”- I like this song because it sounds like it was from the first Cabin Fever that I heard in high school. This song also has a really catchy chorus. Wiz sounds like mixtape Wiz Khalifa and not the poppy Wiz khalifa that I’ve been hearing for a while now. Also, this is a good track because its nice to see no feature on it, so no one can say he had help making a great song.


This album is a nice step in the right direction for Wiz Khalifa. I like that there’s a mixture of all the sounds he has complied over the years from all the mixtapes he has recorded. I can’t wait to hear what Rolling papers 2 sounds like after hearing this album. Wiz has his up’s and downs on albums and mixtapes but, personally, I have been a fan since he released Prince of the City, so it’s always nice to hear his growth from the beginning of his career to the most recent. Take a listen to it over on spotify before you buy it because it’s not for everybody.



4/4 Part 2- Meek Mill

Meek is going strong with releasing all this new music. He released a second ep titled 4/4 Part 2 the same night Drake released his new single. That might not seem like a big deal but it is, why? He released an amazing diss track aimed at Drakes new single! It seems so weird that he could do this so fast, but as more information has surfaced it would seem that Drakes ghost writer sent the lyrics of Drakes new single to Meek. It’s a small ep of course but it packs a nice little punch. My favorite songs off this Ep are “Fa Sho”, “Ricky”, and  ” War Pain”.



“Fa Sho” – The intro for the song was nice, I liked how calm the beat is at the start of the track. I also like when it comes into the chorus; it flows really nice. It’s a song that you’re going to bump while pre-gaming for the club or for a house party. It has that bass with a nice feel for the club or in a car with a good system. I really like the dab shout out to Cam Newton as well.


“Ricky”- This sounds like a song you would hear in a movie when the underdog is about to come out on top.  I gotta say I don’t understand why Meek is so loud though, but it works for him so go on and do your thing. I like the backbeat that has that holy feel to it. Also I like the shout out to his friend Lil snupe, who was killed.



“War Pain” – The highly talked about track this week. I absolutely love this track on this little ep. Meek’s timing to drop this song is perfect. The fact that he addresses every single shot that Drake took at him in this song is perfect. Also, that he dropped it within minutes of Drake dropping his new single is an extremely key factor here. This song just gained Meek a point in this whole war that they have going on. It’s a must hear song for anyone who is following this long beef. Meek got the W for this and left Drake with an L because of this song. Not only are the lyrics good the beat is too!



A great Ep for Meek mill here again. I didn’t like the song with future because it just didn’t sound good. If he took out that song it would have been a much better ep. The diss track to Drake is what really boosted this ep for me. Meek has a few more L’s to lose but he’s clearly on the right track to getting away from this beef with a better chance at saving his career. There are so many people who are annoying Drake fans who say Drake is the greatest out right now and in reality he isn’t. So to see someone diss Drake with a great diss track is refreshing. Drake is one of my favorites but he needs to get off his pedestal and level out a bit.



The Night I went to…- Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh has delivered another mixtape titled The Night I Went To. I have been a fan of Rockie Fresh since he dropped Electric Highway and yet he is still highly slept on. As part of the MMG crew, he is well known as the secret weapon of the group because a good amount of people have no idea who he is.  I am truly excited for him to start to get some exposure in the hip/hop realm. My favorite songs are “Tell Me”, “Your Life”, and “Are You With Me”.


“Tell Me”- I really like the auto tune on his voice in this track, it fits really well with the beat. I also like the backbeat that goes along with the samples. I absolutely love the Back to the Future sample as well.


“Your Life”- Rockie and the boss, Ricky Ross, are on this track together. I really liked the sample that goes “Is your life ohhh”. Rockie spits really hard on the first verse. It shows he is ready for the attention he deserves. Rick Ross actually has a pretty good verse on this track. I never really liked Rick Ross’ albums that much. However, when he features, he does a great job.



“Are You With Me”- Ed Sheeran does a great hook on this track. He does great on hip-hop beats/R&B beats. I love how good Rockie and Ed sound together too. I like that the beat has a tiny funky sound to it, if you listen really close. I also like the rainy night vibe that this song gives off. Rockie even goes on to say, “I’m slept on, so right now my name might not ring a bell. But pretty soon, by next June, they all gon’ be on me”.  I hope he is alluding to his Freshman album dropping.



I can’t wait till everyone gets on the Rockie Fresh boat. He has a lot of potential and is way more talented than Omarion, who has had more exposure than Rockie. Rockie deserves to be on the top of MMG’s list. This whole mixtape is really damn good. I found it hard to pick three songs to review! I even went back and switched one the songs I was going to review a couple times! Please give this guy a shot, he’s got some talent here. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for Rockie Fresh.



Bounce- OMAR

We got another new artist this weekend and his name is OMAR. He has graced us with a nice 11-track album, titled Bounce. There are a lot of good tracks on it and I like the fact that they split it into Side A and Side B.  Lots of fun tracks but I’m not seeing that many slow jams for the ladies. It’s nice to have a nice balance on slow jams, party, and deep songs. My favorite tracks on this mixtape are “I Just wanna”, “Bounce”, and “That One Song You Asked For”.



“I Just Wanna”- I really liked this track and the azealia banks Sample on it as well. In my opinion, this track feels like a nice summer/Coachella beat. I could see this being bumped at Dew Lab at Coachella. Also, I could really see this being bumped on a sunny beach. OMAR does a good job with his flow and going along with the beat. I like the chorus because it’s catchy and goes with the beat so well and gets your head nodding.



“Bounce” – This is a turn up song, a song you bump on the way to the club or to a party. The sample is tight, as well. I really liked the beat. OMAR goes in pretty hard on this beat. I liked the beat around 2:01, his tempo and flow changed perfect with it.



“That One Song You Asked For” – This is a slower jam for OMAR and he does pretty well. I really like the piano in the distance; it adds a nice little touch to the song. I also liked his verses on this track. It’s nice to see a little flexibility in an artist and OMAR did a nice job.



This was a really enjoyable album for the weekend for me. I liked a lot of the tracks. I also loved the samples and beats that were used on this album. I think he has a lot of potential to get ahead. I would really like to see him live to catch his energy on stage and see him go hard on his grind. He should book venue after venue to get noticed more and more. Keep your ears out for him he’s got a good flow and a nice set of beats in the palm of his hands. You can buy the album here: or here on sound cloud:



Purple Reign- Future

Future continues to flood us with new music; this time with his latest project Purple Reign. To be honest, I am not the biggest future fan. I liked his first mixtape and a little bit of his stuff with Drake. For the most part, I think he is pretty average and I don’t see the huge appeal that he has. Every song he releases sounds the same and I can barely understand him because he mumbles half of the time. Though I did find some hidden gems inside this new project of his. My three favorite tracks are; ” Drippin How U Luv That”, “Inside The Mattress”, and “Salute”.


“Drippin How U Luv That”- The chorus is my favorite part about this track and I like the way future sings it. I love Metro boomin’ beats too. For the most part, future just sounds repetitive.



“Inside The Mattress”- I liked this track because I can actually understand future! When you can understand what he’s saying, he actually sounds great. Also, I like this beat because of course it sounds like a video game. Future flow is actually pretty good as well and I can bump this in my car.



” Salute”- This is a club banger or a turn up song for sure. Yet again, he continues to mumble a little but you can still hear and understand him better on this track. All in all, his flow on this track is pretty good and the lyrics are what you want to hear from a future song. The beat is pretty damn good too. Future gets some good beats.



Well, this album wasn’t too bad; it’s just a typical Future album. He isn’t my favorite but I don’t hate him. Some songs of his I actually like and I can’t knock that he is doing work and actually putting out music that people like. The album is full of good beats and the lyrics are pretty good. Consequently, Future mumbles too much and I can’t always understand what he’s saying so it doesn’t catch my ear. But for me, I will just be a passing fan and pick my songs out here and there.  If you are a future fan, then you will like this album. If you are looking for an album to get your focus on future, I would gladly point you to his mixtape Astronaut Status.