1992- The Game

The Game released another album this year titled 1992. I honestly think the game is pretty underrated among the rap community, he is consistent, and he always offers excellent lyrics. The album is a lot better than that album he put out for that mobile game he created called Block Wars, that album was underwhelming and just sounded like trash. This album though is good just on the fact that almost all these beats sound like they came straight from the 90’s. My favorite songs are “What Your Life Like”,”Baby You”, and “All Eyez”.

“What Your Life Like”- What I like about this track is that it has a  reflective nature to it. I like how Game is accounting what his life has been like. I also enjoy that it shows a little more mature side of the Game’s personality and his veteran status in the rap game. I as well enjoy the beat on this track, most notably what sounds like the bells that go off in the background.

“Baby You”-  This song sounds like a straight 90s R&B/Hip-hop collabo from way back when. That’s what I love about it, is the nostalgia feeling it gives. I could definitely see this being a song Tupac would have jumped on before he got paranoid and died. Jason Derulo on the hook as well sounds like a 90s R&B artist, something like Jodeci.

“All Eyez”- First off I love the shout title to Tupac that the game did. This is the only track on here that doesn’t sound like a 90s song, surprisingly. I also enjoy that it is completely opposite of the original “All Eyez On Me” song, instead is a slow jam for the ladies to enjoy. As soon as I saw Jeremih I had a feeling that it would be one of those.

This album is a good album and surprisingly not that bad of an album, yes there are some songs on here that are “bangers” and some songs that are just stuff that is not that different than any other game album. I liked the idea The Game had here, which was taking hip-hop to I personally think the golden era, where rap really meant something. 90s hip-hop where there was no mumble rap and they actually had content in the lyrics that were clever not ” I got the keys, keys,keys”. Still, this album is good for the fan looking for that kind of songs that are good, if you are future fan stay clear.game-1992