The Suns Tirade – Isaiah Rashad

TDE’s newest rookie dropped his highly anticipated freshman album The Suns Tirade. This album has a really mellow vibe to it to me, a lot of these songs sound like a progressive 90s hip/hop album. The beats alone give you that feel, and also Isaiah’s cadence and flow add to that feel. My favorite songs off the album are “Park”, “Free Lunch”, and “Stuck in the Mud ( feat SZA )”.

“Park”- This is one of the more of the fast-paced songs on the album. I like this song a lot because of the snare in the background that is on repeat. As well Isaiah’s flow is infections to the ear, what I mean when i say that is that it makes your head nod. I think this song first came on when I was driving on a nice sunny day and it fit perfect. It also feels like such a good song to vibe to.

“Free Lunch-” What I like about this song is the beginning of the song because of how it starts with just that nice smooth beat. The beat is not funky but its almost has a slow jazz feel to it. This is for sure a song you are playing on a sunny afternoon day, where you just cruising or just posted up with some people chilling.

“Stuck in the Mud”-  What had my eyes focused on this song was the SZA feature. I absolutely love SZA, she is one of my favorite female artists. I love her voice on the chorus, it feels smooth and nice to the ears when it flows through your speakers. The beat is again slow and makes it perfect if you want to cruise on a nice evening. Isaiah almost sounds like chance the rapper a little bit here in a weird way to me.

It is a perfect first album from Isaiah Rashad, I didn’t have any high expectations for this album. In a weird way, it feels like Kendrick GKMC (Good Kid Mad City) album. But it is a solid album all around to me. The beats, lyrics, and features were all good, not many well-known artists on the album. I liked this album a lot because it’s not MUMBLE rap, like future and lil uzi and Kodiak black. It is nice for rappers to stand out these days along the sheep rappers. Classic hip/hop fans pick up this album give it a whirl.isaiah-rashad-announces-039the-sun039s-tirade039-album-releases-cover-art-new-song-039park039-audio