The Divine Feminine​- Mac miller

Easy Mac with the cheesy raps released another album for us! The album is titled The Divine Feminine. This album I am kind of iffy on because it is pretty different from his past stuff, but I usually like that but this isn’t as good as GOOD AM or Watching Movies with the sound off. It’s nice to see him venture out and broaden his musical ear and such but it leaves us, the fans not quite liking his stuff like we used to. My favorite songs off this album though are ” Dang!”, ” Cinderella”, and ” Stay”

“Dang”- What I like about this song most is Anderson Paak, he offered a great chorus and pre-chorus to the song. This song makes you want to get up and start dancing, its got that beat that makes your whole body want to move. The beat is funky and poppy its great, and Mac thrives on this track with his lyrics and flow. This is another song that is great to cruise on the way back from school on a Thursday/Friday or when you get off from that long shift from work.

” Cinderella”- This track features another great feature artist Ty Dolla $ign! I really like the beat alongside Dolla’s vocals. Dolla does his best on those bedroom jams tracks, you know those bump and grind tracks that they put on in the club. This isn’t one track that Mac shines one but he does well enough for me it to be on this list of songs that I like off this album. I think I like this song so much because of Ty Dolla sounds great on it.

“Stay” – I really like the use of the trumpet on this track the most, it’s nice to hear something different in rap besides air horns and huge bass on a track. It’s  a good track because I like Mac’s flow throughout the whole song, and its a little different than what other rappers are doing out there. I also like the fact that this song is not about drugs and being tough It’s a nice soft song about his lady and his thoughts on his brain.

I am still unsure about this album, it’s not his best work. The album itself is decent and tolerable to listen to, I honestly just picked apart this album and only willing to put these three songs on playlists. Not all of these songs are lasting songs for me, and that is sad because usually, I love all of Mac’s songs on his albums too. I have been a Mac Miller fan since his first mixtape, even before KIDs. I know that is something I like to say on every Mac Miller review but its great to see him come a long way from that first mixtape. Mac fans might be disappointed with this album, but go ahead and give it a listen.