Holy Key- Dj Khaled

Dj Khaled released another album, yes ANOTHER ONE! But seriously he released the album titled  Holy Key. The only Dj Khaled album I liked was We The Besand We Taking Over ,  So when I heard this one I was kind of surprised that I actually liked half of the tracks on it. The first half of the album is great up until at least Track 7 and then the one song with Big Sean and Gucci mane and that’s about it. The rest are just blah to me and don’t have any substance to me that stand out to me as well. The songs that I like the best are “Holy Key”, ” For Free”, and “Jermaine’s Interlude”.

“Holy Key”- It should be obvious why I love Holy Key,If it wasn’t too apparent it’s because King Kendrick is on it. Also, the back beat is very similar to the control verse Kendrick and Big Sean and Jay Electronic were on together, and we all know how Kendrick killed that. Other than that I love Big Seans flow on his verse, but Kendrick comes in and completely dominates the track and takes the focus of the song.

“For Free”- What I liked about “For Free” Is the fact Drake mentions in the song ” Like yah boy from Compton said you know this dick ain’t free”. It was a nice little nod to Kendrick, the king of the hip-hop game right now. Anyway, I also liked that this songs beat and backbeat are very beachy themed, it has a sunny appeal to it. Also, Drake has a way to make songs easy for the fans to sing along with, maybe because his lyrical scheme is pretty simple and predictable. If it is that, I don’t mind because it sounds really good.

“Jermaine’s Interlude” This beat has a very east coast dark vibe to it, as well when you hear J cole is on a track you know it’s going to be great. My only problem with this song is that it is way to short! J Cole truly snaps on this track and lets his flow go and shows why he is one of the top 5 out right now. Yes, I will tell you right now this song is way better than the one Drake did on this album. The way J cole is flowing on this track is so amazing.

It was a good album as far as Dj Khaled albums go, usually, most of them are the same repetitive stuff on his albums. His albums normally have way too many artists on one song, and that just totally just doesn’t even appeal to me musically. Like most of his albums, this one wasn’t so much at once, it didn’t overwhelm me. The beats and lyrics weren’t the same re-hash rap stuff that people are used to these days. It is a decent album, has a few bangers on it too.a0a06cef84b391ca8e377500ff3efe6371af47e3