The Drake & Meek Mill feud

So it seems to be quite the hot topic lately in the Hip/hop world. I see both views of this debate, but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. For one thing Dre didn’t even write “Forget About Dre”, Eminem did it for him. The chronic wasn’t written by Dre ether, there are numerous of artist from Kanye to Diddy, Nas, etc. The list goes on. Drake still makes great music at the end of the day, and not all of his music is ghostwritten. Now that it’s out there now I can’t help but think about if he actually wrote this song or did someone else write it. But I can see why Meek can be angry about this whole situation because hip/hop is supposed to be all about authenticity and when you hear a rapper who claims to be the greatest out right now and doesn’t even write some of his raps, it can be a little frustrating. This feud though is far from over and Its good for hip/hop too, everyone is to buddy buddy. I am not taking sides in this one because they are both good in their own ways.


One comment on “The Drake & Meek Mill feud

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